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Bac Kan province has rich in tourism potentials because of the richness of natural landscapes and diverse cultures with the national identity of the northeastern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Ba Be Lake is a natural landscape recognized as a national cultural and historical site in 1996. In 2011, it was recognized by UNESCO as a Ramsar site - This is an important wetland conservation area of ​​world and one of the 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world. Ba Be Spring Festival is held in the first lunar month every year.

Revolutionary base ATK Don Market: One of the bases of President Ho Chi Minh and other senior officials of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the war against the French colonialists. In addition, there are many famous landmarks such as Puong cave, Hua Ma cave, Nang Tien cave, Na Pho Phong cave, Ba Cua cave, Son Duong cave, Kim Hy natural reserve.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Bac Kan Province.



Places to Visit in Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is a freshwater lake in Bac Kan, Vietnam. It is one of the hundred largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is located in Ba Be National Park, which is recognized as Vietnam's national tourist area. The lake was formed more than 200 million years ago. The three branches of the lake are connected and called Pé Lam, Pé Lu and Pé Lèng.

The greatest value of Ba Be Lake is its unique geological landscape, outstanding values ​​of geomorphology and great value of biodiversity. This is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. In 1995, Ba Be Lake was recognized as one of the 20 special freshwater lakes of the world by the World Freshwater Lake Conference in the United States. At the end of 2004, Ba Be National Park was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park.



Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall is a scenic spot in Ba Be National Park area, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, about 16 km from Cho Ra town. Nang River has been flowing under Lung Nham limestone mountain to form Puong cave, and when it is flowing to Hua Tang village, it is blocked by hundreds of large rocks to create a waterfall.

The waterfall is 2 km long, blending with the primeval forest scenery, creating an unforgettable impression. Dau Dang Waterfall is located on Nang River which is adjacent to Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang province.


Nang Tien Cave( Fairy Cave )

Nang Tien cave in Luong Ha commune, Na Ri district, (about 62km from Bac Kan city center). According to the legend, this is an overnight stay of 7 fairies when they are enjoying the beautiful landscapes so they cannot return to heaven on time because it is already dark. Fairy cave is a natural cave, deep in the mountains about 60m, it brings a sense of magic and mystery. When you go deep into the cave, you will admire many beautiful scenes created by fanciful stalactites, interesting columns and fascinating stalagmites.


Pac Ngoi cultural Village

Pac Ngoi cultural tourism village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district is the stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group on the sides of Lèng river adjacent to Ba Be lake. All people in the village are Tay people, in the village still retain some houses which have very unique ancient architecture. Most people here are homestay hosts, coming here you can sleep in stilt houses or you can go sightseeing by boat, ...


Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, 70 km from the center of Bac Kan city and 250 km from the center of Hanoi to the North, the National Park is located in Ba Be district and in Bac Kan province.

Ba Be National Park is an ideal eco-tourism destination in Bac Kan with interesting scenery and biodiversity. It has a total area of ​​10,048 hectares, Ba Be National Park is a complex of rivers, lakes, and forests on limestone mountains, which is also a place for conservation of many rare and precious species of plants and animals. In 2003, Ba Be National Park was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park.


ATK Don Market History Relic

ATK - Cho Don is located in a historic complex of Viet Bac war zone, which marks the activities of President Ho Chi Minh and the central leaders during the resistance war against France (1946 - 1954).

Coming to ATK – Don market, you will be visiting the revolutionary historical sites that mark the heroic impression of the nation. You also learn about the traditional cultural beauty of the people here and you can see the positive changes on this beloved rich revolutionary area.


Puong Cave

Puong Cave is a large cave in Northern Vietnam, belonging to Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan Province, 5 km from the center of Cho Ra town. Puong cave is 300 meters long and 30 meters high. When the Nang River has been flowing through the Lung Nham limestone mountain, it created a cave with steep cliffs and stalactites of various shapes and colors inside the cave.

To visit Puong cave, you have to take a boat on the Nang River. The boat cruises about 400 meters, you will see the cave Puong appearing in your front, from a distance you see it very small, but until you get close you will find it truly amazing and majestic that make you are eager to discover.


Specialties in Bac Kan

Grilled Fish Pac Ngoi

There are many fishes in Ba Be Lake, often caught by local people. The quantity of fish is not much, but the quality is great because the meat is white, firm and sweet. People choose to take the fishes just as small as the thumbs, these fishes are both like goby fishes and to make grilled fishes.


Tom Chua Bac Kan( Marinated Shrimp)

Sour shrimp is a delicious dish of Bac Kan, they are available in many places and many processing styles but sour shrimp in Khang Ninh - Ba Be have a very unique flavor of the mountainous region of Vietnam. Coming to Bac Kan and not enjoying Ba Be sour shrimp are really regrettable.







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