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Binh Dinh is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam. Its capital is Quy Nhon. Binh Dinh shares the borders with Quang Ngai province to the north, Phu Yen province to the south, Gia Lai province to the west and the East Sea to the east. Binh Dinh has diverse terrain with mountains bordes mountains, plains borders beaches and has 2 rivers (An Lao River - Lai Giang and Ha Giao - Mang River) which creates long, narrow valleys and fills up fertile lands and beaches with many large and small islands offshore, beautiful landscapes and many famous specialties


Binh Dinh is also a land with a long history and culture. This place still retains many valuable and intangible cultural works, which are very valuable. Binh Dinh used to be the ancient capital of ancient and modern Champa kingdom with unique artchitectures from ancients towers. 

In addition, Binh Dinh also known is land for its martial traditions and rich cultural diversity with art forms such as huts playing, bumper singing, Tay Son martial arts music.

Famous places


1. Quang Trung Museum
Quang Trung Museum is one of the famous historical museums in Binh Dinh, where it is associated with the Tay Son uprising which is one of the most successful national liberation revolutions in our country. In order to preserve the memorable historical artifacts, Quang Trung Binh Dinh museum is built right in the home of the national hero.


Quang Trung Museum of Binh Dinh is not only a place for preserving historical artifacts but also a place for transmitting the spirit of Tay Son ethnic martial arts - a traditional martial art of Binh Dinh


2. Quy Nhon beach
Quy Nhon beach is not famous like Danang beach, Nha Trang beach or Phu Quoc beach...but with coastline stretches 110 km in the north – south direction, Quy Nhon beach attracts many international and domestic tourists.

Located right next to the city center, Quy Nhon beach is also called "the crescent moon beach" because its shape with a gentle golden sand stretching 5 km from Tan cap to Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon City


3. Wind waist beach  
Located in Nhon Ly commune, only 20km from Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Eo Gio is a famous tourist destination attracts tourists because of the pristine natural beauty but no less harmony of the river, water, clouds and mountains converge. Eo Gio name comes from the geographic shape of this area, standing from the surrounding cliffs overlooking you will see a small strait surrounded by high rocky mountains with many fancy shapes, creating a bend that wants to hug embrace the waist.  

4. Ky Co beach
Located about 25 km away from Quy Nhon city, Ky Co beach in Nhon Ly island commune has a wild beauty that is little known. This is considered the "first paradise" of Nhon Ly because Ky Co beach is a beach, with an area of ​​over 1km² with a shallow, calm coastline. The beach is a great combination of clear blue water, magnificent mountain cliffs and pristine golden sand.


5. Hon Kho beach
Located about 16 km from Quy Nhon, Hon Kho is like a giant screen shielding the fishing village of Nhon Hai. During the turbulent sea season, Hon Kho welcomes large waves of white foam that look as far as magic sea flowers. In the quiet sea season, Hon Kho invites visitors with velvety green lawns and fresh water creek cracks from the cliff.


6. Yen Island - Bird Nest Island
Where the birds nest on the craggy cliffs, cliffs. Coming to the tourist destination in Binh Dinh - Yen Island, tourists will see the interesting nature with the natural caves that have created for thousands of years. On this island, there are 30 different large and small caves that have to stand out. including: Doi cave, Rung Cao cave, Can cave, Ba Nghe cave ...


7. Vi Rong cape
Vi Rong cape - a rapids rocking that day & night the water rushes in and gushes out like a white dragon's mouth, is an attractive landscape for many visitors to visit. According to legend, Vi Rong cape used to be a mass of carp-like fish, local people called Vay Rong stone. During ebb tide, with all rocky beaches such as Bai Ban, Da Dung, an interesting undulating, the area of ​​Vi Rong cape looks like a dragon taking off to the sea.


8. Thi Nai Lagoon
With a length of over 10 km and a width of about 4 km, the largest Thi Nai lagoon in Binh Dinh has many famous seafood products. In the lagoon, there is a small mountain, on top is a small temple set up by fishermen to worship the water god, the shape of the mountain is like an ancient tower, called the fortuneteller tower. Tourists will enjoy when every morning, the light spread on the mangrove forests makes the surface of the lagoon enchanting.


9. Quy Hoa Beach
Located along Quy Nhon - Song Cau road, Quy Hoa beach is like a poetic picture that nature has bestowed on the beautiful, clean, long beaches. Guests can enjoy playing with the waves or just take about 30 minutes by motorboat to the offshore islands to enjoy quiet and fresh space.


