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Da Nang is located in the central part of Vietnam, playing an important role in both socio-economic and national defense-security areas of Central Coastline, Central Highlands and the whole country of Vietnam. It is a very important transportation hub for road, railway, ocean shipping, and airport. In recent years, Da Nang has been actively investing in building infrastructure, improving the environment, improving social security and being considered a "Must Place to Live" of Vietnam. In 2018, Da Nang was selected to represent Vietnam in the Top 10 Best Places to Live Abroad by the Travel and Invest Overseas Travel Magazine.

VietCam Holidays is very happy to recommend the most attractive places to visit as well as the most delicious specialties to enjoy.


Places to Visit in Danang City

Ba Na- Nui Chua Mountain( Golden Hands Bridge)

Ba Na - Nui Chua is 25km southwest of Danang, Hoa Ninh ward, Hoa Vang district. Ba Na is known as a "Pearl of the climate" of the Central Region with cool climate all year round, the average summer temperature is only about 18 degrees Celsius. Besides, Ba Na is also known as the "second Sapa" in Vietnam. Ba Na Nui Chua tourist area has a rich and diverse flora and fauna system. Within the vast primeval forests, there are 256 species of animals, including 61 mammals, 178 birds and 17 reptiles. The flora here has 543 species including 136 families and 379 genera. Ba Na is home to many rare and precious animal species such as Asian black bears and white-cheeked gibbon ... In 1986, Ba Na was recognized by the Government as a nature reserve, subject to protection.

At the beginning of 20th century many resorts, villas and hotels were built on the top of Nui Chua and Ba Na. After the end of Vietnam war, this place was abandoned. Recently, Da Nang has gradually restored and a number of old French villas, Buddhist cultural areas, wine cellars and a series of hotels such as Morin Ba Na Hotel, Ba Na By Night Hotel... From Vong Nguyet hill, visitors will be taken by a modern cable car system to the central area. This system has 16 cabins that can serve about 320 guests per hour.


Than Tai Mountain( Hot Spring Than Tai)

Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring is a new tourist complex of Da Nang. The natural hot mineral water resources and ecological natural landscape will make it a great tourist destination in Da Nang.

The theme park is luxuriously designed with bathtubs made entirely from natural stones created and sculpted by artisans of Non Nuoc stone village. For the first time, Vietnam has a spa bath with tea, wine, coffee, milk, mud and especially hot mineral baths.

The mud bathing area is designed under cool natural setting. Each tub is made from natural stones to experience the life of the emperor in the mud world.


Marble Mountain( Ngu Hanh Son)

Stone in Marble Mountain has many colors: opaque, milky white, pink, gray, red, dark brown, dark blue ..., not very hard and is very good material for statues and furniture, ornamentation for fine arts.

Marble Mountain has 5 hill tops: Thuy Son and Moc Son in the east, Tho Son, Kim Son, Hoa Son in the west. In Chinese philosophical thinking, the five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth are the elements that create the universe. The number 5 is an extremely important number in thinking and in Eastern life, so 5 hill tops of Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, Tho Son all contain themselves in strange and mysterious looks. Marble Mountain is like a giant rockery in the heart of Da Nang city. It is the cultural symbol and an attractive destination of Danang City.


My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is among the beaches voted by Forbes magazine as the most beautiful beach on the planet. The beach has a length of about 5km, is one of the most bustling beaches of Danang. With a convenient location at the city center, large space, beautiful scenery with full quality services: hotel, restaurant, parking, fresh water bath, umbrella rental, swimming pool. Located along the beach, there are dozens of restaurants with full of specialties of the seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid..., the price is suitable with the budgets of many visitors.

The best time to visit My Khe Beach is in the summer time, it is between April to September. But weather in Danang is very mild all year round, so any time for a visit is not a matter.

