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Ca Mau is a coastal province of Vietnam, named after its city. It is located in the Mekong Delta and also in the southernmost part of Vietnam, shares the borders to Kien Giang in the north, to Bac Lieu and East Sea in the east, to East sea in the south with the 104 km long coastline and the west to the Gulf of Thailand to the coast 145 km long.


The name "Ca Mau" was formed because the Khmer called this land "Tưk Kha-mau", meaning Black Water area. Because Black Water is the typical water color due to the vast fall of U Minh mangrove forest  carpet that changes the water color. Since then the name Ca Mau is associated with the characteristics of this land.


Ca Mau is a young land formed over 300 years newly, is the land of the end of the country in the South with the unique beauty of the watery gardens typical of the Mekong Delta just discovered by tourists and still very untouched.


Coming to Ca Mau, you will have the opportunity to admire in the canals of the mangrove forest, or enjoy the fresh air of U Minh Ha forest with immense melaleuca forests, deep blue attracting eyes, creating beauty strange wild. In addition, Ca Mau Cape is the only place on the coast of our country that can watch the sun rise in the East Sea and set in the West Sea.


The famous sights of Ca Mau


1. Ca Mau floating market
Ca Mau floating market is a floating market on the Ganh Hao river, about 200m from Ganh Hao bridge, located in ward 8 in the center of Ca Mau city. In the old days, Ca Mau floating market was a busy trading place for goods of people everywhere. But later, the market only focused on wholesaling fresh agricultural products, horticulture fruits and vegetables for traders.


2. U Minh Ha Forest

U Minh Forest is located adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the rare forests with the most diverse flora in our country. The topography of U Minh forest is divided into two different regions: U Minh Thuong and U Minh Ha.  U Minh Thuong belongs to Kien Giang province and U Minh Ha forest belongs to Ca Mau province. There are 250 kinds of plants and many precious birds living there. Coming here, tourists will experience many interesting activities, discover the diversity of flora and precious birds. See the immense melaleuca forest, the sweet scent and hear many interesting stories told by the locals.


3. Land Cape Ca Mau
Ca Mau is famous for Dat Mui land, 100km from Ca Mau city,  you drive to Nam Can (60km), and hire a boat to visit Dat Mui (about 2 hours). Along the way, you will admire the immense melaleuca forest, admire the Phan Ngoc Hien monument and to where you will see Ca Mau cape is the place where the GPS 0001 (milestone 0) coordinates are located, visit the War Forest Village and go to the tower to have a panoramic view of Dat Mui.


4. Ca Mau bird garden
Ca Mau bird garden one of the places not to be missed when coming to Ca Mau. Ca Mau is the only place with bird sanctuary in the city, with many species of storks such as white storks, cauldron, le le, and water ducks. "Good land birds pass," but this is where the habitat of many different storks. This place is suitable for those who love nature and animals.


5. Khoai Island
Khoai island is also known by many other names such as Giang Tien island and Doc Lap island. Locals are called Khoai Island because the island is shaped like a giant potato. Khoai island is also surrounded by other small islands such as Big island, Little island, Tuong island, Sao island, Doi Moi island. Hon Khoai forest is home to many wild animals such as wild boar, monitor lizard, python, snake ...


6. Da Bac Island
Da Bac Island is located next to Khoai Island, with a total area of ​​about 6.43ha, including 3 large islands located next to each other: Ong Ngo Island, Da Bac Stone and Da Retail Stone. So far, Da Bac Island still retains pristine beauty with many interesting islands. Coming here, tourists will admire the stacked granite stones with many unique shapes such as fairy hands, fairy feet, fairies, fairy water wells.


