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Tien Giang has great potential for tourism. The strength of tourism is mainly based on historical and ecological cultural relics such as Oc Eo and Go Thanh cultural relics from the first century to the sixth century AD) and the historical relics of Rach Gam - Xoai Mut, Ap Bac relics. And there are many tombs and temples: Truong Dinh tomb, royal tomb, Tu Kiet tomb, Vinh Trang pagoda, Buu Lam pagoda, Sac Tu pagoda,... There are new eco-tourism destinations such  as an orchard in Thoi Son islet, Dong Tam snake farm, Go Cong beach.

Tien Giang stretches along the North bank of Tien River (a branch of Mekong River) with a length of 120 km. Thanks to its very great position, Tien Giang has become the political and cultural center of the whole Mekong Delta, a very important transshipment area linking the Southwest region. Such position helped Tien Giang soon become a province with the leading economy in the Southwest region.

Tien Giang, like other provinces of the Southern region, is known for its famous variety of delicious fruits. Tourism in Tien Giang is mainly on the Mekong river tributaties, fruit plantations and enjoying peaceful rural life.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Tiengiang.


Places to Visit in Tiengiang

Caibe Town

Cai Be has many historical sites such as Thien Ho Duong area, Dap Ong Tai victory, Co Co victory, Ba Can pagoda. Besides you can visit traditional handicraft villages, especially many ancient houses of the upper class where many architectural features with cultural and historical values are attached to the area of ​​Cai Be in the end of nineteenth and early 20th century.

Ba Kiet Ancient House

Located among  1.8-hectare fruit orchard. The house has 5 compartments , nearly 1000 square meters with 108 pillars made of rare wood. The house was built in 1838. After nearly 200 years, the house is still intact. On the rafters, doorways,... you can see many carved motif of orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo, apricot very detailed and skilled. In addition, the house still retains many sets of mother-of-pearl mosaics, elaborately carved tables and chairs and many rare porcelain items.


Ba Duc Ancient House

Ba Duc house is in Hoa Phu hamlet, Hoa Khanh commune. The house was built in 1860, mainly made of wood. Tran Quang Man, the fifth generation of the house, recorded the genealogy: the house was constructed by talented artisans in the ancient capital of Hue. In  1923 the house was renovated once. There is a mixed of the Hue imperial architecture and the French architectural features. It is mainly the front of the house while the interior is still fully preserved with its ancient features. This was the house of the Pham family, which belonged to the mandarin class of the Nguyen court. Therefore, the household interior furniture were feudal family and wealthy of that period . This is also the family who has much contributions to revolution, so there are many stories about the family that helped Viet Minh fight against French in the years 1930-1945.


Vinh Trang Pagoda

Ving Trang pagoda is in My An hamlet, My Phong commune, 5km from My Tho city.

You definitely should not skip Vinh Trang Pagoda - the largest pagoda in Tien Giang. The pagoda was built in the early 19th century and it is a combination of Eastern and Western architecture in harmony with each carved line.

Coming here you can feel the perfect cross between Eastern and Western styles. Viewing from the outside, the curved roof architecture makes it easy to mistakenly visit a western constructon. But going inside, the layout of the Buddha statues and the dragon, phoenix motifs winding everywhere bring us back to the familiar Buddhist space. The pagoda's campus is filled with the pleasant smell of flowers. There are the lotus gardens, cool in the shadow of the great trees and ornamental plants that are meticulously cared for and intricately shaped.


Thoi Son Island

Cu Lao Thoi Son is memorable place for those who visit Tien Giang because of the immense landscape. The river scenery looks like the films of "Southern Forest Land". You will be transformed into a real hardworking people when sailing through the zigzag canals of the river.

The small rowing boat takes you through luxuriant coconut palms, fruitful orchards, ... Dropping on the green canal, coming into an orchard to visit and enjoy specialties at the garden is the experience new to the city people. The gardeners of the island are also willing to entertain tourists with the delicious garden honey and the folk songs of the country.


Dong Tam Snake Farm

Dong Tam Snake Farm, also known as a pharmaceutical factory, Military Region 9, it is a tourist destination in Tien Giang province for the snakes lover. This is one of the largest snake farms in Vietnam and it is also considered as the first snake museum in the country. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, learn and research.

