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Dak Nong or Dac Nong is a province of Vietnam. It borders Dak Lak Province in the north, Lam Dong Province in the south-east, Binh Phuoc Province and Cambodia in the west. It is located in the Central Highlands. Its capital is Gia Nghĩa. Dak Nong has flat cultivated surface, mainly bazan so the province has the advantage for industrial tree especially coffee tree.

1. Ea Snô Lake
Ea Sno lake in Dak Ro commune, Krong No district is a natural lake but still retains a rare and charming nature. The entire lake area is surrounded by undulating hills and green special-use forests.

Ea Sno Lake is a natural lake with charming scenery located in Dak Ro commune, Krong No district. Looked from above, the lake surface looks like a sparkling giant silver mirror. Around the lake is special-use forests with many trees and rare animals such as  snakes, turtles, monkeys, deers, python...Thanks to the wide lake area, Ea Sno lake has a rich and diverse ecosystem. When visiting Ea Sno Lake, visitors will have the opportunity to boat on the lake and admire the pristine beauty of the mountains and enjoy the cool breezes, the worries and chaos of life will be dispelled. 


2. Chu Bluk - the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia
Chu Bluk cave complex in Buon Choah commune, Krong No district is an attractive tourist attraction of Dak Nong that has just been exploited. This is the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia with the landscape still pristine due to no footprints miners.


Upon arriving at the cave, visitors cannot help being surprised by the wild and mysterious beauty to the end. The Bluks have more than 100 different large and small caves, each of which is a marvelous landscape with different beauty created from the erupting lava flows millions of years ago. What makes Chu Bluk so special is that it forms many branches within the cave.


3. Dak Buk So Waterfall
In the unique cultural space of the M'Nong ethnic people, Dak Buk So waterfall with the water from many streams flowing through the valleys has created a harmonious natural landscape between the mountains.


Bu Boon and Bu N’drung villages on the Dak Buk So stream still keep their unique customs from the ancient times, which is the point that makes Dak Buk So special. Every festive season, Tet holiday, this place echoes gongs and stones ... to worship, burn new rice, or bring straw ... with jizz of wine and the flickering fire all night long.


4. Dak G’lun Waterfall
Dak G’lun Waterfall is more than 40km from the Cambodian border, the beautiful white foam waterfall in the air before turning into two lines crossing the cliff like an enchanting white silk strip. The beauty of Dak G’lun is also created by large and flat rocks at the top of the waterfall that look like giant carpets. Moreover, with the advantage of a surrounding special forest, Dak G’lun waterfall has a very rich and diverse ecosystem that makes anyone want to explore.


5. Ta Dung Nature Reserve
Ta Dung Nature Reserve is the intersection of biology and geography of the South Central Highlands and the Southeast. There are more than 1,000 species of plants and animals and many of them are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam as well as in the world. More specifically, this is one of the four endemic bird areas of Vietnam.

6. Dray Sap - Gia Long - Trinh Nu waterfall cluster tourist site
Three waterfalls, Ray Sap, Gia Long and Trinh Nu, have created a famous tourist cluster of Dak Nong. Each waterfall brings in itself different beauty with its own mysterious stories.


Dray Sap waterfall Dray Sap is seen as the most beautiful and majestic waterfalls in Central Highlands. According to Ede language, it means smoke. The waterfall is associated with the legend of the beautiful H’mi who was swallowed by a monster while sitting side by side with her lover. Gia Long Waterfall is the upstream of Serepok river. Formerly, King Gia Long chose this place to enjoy it and cut the mountain to make a way to the falls. Different from the majestic and pristine beauty of Dray Sap and Gia Long waterfall, Trinh Nu waterfall shows itself with a gentle and poetic beauty under the reef. The attraction of the falls is not only by the legendary story but also the beauty of rocks, forests, waterfalls and fresh air.


Dak Nong Specialities

1. Duc Lap coffee
In order to have ripe coffee beans, Dak Nong farmers take a lot of care time such as fertilizing, pruning, weeding ... through new time to harvest, through new preliminary processing. make delicious coffee beans like today.


Not only that, the lives of the people in the Central Highlands in general and the people in Dak Nong in particular are very miserable, with little rain and sunshine, making the economy very difficult. Thanks to coffee beans, the life of the people here is temporarily stable, and temporarily escaped from poverty.

Currently in Dak Nong, Duc Lap coffee has made its own mark on the Vietnamese market, along with Trung Nguyen coffee, a specialty of Buon Me Thuot City, which has been present in more than 60 countries around the world. Therefore, if you are a coffee enthusiast, you can buy this specialty.

2. Dak N’rung Pepper
Pepper is a species of climbing plant grown primarily for its seeds. Post-harvest pepper will be dried and preliminarily processed to serve in our daily meals. Presently, faeces are excreted in Dak N’rung, which is located in a district far from Dak Song. With the ability to take care of them, pepper has become a specialty in Dak Nong.

3. Tuy Duc sweet potato
Tuy Duc is a border district in Dak Nong famous for sweet potatoes, and it is also one of the specialties in Dak Nong that you can buy as a gift. Previously, sweet potatoes were only a type of tuber to combat hunger, but now they have become a specialty that no other province can compete.


4. Dak Mil Avocado
Dak Mil avocado is considered a precious avocado variety in Dak Nong in particular and the Central Highlands in general.


The characteristic of this avocado is that the fruit is long like a papaya, the skin of the avocado is thin and very smooth, ripe when it is green, yellow green, or purple and dark red depending on the type, thin seed coat, smooth outer surface glossy.


Avocado is one of the fruits that does not contain cholesterol but is high in fat (very high fat content of 15-30%) good for the human body. Harvesting season from April to September, Avocado is grown in Dak Mil district. Because of these reasons, Dak Mil wax butter is considered the Dak Nong specialty as the most attractive gift.


5. Tube Wine
When it comes to tube wine, people think of the festivals of the Central Highlands in general, and the people of Dak Nong in particular. The Central Highlands drink alcohol with cannons and drink together in a large jar of wine. This is also a typical feature of the Central Highlands culture that only mountainous areas have.


6. Bamboo sour shoots
Coming to Dak Nong, we not only enjoy the flavors such as wine and coffee, but also another Dak Nong specialty that we can buy as a gift is forest sour bamboo shoots.


To get forest sour bamboo shoots, people need to go to deep forest to break these shoots. Shoots after peeled and sliced ​​finished, soaked in water diluted with little salt for 2-3 days for fermentation. Then, add the chili and put in the crockery pot, about 2 weeks is sour and ripe yeast can be used.


7. Srepok river crystal eyed catfish "Cá Lăng sông Srepok"
Serepok river crystal eyed catfish is a specialty of this mountainous region of the Central Highlands. Crystal eyed catfish is flat head fish like a catfish in the plains. Because Serepok river has a year-round flow, the lentils living here have stronger meat than other regions, and have heavier weight than the other lentils in other areas.


The Serepok river crystal eyed catfish is only suitable for grilled dishes dipped with salt and chili and hotpot of lentils with sour bamboo shoots.


Grilled over embers, fatty fish meat, crispy yellow skin, head and tail can be used to cook sour bamboo shoots with fresh noodles.


When grilling crystal eyed catfish on embers, you can smell the aroma of the fish, crunchy goldfish skin. The head and tail of the fish can make some dishes such as sour bamboo shoots served with fresh noodles





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