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Bac Giang province

Bac Giang is a province of Vietnam, lies in the Red River Delta. It shares borders by Quang Ninh to the east, Lang Son to the north, Thai Nguyen and Soc Son district of Hanoi to the west, Bac Ninh and Hai Duong to the south.

Bac Giang is not a famous tourist destination for foreign visitors, but it is extremely attractive to domestic tourists by unique architectural works and beautiful natural landscapes.

The attracted sights of Bac Giang

Bac Giang is not a famous tourist place, but if you travel to Bac Giang, here are a few suggestions for you


1. The Tho Ha ancient village

Tho Ha is the name of a famous village now in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, about 50km from Hanoi.
The village is not as famous as Duong Lam for the old beauty but it still maintains the core of an ancient village in northern Vietnam. Tho Ha is a small corner for busy townsfolk to seek the peaceful atmosphere of the old days.


The village is located along the flow of the North bank of Cau River, its three sides are immense water, Tho Ha village appears as a small island, tourists come in or come out to Tho Ha have to go by boat.


2. Dong Cao Plateau

Dong Cao is a small plateau in Son Dong district, Bac Giang province. Located in the Northeast, Dong Cao plateau has a cool climate in summer and relatively cold in winter.


With quite flat terrain in the form of valleys and quite isolated from nearby residential areas, Dong Cao is an appropriate and extremely ideal place to organize tent-setting activities, bonfire exchanges.


3. West Yen Tu Nature Reserve

Yen Tu is a high mountain range, located in the Northeast of Bac Giang province. This is the main mountain range of the Dong Trieu (from Quang Ninh to Hai Duong - Bac Giang and stops at the left bank of Luc Nam river). 


Yen Tu is the largest concentrated natural forest of Bac Giang province and the Northeast region, covering an area of ​​An Lac, Thanh Son and Thanh Luan communes (Son Dong district) and Luc Son commune (Luc Nam district). . This forest is distributed at an altitude of 200m to more than 1,000m above sea level and has a complicated steep terrain.


Yen Tu forest plays an extremely important role in the protection, environment and climate regulation for the Northeastern region of the province.



4. Khe Go primary forest
About 120km from Hanoi, Khe Ro is located in the West Yen Tu nature reserve of Bac Giang province, a primeval forest typical of the Northeast.


Khe Ro primary forest has a rich flora and fauna system and is a primeval forbidden forest that still retains a pristine look suitable for travelers who like to explore or research. 


Located in deep ravines, high mountains, old forests, in particular, this place owns two big and very beautiful streams. Whenever the weather changes, Khe Ro resounds like the sound of a waterfall, like thunderstorms, roaring, rushing several days before it is sunny. To come to Khe Ro primary forest, locals follow along the stream.


5. Khuon Than lake

Khuon Than lake is a large lake 240-hectare, surrounded by litchi hills and immense pine hills. This is a potential tourism area of ​​Kien Lao commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province.


6. Dã Hương tree more than 1,000 years old
This "old tree" over 1,000 years old is located in Tien Luc commune, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province right from the time when King Le Canh Hung (1740 - 1786) was conferred the title "The Imperial Capital of Du Dai Vuong". According to estimates, the tree root is up to 8 people hugging, the largest point of the trunk is 11m, the smallest is 8.3m.


7. Dong Thong tourist area
Located about 140km from Hanoi, Dong Thong eco-tourism site is an attractive destination for many people.


8. Cam Son Lake

Cam Son Lake in Bac Giang is a lake known for its charming scenery that attracts many tourists to visit the resort to discover the fresh nature.

Starting from Huu Lung district of Lang Son province, the Cam Son stream to Luc Ngan is blocked into Cam Son lake. Cam Son Lake is the main source of irrigation water for agricultural production in Lang Son and Bac Giang.

The three surrounding the lake are identical messages, so Cam Son lake is like a paradise in the wild. Living around the lake are the villagers of the Tay, Nung and Kinh ethnic groups, so come to Cam Son lake, not only to visit the natural beauty but also to explore the culture of the upland peoples.