You will see  the 400 types of snakes, from non-poison and non-toxic serpents, to extremely poisonous snakes. Snakes here are freely stocked, including 3 areas suitable to the nature of each species: a lake-style farming area, a venomous snake breeding area and a python breeding area.


Vinh Kim Orchards

Vinh Kim is the mother land of many fruits but the most favorite is probably the milk apples. Lo Ren milk apples from Vinh Kim with stretched fruits, berry skin, and sweet and delicious taste is the pride of the people of Vinh Kim in particular and Tien Giang in general.


Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden

With an area of ​​1.1 ha, Man Dinh Hong flower garden includes many different types of flowers such as sunflower, canola flower, chronic rose family, cosmos ... planted in each bed, alternating with each other, forming a field with colorful flowers.

Man Dinh Hong Flower Garden is located 3 km from Trung Luong T-junction, nestled among fruit orchards of Phuoc Thuan hamlet, Phuoc Thanh commune, My Tho city. Previously, the flower garden was only open to visitors from the Lunar New Year to the April 30th , May 1st  holiday. However, more and more new flowers are being tested by the garden owners according to the season and obtained successful results.

Therefore, Man Dinh Hong flower garden is now open all year round, and it is another tourist destinations in Tien Giang.


Cai Be Church

Cai Be church makes people unable to take their eyes off the ancient Roman architecture. The church was built in Roman architecture and made of reinforced concrete and cast stone, built in 1929-1932. Until now, it still retains the ancient dreamy beauty.

The exterior and interior of the church is very beautiful with impressive decorations and embossed patterns. The church also has fancy precious marble altars. This is the best place to take beautiful wedding photos in Tien Giang for young people.


Cai be Floating Market

It not only is the hub of goods exchange, trade and exchange of the province, Cai Be Floating Market also preserves the cultural beauty in the working life of Tien Giang people. It is a rare destination in Tien Giang which has bustle with laughter from the early morning, allowing you to experience Mekong exotic fruits directly from the Floating Market.


Specialties in Tiengiang

Hu Tieu My Tho( Noodle Soup)

In My Tho people choose the famous fragrant Go Cat rice to make noodles. Noodles cooked with pork bones, a little dried grilled squid, dried shrimp, constantly scooping away the foam, leaving a clear, pale yellow broth. People add on a piece of young ribs, a few slices of lean meat, liver, heart, chives, vegetables, bean sprout ... It is so tasty dish. My Tho noodle soups are a rich collection of ingredients which contribute to the unique and wonderful dish.


Bun Goi Gia My Tho( Rice Vermicelli)

This is also a rustic dish of Tien Giang and it tastes quite similar to Bun Mam. Rice vermicelli is cooked with tamarind so the broth has a sour taste, served with silver shrimp, peeled shrimp or black tiger shrimp. In addition, the full bowl of noodles also has ribs, finely chopped bacon. Rice noodle salads are served with water spinach, grated banana and chives, which are easy to find in Tien Giang.


Grilled Snake head Fish

When you come to Tien Giang, you definitely do not miss this rustic but delicious dish.

The snakehead fish that has just been caught is still fresh. People skewer them by the bamboo stick and then grill in the rice straw. Straw burned out leaving a smell of well-cooked snakehead fish. People put the fish on a banana leaf, remove the fish from skewers, add on some grated bananas, water lilies, chives, salads, ... the easy-to-find vegetables here. Snakehead fish is eaten with salt and chili. Although the dish is wild, but it is a very worth to try when you come here.






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Son Doong Cave was granted a 10-year license to operate tourism.

Son Doong Cave was granted a 10-year license to operate tourism.


On December 5th 2019, the People Committee of Quang Binh province said that it had agreed to license Chua Me Dat One Member Limited Liability Company to serve tourism products; Conquer Son Doong - the largest cave in the world, until the end of 2030. Son Doong cave was licensed for such a long time for the first time. Previously, this cave was licensed to serve tourism in each year.
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Poverty on the potential/ Hue Ancient Capital of Vietnam

Poverty on the potential/ Hue Ancient Capital of Vietnam


Poverty on tourism potential is a sad problem of the famous province, Thua Thien Hue. It has more than 1,000 relics, 5 heritage sites of mankind, many landmarks and the story of Vietnam last Monarchy, it attracts the attention of tourists, but the provincial budget revenue is only about 7,800 billion VND, the central government must grant thousands of billion VND yearly to have enough spending.
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