10. Green Island
Cu Lao Xanh, also known as Nhon Chau island commune, is a priceless gift that nature bestows upon people martial arts, just over 20 km from Quy Nhon. Visitors will be immersed in an endless space of blue sea and island. At sunset, visitors will see the picturesque scenery with the small boats bobbing on the waves, learn the simple life of the fishing village people in a peaceful setting.


11. Cham Pa towers Clusters
For those who have gone to the North and the South, you will come across ancient Cham Pa towers scattered along the Central Vietnam strip. Clusters of towers with many different poses, sometimes hiding in the valley, sometimes lying idle in the middle of the hill, sometimes standing right along the highway. 
Champa tower Clusters in Binh Dinh is still intact, diverse in shape and has many records in Southeast Asia such as Hon Chuong tower was built at the highest position in Southeast Asia (600m), Duong tower Long is the tallest brick tower with the middle tower of 39m high.


 Located in Dong Da ward, beautiful Quy Nhon city, is the first place in the journey to discover unique towers of Binh Dinh. Twin Tower is considered to be an "unique" architecture of Champa architectural art. The reason for such name is because there are two towers, the main tower is 20m high, the sub tower is 18m high, standing tall side by side through many layers of time like two soulmates.


11.2 Banh It TOWER
Located about 20 km north of Quy Nhon city, Banh It tower is located in Tuy Phuoc district. There are up to four different large and small towers located on a hilltop.


The name of the tower comes from the shape of the tower when viewed from afar, the tower is like a little thorny cake, a specialty of Binh Dinh locality.


Located about 12 km to the east of Phu Phong town, Tay Son district, Duong Long tower is a complex of three towers located close to each other, aligned in the North - South axis, the main doors are facing east on a mound high. The two outer towers are about 30m high symmetrical with each other across the middle tower of 36m high.


Built at the end of the 12th century, the scale of Duong Long tower not only shows its height but also shows its unique architecture in the patterns and sculptures of huge rocks. show many different topics of life.


12. Ghenh Rang Tien Sa
The fresh air and charming scenery here have been chosen by Bao Dai King as a resort since 1927. At the foot of Ghenh Rang, this is a unique beach with countless pebbles polished by sea waves, reserved for Nam Phuong queen should also be called Hoang Hau beach. From the hillside, you can see the whole east of Quy Nhon city like a water-color painting. Ghenh Rang tourist site is located at 3 Han Mac Tu street.


Binh Dinh specialities


1. District market Nem
When talking about "nem", you will immediately remember the homeland of Thanh Hoa, however, nem of Quy Nhon Binh Dinh brings a delicious taste as famous as Thanh Hoa sour nem.


Nem is elaborately processed. After being selected, the freshest pieces are bought and processed. Pork is iron into long thin pieces, seasoned with pepper, garlic, fresh chili, lucky water, salt and important is hearing powder (flour made from crushed roasted rice) for 15 minutes to infuse spices. all into pieces of meat and then pack. District market Nem in Binh Dinh is covered with a layer of young star fruit then wrapped around a banana leaf. Nem is wrapped square like a chung cake 


2. Song Than noodles
Song Than Noodles is a little different from other common noodles because instead of noodles made from rice flour or wheat flour, the noodles are made from tofu. Song Than specialties Binh Dinh specialties are white. Bun is placed side by side so it is called Song Than noodles. This specialty has a higher nutritional value than other types of noodles. However, the price of noodles is quite high because 5kg of green beans is only 1kg of noodles.


3. Tré Binh Dinh
Tré - The unique and strange name of a dish in Binh Dinh. It is also by this name that it has attracted many diners to learn and enjoy the food. This specialty of Binh Dinh is actually present in almost all provinces of Central Vietnam, but the most famous famous dish is Tré Binh Dinh, it has a very unique flavor that only people in Binh Dinh can make. Tré is a dish similar to other types of northern Vietnamese nem but has been replaced by many different materials such as pig ears, pig nostrils, pork skin or maybe pork bacon


4. Bau Da Wine  
Legend has it that in ancient times, this drink was also offered to the king every year, so it was classified as a famous specialty wine of the whole region. Cu Lam Village (also known as Bau Da Wine Village), An Nhon District, Binh Dinh Province has been a craft wine making village for many years, so it still retains the most typical feature of wine. 


Bau Da wine is stored in sophisticated porcelain pots and has a very high alcohol content, up to 50 degrees, so that unfamiliar drinkers will feel very hot and easy to get drunk. However, the special feature that makes people love these pitchers is the coolness to the cold, just taking a sip will make you feel more refreshed, cooler and more comfortable. You can find Quy Nhon Binh Dinh specialties at the above mentioned handicraft village or specialty shops distributed throughout the province.



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