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Cantho is in the heart of Vietnam Rice Basket, on the way to access this far away city you can see immense rice crops to the horizon. Besides the  city also benefits from its own Unique and Famous Cairang Floating Market across Vietnam.

Cantho is in the southwest of Saigon, 180 kilometers or 3 hours driving by car.

Can Tho is one of the 5 biggest cities of Vietnam. It has its own international airport which helps to ease the connection between the city to other international cities as well as other big cities in Vietnam.

The Can Tho Bridge which across Mekong river has been inaugurated in 2010, this bridge helps the transportation to Saigon and other neighbor cities easier.

There are  many attracting sites to visit in Can Tho city such as: Floating Market, Truc Lam Pagoda, Bang Lang Bird sanctuary, Binh Thuy Ancient House, Binh Thuy Ancient Temple, Ong Pagoda, Munir Ansay pagoda Khmer Pagoda.


Attracted sites of Cantho City


Floating Market( Cai Rang)


The unique and main feature of Cai Rang floating market is the trade of fruits and specialties of the Mekong Delta. In the past, there was not many bridges across tributaries of Mekong Delta, therefore, boats and ferries were the best ways to carry farming products around ... Today, although the road traffic network has grown widely but the floating market still exists and growing more crowded.


Cai Rang Floating Market is also a wholesale market where farmers they gather together all year round to sell their own products. The best time to visit the market is between 05h00 until 7h30 in the morning. You will see the colorful life of the Mekong Delta people on their boats with many different generations.



Binh Thuy Ancient House.


Construction on the home started in 1870 by the Duong family who settled in the region in the late 18th century. Originally conceived as a place to worship their ancestors, the home was built by two generations of the family, finally finished in 1911.

Today, the home is an outstanding example of Western and Oriental architectural elements.

A visit to the Binh Thuy Ancient Home is a wonderful look back in time to how the upper-class of the Mekong Delta lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The home was famously used in the movie “The Lover” directed by Jean Jacques Annaud, telling the love story of a young Marguerite Duras, set during Indochina times.


Munir Ansay pagoda, Khmer Pagoda


Munir Ansay pagoda is located on a prime street of the downtown. The pagoda’s architecture is imbued with Khmer national identity with colorful pyramidal domes. The spacious yard always makes a peaceful feeling though in the center of the city. Annually, Munir Ansay pagoda organizes several big festivals such as Chol Chnam Thmay – New Year Holiday (March 13-15th in lunar calendar), Ok-Om-Bok – Bringing water festival (October in lunar calendar), Donta – Ancestor worship (August in lunar calendar), The cloth-offering ceremony of Khmer …  These ceremonies which are hold solemnly in a bustling folk festive atmosphere with diverse forms attract numerous visitors to attend, especially foreign tourists.



Ong Pagoda


Ong pagoda or Quang Trieu Club-house is a club-house of a Chinese-emigrant-group who came from the two provinces of Quang Chau and Trieu Khanh in 17th – 18th century. With many building materials originated from Quang Dong Province (China), beautiful colour and harmonious carving parts, the pagoda represents Chinese architecture. Besides the other Chinese Gods who are worshipped here, Quan Thanh De Quan is the most important one.



Truc Lam Pagoda.


Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery is widely regarded as one of the largest monasteries in Southwestern Vietnam. Truc Lam Phuong Nam in the style of Buddhism Ly – Tran Dynasty, was started on July 16, 2013.


With the area of four hectares, the monastery features a hall which can contain 500 people. Tourists can admire many architectural features when setting foot on this place. The main gate has curved arches with stylized dragon’s head, the gate was made of precious wooden and painted in lustrous brown.


The sanctum is Dai Hung Buu palace. Tourists will be impressed by the solemn and tranquillity around the place. The floor was lined with red Chinese bricks, the sanctum area is tiled with eight roofs in the style of Buddhism in Tran Dynasty, the pillar is made of ironwood and painted smooth and lustrous. All of 44 posts are solemnly put on the granite stone boards with stylized sculptured lotus flowers. The centre of the sanctum is the gilt copper Buddhist statue of Shakyamuni 2m high and 3.5-ton weight meditating in the lotus flower.


Binh Thuy Ancient Temple


Binh Thuy temple was built in 1844 to worship the tutelary of Binh Hung village. According to legend, in 1852, the province chief mandarin Huynh Man Dat suddenly caught a squall on his inspection across Hau river. His boat was safely hidden in Binh Hung canal. After that, he named the village Binh Thuy. When coming back to the court, he submitted a memorial to King Tu Duc and the village paid honour to the king by calling him “Bổn Cảnh Thành Hoàng” (tutelary god of the charming village) and wanted to rebuild the pagoda. Annually, the temple has two main festivals: Thượng Điền and Hạ Điền (sacrifice-dedicated ceremonies to the God of earth at the beginning of farm work) in the fourth month and the twelfth month in lunar year.



Bang Lang Bird sanctuary


The area was once rice fields surrounded by bamboo trees, nipa, tamarind and calophyllus. Storks have resided there since 1983. Nguyen Ngoc Thuyen, owner of the sanctuary, and his children then planted more kinds of trees to make a home for the birds. Nine years later, the storks began setting up their nests in the area.

“In the past, we did not care whether the storks stayed or left. However, more and more have come to live here,” said Thuyen. “I told my children that ‘birds nest on good land’ and asked them to protect them. Thanks to the sanctuary, my children and grandchildren have a chance to learn about birds like crows and storks,” he added.

Storks often gather in large numbers between the ninth and twelfth month of the lunar calendar. Over the past three decades, many trees in the sanctuary have died as storks overcrowd them.

Thuyen estimates that more than 300,000 storks of nearly 20 varieties reside in his sanctuary. According to him, a stork lays eggs four times each year and it takes six months for a chick to mature.



The most famous specialties of Cantho.


Banh Hoi cakes

Banh Hoi Cantho  is a special dish made from rice flour, often served with roasted pork, herbs, mint leaves, lettuces and dipping in sweet and sour fish sauce. You can visit any famous family to see how they make Banh Hoi cakes, and you can join in hands to make some cakes yourself. It is an interesting activity. 



Rice Field mice


It sounds terrible but it is a unique, rustic and very attractive dish in this remote city, grilled rice field mice is the must try when people come to this place. To enjoy delicious and strange rustic food, you can visit any restaurant in Can Tho. This dish especially good in the rainy season which is from may to november every year.



Muoi Xiem pancakes

Use turmeric powder mixed with rice flour to have a golden color, with some coconut milk, chicken eggs, scallions ... The cake depends on the taste of each region, it includes bean sprouts, cassava root, bacon, chicken meat, minced duck ...


Pancakes are often served with a variety of vegetables such as mustard greens, lettuce, basil, pineapples, mango, cucumbers, mint leaves.


Dipping sauce is also one of the key thing that contributes to the deliciousness of the cake. It must be made from all 3 flavors sour, sweet, spicy, and to add white radish, red radish and chopped chilis to contribute  more attractive cup of sauce.







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