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Dong Nai province is in the Southeast region of Vietnam, located about 30km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. There are many historical, cultural and potential tourist sites. Such as Tran Bien Temple of Literature (Bien Hoa), Nguyen Huu Canh Temple, Buu Long Tourist Area, Dong Nai River, Nam Cat Tien National Park, Tan Trieu Pomelo Village, Thac Mai Ecotourism Area, the national monument of Chua Chan mountain (Gia Lao mountain), Nui Le lake (Xuan Loc), the pilgrimage center of Our Lady of Cui mountain (Gia Kiem), Suoi Mo tourist area…

Dong Nai and Binh Duong are two provinces in the Southeastern region with the famous traditional profession of ceramics. Ceramics of Dong Nai have many types and unlike other traditional ceramic products in the North and Central. The art of creating patterns for products of Dong Nai ceramics is a combination of etching and depressing ceramic products and then sweeping glaze but without the identification of glaze water and color.

Dong Nai forest has the basic characteristics of tropical forests, it has a variety of fauna and flora resources, typically Nam Cat Tien National Park.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Dongnai.


Places to Visit in Dongnai

Nam Cat Tien National Forest

Nam Cat Tien National Park is a nature reserve stretching over 3 provinces of Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc, 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 175 km from Dalat. Legend story says that there are many beautiful fairies who often come and play together on the smooth sand beside a stream, and bathe in the clear water. Therefore, people here name the place is Nam  Cat Tien.

About 50% of Cat Tien area is green forest, 40% is bamboo forest, 10% is farming land. Typical animals are: Asian elephants, gaur, bear dogs, horse bears, buffaloes, tigers, leopards, clouded leopards, deers ... Cat Tien's birds are also richly diverse: black eagles , white-winged mallard, hornbill ... Cat Tien is home to 40 species in the Red Book of the World, especially the one-horned rhino.

Cat Tien is also recognized by UNESCO as a "World Biosphere Reserve" . On August 4th  2005, the Ramsar Convention Secretariat recognized Bau Sau Wetlands as the 1,499th Ramsar Area of ​​the world and the second of Vietnam with a total area of ​​13,759 hectares (including 5,360 hectaresha of seasonal wetlands), 151 hectares of wetlands all year round.


Bau Sau( Crocodile Lake )

Bau Sau is located in the south of Cat Tien National Park. This is the home of freshwater crocodile (or Siamese crocodile) a species of crocodile that seems to have gone extinct before. To reach Bau Sau, you depart from the administrative center of Cat Tien National Park, which is 9 km drive and walk more than 5 km through the forest.

Bau Sau is located in the core area of ​​Cat Tien National Park, under the direct management of Bau Sau Forest Protection Station. This is the largest wetland area in Cat Tien National Park with an area of ​​more than 2,500 ha in the rainy season. But in the summer, the lake surface is only 100-150 ha.

However, Bau Sau area is suitable for the development of crocodiles. Cat Tien National Park Conservation Project has drafted a plan to restore freshwater crocodiles. In 2001, the project was launched which based on the search for fresh water crocodiles with the same crocodile species that existed in Bau Sau before.

So far, Cat Tien National Park has undergone 5 stocking. In total, all 60 freshwater crocodiles were released into Bau Sau after DNA testing, ensuring thorough-bred and being acquainted with the natural space here. Over 10 years of implementation, crocodiles have restored natural instincts such as hunting, hatching eggs.


Ta Lai Commune

Residents living in Ta Lai are ethnic minorities, mainly the Ma and S'tieng ethnic groups. Before 2005, this place was almost an oasis, isolated from the outside world. Until 2005, the Ta Lai suspension bridge was built, the trade between Ta Lai and the outside world was better.

Ta Lai Community Tourism House - referred to as the Long House (Ta Lai Longhouse) was established through the National Program on ecotourism development around protected areas in Vietnam. The pilot program was introduced in Cat Tien National Park under the sponsorship of DANIDA, through WWF Denmark (International Fund for Nature Protection in Denmark) and WWF Vietnam. The purpose of the project is to contribute directly to the conservation of nature as well as the development of local community culture through eco-tourism activities.