Son Tra Mountain( Monkey Mountain)

Son Tra has many forests, white sandy beaches, fresh climate, there are rich primary vegetation with the presence of beautiful Vooc Shanked brown. Tourists come here can freely take memories and immerse themselves in nature, breathing fresh air.

If you want to see the douc langurs, deer, monkeys, gibbons, and red-faced chickens, you should go to Tien Sa port. It is a diverse and rich nature reserve with fascinating natural scenes.

According to folklore, the fairies from heaven often chose the beach here to descend, dance and play chess together, hence the name Tien Sa. However, when you come to Son Tra, what you cannot ignore is to view the sunset on the sea. Hon Kiem of Son Tra peninsula is considered the best place to watch the sunset in Da Nang.



Champa Museum

This is the last collection of Champa sculpture art in the world which is located in Da Nang, the old center of the Champa kingdom.

Museum of Champa sculpture was built in 1915 by the French Far East Research Institute in Vietnam. In 1936, the Museum was expanded and officially opened in 1939, which preserves and displays the most rare collections of Champa sculpture.

Museum of Cham sculpture is modeled after the motifs of Champa architecture, the white display block has a small but simple and charming decoration.

Currently the museum displays about 300 original sculptures made of sandstone, a small number of terracotta collected from Cham temples and towers scattered in the central region from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan. These are the statues and the reliefs decorated on the architecture. They are displayed in 10 rooms taking the names of localities where the artifacts were discovered. The architecture dates from the 5th to the 15th centuries according to the "Mother of the country" matriarchy.


Hai Van Pass.

Hai Van pass stretches along the ridge of Hai Van mountain, between Thua Thien - Hue province and Da Nang city. This is the highest pass (about 500m above sea level), full of obstacles and also the last peak of a Truong Son range stretching into the East sea.

Hai Van Pass has one side by the mountain, on another side by the sea, and at the top of the pass is cloud covered all year round so it is also known as "Cloud Pass". Right at the top of the pass, traces of ancestors were still left behind: the gates of the pass and the ramparts. The gate looks to the Thua Thien Hue with three words "Hai Van Quan", the gate looks down to Quang Nam and says "Thien Ha De Nhat Hung Quan" (this is the gift from King Le Thanh Ton when he was stopping to admire this place).

Also from here, on beautiful days, you can see clearly the whole city of Da Nang, Tien Sa Port - Son Tra Peninsula, Cu Lao Cham ... and the long sandy beaches hugging the water surface.

At the top of the pass, there is a small temple worshiping the mountain god figured by a statue of a tiger - the lord of the forest, while there are a number of small shrines along the way to commemorate those in need. There is also a bunker - called Don Nhat - built by the French colonialists to protect this strategic pass. Đồn Nhất witnessed many revolutions of the Vietnamese people during the period of struggle against the French colonialists. The bunker was then transferred to the US army and the Vietnamese people's army once used this stronghold to fire artillery into Da Nang.


Thanh Dien Hai( Dien Hai Defense Wall)

Originally located at a prime location on the left bank of the Han River, it was first built under the 12th Gia Long Dynasty in 1813. Formerly it was Dien Hai fort, near the mouth of Da Nang seaport. By 1823, when the 4th Minh Mang king moved Dien Hai fort into the mainland, on a high mound. The history continued to last until 1835, when the 15th Emperor Minh Mang changed the name of the fort to Dien Hai.

In 1847 (7th Thieu Tri), Dien Hai citadel was expanded with a circumference of 556m, a wall higher than 5m, surrounded by a cannal 3m deep. The citadel has two gates, one opening to the south (the main door) and one opening to the east. In the city, there was a palace, a fortress, facilities containing food, ammunition, and gunpowder and were equipped with 30 large artillery guns.

This is also an important stronghold helping to the defeat of the French colonialist attacking on Danang in the years 1858 - 1860.



Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda Located on a hill, shaped like a turtle facing to the sea. Linh Ung Pagoda - Bai But on Son Tra Peninsula has been inaugurated

During the reign of King Minh Mang, coastal fishermen here discovered a Buddha statue on the beach, made by wood. And then Buddha Avalokiteshvara saved people who passed the struggling among the ocean. Since then the waves were quiet, the fishermen were able to do fishing safely, from there this place was called Bai But, also known as Buddha realm in the middle of the world.


Nam O Reef

About 2km from Nam O village to the southeast, about 600 - 700m to the east of Xuan Thieu beach on the east is a reef, fishermen in the area called Nam O reef. Nam O Reef is about 2 hectares wide, divided into 2 clusters, namely Ca reef and Con Reef. Ca reef runs from the northwest to the southeast, about 300m long, 50m wide, rocks overlapping rocks, 6-7m deep spot. Small reef is located parallel and as a half of the Ca reef.

In the past, this place was an ideal fishing place for Nam O fishermen as well as fishermen around Danang. Because the reef grows a lot of seaweed, it is a breeding place for many seasonal fishes - from the spotted fish, anchovies, mites to the big fishes such as barracuda, shark and mackerel. Therefore, fishermen around the region see the reef as an abundant resource to catch with fishing nets, traps , trawlers ...


Tuy Loan Ancient Village.

Tuy Loan village is located in the southwest of Danang city, located in Hoa Phong ward, Hoa Vang district. Tuy Loan village has been founded for over 500 years, with prosperous Vietnam's history, traditions and cultural identity.

The river has the same name of the village "Tuy Loan" flowing and embracing the village. The scenery here is very poetic, rustic, charming and hidden many interesting things.

Tuy Loan villagers built a communal house to worship ancestors in the first year of Thanh Thai (1889) with an area of ​​over 110m² in the complex of more than 8,000m.

There is a stela which addresses 5 first people Dang, Lam, Nguyen, Tran and Le who were assigned by King Le Thanh Ton to expand the frontier to the south (in the year of Hong Duc in 1470). Five of them stopped here to set up a career to start a business and named the village Tuy Loan.



Specialties of Danang

Herring Fish Salad( Goi Ca Trich)

Visitors will enjoy the salad herring fish meat and vegetables, adding a few slices of red chili peppers making it look extremely attractive, along with a bowl of dark yellow sauce next to the salad.

Nam O Village is on the beach, right at the foot of Hai Van Pass, in Da Nang City, an ideal shelter for many types of fish, the most popular are anchovies and herring. When the sun rise from the sea, the fishermen of Nam O village hurriedly move the baskets of anchovies and herring on the shore. From here, anchovies were transferred to the oven to make fish sauce, herring used to process famous  salad. Enjoying delicious dishes such as Nam O herring salad always brings customers the incredible delicious taste.


Be Thui Cau Mong( Roasted Calf Cau Mong)

According to an old man in the Mong Bridge, the selected calf is big enough so that the meat is not so tender, about 30-35 kg. After processing the calf properly , keep the calf on top of the burning coal fire to roast it. The art of roasting calf is passed down by generation to generation and not many people knowing it. That is the flavor of local cuisine. First of all, even though it is roasted by straw or charcoal, but when the meat comes out of the oven, it must reach two clearly layers of meat, well -cooked and rare-cooked  and the skin must be cooked well. Failure to achieve one of these factors is not a good roasted calf.


Tre Ba De( Tré Bà Đệ)

Ba De Tre has variety products such as traditional packaging Tre, banana leaf wrapping Tre, guava leaf wrapping Tre. The trick is to buy lean pork and pork belly. Then cutting them to thinly pieces, adding on some spices such as sugar, salt, garlic and mixing them up, next is wrapping a small amount of them in leaves. Keeping those packages in room temperature in 2 or 3 days. To increase the flavor of Tré, when you need a little more papaya, carrots, peanuts, garlic,... and especially chili sauce. Tre is served as an appetizer on party occasions. Tre is especially yummy with beers.










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