7. Thi Tuong Lagoon
Located about 40 km from Ca Mau city, Thi Tuong Lagoon is the largest natural lagoon in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, dubbed the "Tonle Sap of Mekong Delta". Thi Tuong Lagoon is made up of alluvial sediments of the My Binh River, Ong Doc river and many canals of three districts of Phu Tan, Tran Van Thoi and Cai Nuoc


Thi Tuong Lagoon is home to brackish water species such as tiger shrimp, crabs and many other diverse creatures. The inhabitants live around the lagoon mainly by the aquatic resources exploited from this lagoon. Tourists coming here will be immersed in a simple life of nature and people here.


8. Ca Mau mangrove forest
It is far from Camau city 60km, coming Nam Can district then take a hour by speedboat, visitors will discover Ca Mau mangrove forest - the 2nd largest mangrove forest in the world, after Amazon forest in South America. The vegetation here is rich with many types such as: "Đước, mắm, Dương xỉ, dá, dây leo,…"...


9.Khai Long beach

Khai Long beach is located in the southeast sea of ​​Ca Mau cape. This is a tourist attraction to visit by the mangrove ecosystem with many wild forests and fine white sand stretching over 3km.


The most famous Camau specialties


The land of Ca Mau is famous for the peaceful beauty of river and cannals. It contains many rare and precious products of rivers and lakes, from fiddler crab, squid to fish, ... and especially the famous salted roasted turtle.


1. Ca Mau Goby fish porridge
Goby fish porridge is a popular dish in Ca Mau, a land interlaced with rivers and canals! Goby fish - a species of seafood that is nutritious, fragrant, tasty and especially enhances energy for people to eat ...
Goby fish species usually live in brackish water areas or in shrimp ponds of mangrove areas.



2. Bee larvae salad - popular dish of dwellers in U Minh Ha melaleuca forests (Ca Mau)

U Minh Ha melaleuca forests in Ca Mau is famous for bee bugle Phong Ngan Group. In addition to extracting honey, cooking wax from remnants bees, people use bee larvae to cook delicious and attractive food, characterized by local dwellers as porridge, fish sauce. Among them, the most fascinating dish is bee larvae salad from young bee.

To cook bee larvae bee, first need to have the material as bee larvae, honeybee, banana flower (or young coconut), roasted peanuts, coconut milk, lemongrass, soy seeds, herbs, spices, etc.
Recipes: banana flower (or young coconut) sliced, mixed fruit sugar. Mix milling soy seeds, chopped lemon grass, roasted and milled peanuts added to coconut milk to make the sauce. Bee larvae, honeybee pupae sauteed with cooked garlic. When it is about to be cooked, put it on the plate (the mixture of banana flower or young coconut with sliced sugar in the bottom of the plate). Just simply but delicious bee larvae salad is ready.  


Bee larvae salad usually enjoyed with laksa leaves, herbs, cinnamon. And Once, the tourists enjoy the bee larvae salad, they hard to forget this dish whose favor is characterized  by U Minh Ha Melaleuca forests in Ca Mau.



3. Roasted Turtle With Salt  

The food from turtle meat is considered a specialty of Ca Mau cape. Turtle is a wild animal, very rich in variety, such as yellow turtle, cap turtle, crow tortoise, foul turtle, throwing turtle ...According to the indigenous people, the best food is still the golden turtle, followed by the cap turtle. Two types of turtles or turtles are harder to eat because they have an unpleasant taste.


Previously, turtles lived in the wild so much that people in Ca Mau flocked to hunt and process. Nowadays, because of policies to protect wildlife and turtles on this list, people are shifting to trade in farmed turtles (like raising shrimp, crabs, blood cockles or clams).


Turtles can make a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes, but the best is still salted turtle, both easy to make, easy to find spices, just the right taste and special way of eating of Ca Mau people.


How to prepare:

Roasting the turtle with salt, people cut the neck to get the blood. Take the turtles cut neck chopped whole body into boiling water for a few minutes and then picked out to wash the turtles to clean viscous. It is difficult to cut the neck of a turtle without any experience. However, this is not necessarily the case.