The Long House is a project established to support and improve life in local communities, while raising environmental awareness. By creating direct and indirect jobs for local people, the Long House has demonstrated that by conserving nature and culture, local people can have a more stable income than income from forest products, or actions related to forest resource destruction.


Bear Rescue Center and the Mammals

Bear Rescue Station and the Mammals are a semi-wild rescue area. Bears and cats are rescued for a long time in the semi-wild, so they can restore the wild instincts.

The Bear Rescue Area is currently rescuing 35 individuals of the Asian Black Bear and the Sun bear. Every day, in addition to caring, feeding, officials of the Bear Rescue Center also train the Bear to rediscover the instincts of foraging and movement like in the wild.


Chua Chan Mountain

Chua Chan Mountain (Second Thien Son) is the second highest mountain in the South, after Ba Den Mountain (First Thien Son). With an altitude of 837m above sea level, slopes of 30-35 degrees, this mountain has sometimes vertical cliffs. This is a charming and unique landscape in Dong Nai and rare in the South. The mountain has an arc shape of three consecutive hills resembling a bowl shape. In the morning, the mountain glows green under the slight sunshine of the sun; in the evening, the mountain peaks and dims against a gray-white sky.

In particular, coming to Chua Chan Mountain, you can visit one of the temples located halfway up the mountain in the cluster of relics - that is Buu Quang Pagoda (also known as Gia Lao Pagoda). This is the most famous and the most sacred pagoda. It was built on the natural terrain of the mountains, the front is a 3-trunk Da tree with a height of about 30m to create a very strange and mysterious shape.   

Tran Bien Temple of Literature

Tran Bien Temple of Literature is one of the national monuments of Vietnam. One of the first shrines built in Dang Trong with the purpose of honoring Confucius, honoring the cultural celebrities of Vietnam and being the place to train talents. Until now the temple is over 300 years old.

Built in the style of the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam in Hanoi, including construction such as the main hall, the left and right compartment, the ceremony yard, etc. to honor and worship the country ancestors.


Giang Dien Waterfall

The Giang Dien ecological complex has an area of ​​up to 67ha and is designed into many beautiful works and miniatures that attract tourists every year. In particular, this place is also associated with the legend of the immortal love of the couple. Giang Dien waterfall is formed by three cascades: Chang waterfall, Nang waterfall and the waterfall itself. Legend has it that in the past, there were lovers but forbidden, and they vowed to die together to protect this love completely. The stream where the lovers lost their lives, they are also called Doi waterfall. Many couples who travel to Dong Nai often come here to pray for their love to be lasting.


Buu Long Tourist Destination

Located just 30km from Saigon, about 6km from the center of Bien Hoa city, Buu Long tourist area is very convenient to visit in the day, it is an ideal place to escape the harsh sun of Saigon.

It is known as Ha Long Bay with miniature mountains, large lakes creating a beautiful pristine scenery. Relax by the blue lake or take a swan boat to cruise around the lake to dispel the fatigue of everyday life. In addition, you can take photos at the sunflower garden, the beautiful purple Salvia flower field.


Phuoc Son Zen Monastery

The 40-hectare Phuoc Son Zen Monastery, opened in 1940 by the Master Monk Gioi Nghiem, now it has 300 shrines - one for every nun and 200 monks and nuns.

In the campus of the monastery there are many Buddha statues, trees cover the two sides of the road which bring a cool scenery on the walkway. The meditation hall has a fairly large area almost equal to the main hall. The sculpture  depicting the life of the Buddha when practicing in the forest, the elegant color combination reminded us of a scene very close to our eyes. Inside the meditation hall, there are a number of Buddhists from far away to practice meditation.


Specialies of Dongnai

Chicken Steam with Grapefruit

Selected chicken must be large hen, yellow skin, black legs to have good dish. Grapefruit used to steam chicken is also carefully selected. After being steamed, the soft, sweet chicken has the added aroma of grapefruit and the meat smell gives an extremely delicious dish.

It seems that the two main ingredients, one is a sweet fruit and the other is a familiar food that has no match to each other, but when combined, it creates an extremely unique and delicious dish of the land Dong Nai.





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