The most famous Bac Giang specialties

Tourists come to Bac Giang don't only admire the beautiful natural scenery, learning about the history and cultural and artistic products of the ethnic groups, but enjoying the delicious foods in Bac Giang, and learning about cuisine of this land also a very interested part of the trip


1. Luc Ngan lychees

Originating from the Red River Delta region, the lychee came to this Luc Ngan gravel land very casually. The harmony between land and climate with this unique fruit tree has created a sweet fruit, fresh-flavors is even sweeter, more intense where it was born. The result of that predestined relationship has formed a concentrated fruit tree area in Bac Giang, the capital of which is Luc Ngan, with an area of ​​about 40,000 ha.


2. My Chu (Chu's noodle)

My Chu (Chu's noodle) is a product of Thu Duong - Nam Duong villages (Luc Ngan), this is a long-standing traditional trade village. The materials for making Chu noodles is a famous fragrant traditional rice, it is grown on Chu hill, nutritious rice. Perhaps so the noodles here have an unmistakable flavor compared to other places. Each strand of noodles gives you a supple, rich, sweet feeling on the tip of the tongue.


3. Tho Ha coconut rice paper

Tho Ha village (Van Ha commune, Viet Yen, Bac Giang) was once famous for pottery making, but now it is famous for its rice paper making. The cake here with special recipe should have its own unique flavor, different from the regular pancakes. Tasting one you will feel it.


Tho Ha cakes have 2 types: sesame cakes and coconut cakes, which are specialty high-grade sweet coconut cakes. Plain rice paper only needs to be coated once but Tho Ha rice paper is made twice, the first time is no flour, wait for it to be cooked again, this time it will be washed and chopped, peel off the skin and sprinkle evenly on the surface with white sesame and grated coconut.



4. Xôi trứng kiến (Sticky rice mixed ant's eggs)
Xôi trứng kiến is a typical dish of the Tay ethnic people. Ant eggs after cleaned, drained, then put it into the pan with fried onion, then fry them until enough taste, stir them well and mixed the fragrance of ant's eggs and the aroma of onion. When the sticky rice is cooked, turn it to a beat and then mix with the ant's eggs. AXôi trứng kiến dish with the sweet plasticity of the upland sticky rice, the fragnant of onion and the fat of the ant's egg, anyone who once enjoyed the sticky egg will remember forever the taste of this dish.


5. Van village wine (Rượu làng Vân)

The name of Van village wine has become a unique "brand" and a pride for many generations of people in Bac Giang province. The wine is cooked with typical sticky rice of this land with the traditional yeast of Van village is made from 36 rare herbs and must be steeped for 72 hours. The colored wine in the extract, with a soft, seductive flavor, has conquered even the most demanding guests. Previously, Lang Van wine was an offering to the king.


6. Nham Cá

Nham Ca is a famous culinary specialty of Bac Giang province. Along the banks of Cau River in Ha Chau, late July and early August (Lunar calendar), that is the ripe season of a typical fruit "Tram" of this area.  Locals often make this fruit with fish in the river by traditional specialty dish.  

Ingredients to make this special dish a very simple, include black tram fruit, bacon, carp, herbs, starfruit, peanuts, basil ... There are also onions, lemons, peppers and some other spices. Nham Ca is delicious thanks to the taste of aromatic black tram fruit, fish's meat and flavors of herbs



7. Da crab
Da crab is a type of crab that usually lives in rocky areas near Cau River, only appearing in two months of cold season, when the temperature is low. Coming to Bac Giang in the early winter, you will enjoy this crab dish. 

Da crab are processed into many delicious dishes such as salted crabs, crab soup but perhaps the most delicious is beer steamed crabs. When crab is well cooked, has orange yellow is very attractive. Sweet crab meat, crust in the legs and crab is quite soft, mixed with mustard soup and lemon, that is delicious!   Cell phone/WhatsaApp/Viber/Zalo: +84.933.665.709 or +84.919.507.208


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