Pot for roasting turtles is usually earthenware. Salt used for roasting turtles must be granular, for every 1kg of turtle to 1kg of salt. Leave the cleaned turtle and salt in a covered pot, simmer to burst salt. When the explosion is over, we begin to take the turtle out, split the shell and remove the heart. Turtles often eat mushrooms, including poisonous mushrooms, so they must never eat the tripe.


Note: White wine mixed with turtle blood is a gourmet drink that should never be missed. The wine mixed with turtle blood is very nutritious, having the same effect as the blood mixed with snake blood or alcohol soaked in jade.



4. Rach Goc Fiddler crab
A fiddler crab of Ca Mau, especially those of Rach Goc, are special and delicious specialties from the past to present. Only in this area, fiddler crab are really delicious and attractive. The peak season of fiddler is around July and August of the lunar calendar every year. Rach Goc fiddler crab eat wit black sauce, so it has tiles, fragrant and firm meat.


The method of making fiddler crab dishes is as follows: Wash the fiddler crab, put them in the tread or salting utensils, sprinkle them with salt so that it fits the amount of the fiddler crab processing so that when penetrating the fiddler crab neither too salty nor too light (If too salty or too light, the meat will be light and the meat will quickly lose appetite). Cover and wait 5 to 7 days and nights to eat. 



5. U Minh sour hotpot

U Minh sour hotpot has strong taste broth, featured sour, sweet, spicy taste. This dish is served with vegetables in the Mekong Delta such as water lily, sprouting longan, coriander, cilantro, broccoli, spinach, cilantro, dragon beans, trusses, bitter vegetables, crayfish, cotton compared to chopsticks, eggplant, banana, dangerous chili, garlic ... In particular, "Đọt choại" is a forest vegetable only in the U Minh mangrove forest.


6. A Larvae "Chà Là"  
Đuông chà là (a larvae type) are larvae type of a winged insect called ants. A Larvae "Chà Là"  are abundant in the mangroves, shaped like areca trees, growing in clumps, each bush with many trees and sharp thorns. In the mangrove forests of Ca Mau, there is a lot of Chà Là trees, so A Larvae "Chà Là" are also found very much here. Like coconut larvae, silkworm larvae... A Larvae "Chà Là" is slightly larger shape, about the size of the thumb and the big toe with fat shape, full round, white. Each chà là palm is often seen with only one larvae  



7. Bon Bon vegetable

Bon Bon plants is a clean vegetable, a local specialty vegetables in Ca Mau for a long time. Bon Bon plants often grow wild in the lowlands, there are many alum in the South, especially in Dat Mui


Ca Mau people peel off the young roots of Bon Bon plants to make raw vegetables, squeeze salad or pickle salt to eat and call them bon bon vegetables. 


As tourism develops, this specialty vegetable becomes famous because many people from all over the country prefer to buy it, so the source of wild wild tanks is increasingly exhausted. Since then, many Ca Mau farmers have had the initiative to plant tubs in low-lying fields with higher economic incomes than rice.


8. Grilled scallops with salt and pepper
This dish has a very special flavor that makes those who ever enjoy it to remember forever. To prepare this dish, people choose the type of vietnamese scallops, washed, drained, put on a plate. Prepare spices including lemon, pepper, MSG, vegetables. Fire bowls burns evenly, setting on the table, leaving the grill on top. Place crates on the blister, there may be more than one at a time. At the time of opening, the mouth is just cooked, very sweet to eat.



9. Ca Mau Crab

Ca Mau Crab is a famous speciality that ocean has given to the land in the Southern pole of Vietnam. Ca Mau Crab is considered as the best one in Vietnam: crab meat is fragrant, sweet, firm into each fiber, crab-roe is fatty.  


There are many ways to make this kind of nutritious food from simple and quick dishes to sophisticated dishes that require skills of cook to create unique and impressive culinary products.   Cell phone/WhatsaApp/Viber/Zalo: +84.933.665.709 or +84.919.507.208


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