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Gia Lai is a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is the second-largest province of Vietnam. It shares the borders with Kon Tum Province to the north, Dak Lak Province to the south, Cambodia and Quang Ngai in the west and Binh Dinh, Phu Yen to the east.


Gia Lai is the headwaters of many rivers that flow to central coastal areas and Cambodia so it is blessed with many springs, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and primary forest such as Lo O waterfall, Nine Floor waterfall, Yama-Yang Rung waterfall ... with the deep blue lakes like Ayun Ha Lake, Ialy Lake and Bien Ho on the immense, calm mountain...


Beside, Gia Lai is also known as an ancient land, Bien Ho archaeological site is a testament to the process of formation and permanent settlement of indigenous people on the majestic highland. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, Gia Lai retains itself a unique and diverse traditional culture embodied in polytheism (Tô Tem), matriarchy of indigenous people ... Space The Central Highlands gong culture is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. 


Gia Lai is one of your “should-not-be-missed” destinations whenever you have opportunity to travel along the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 


Once coming to Gia Lai, tourists will have chance to wander lots of stunning  landscapes and enjoy the distinctly cool air of the Highlands and find rustic beauty, intimate sceneries and daily lifestyle of the friendly inhabitants.


1.T’Nung Lake (Bien Ho) -  Precious Gem of Gia Lai
T’Nung Lake (also known as Bien Ho or Ea Nueng Lake) is the biggest lake in the Highlands and is considered a precious gem of Pleiku city (Gia Lai province). This oval-shaped lake used to be a volcanic crater that erupted hundreds of million years ago; it covers an area of about 240 hectares and is aproximately  12-19m in depth. 


At any time of the day, from dawn to dusk, Bien Ho inspires tourists with its gorgeous  beauty. This is undeniably an ideal destination of natural landscape to relax with friends and family.


2. Ialy hydroelectric plant
Ialy Hydroelectric Plant is one of Gia Lai tourist destinations in the hydroelectric system on the Sesan River in Gia Lai Province. This is the third largest hydroelectric project in our country, only after  Son La  hydroelectricity and Hoa Binh hydroelectricity of Da river. With a capacity of 720 MW, Ialy Hydroelectricity supplies 3,650 million KWh of electricity per year for the whole Central Highlands.


Coming to Ialy hydroelectric plant, tourists can also visit Jrai villages, sailed upstream watching  Highlands scenery. Ialy hydroelectric plant is so fantastic by the curved roads running around and along the mountains and rivers.So,it  brings tourists  feeling of adventure experience and  peaceful moments before the delightful and tranquil river landscape.


3. Phu Cuong Waterfall – silver silk Strip  in the middle of the Highland
Phu Cuong Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall in the area, located in Phu Cuong quarry, Dun commune, Chu Se District and 45km south-east from Pleiku; the 45m-height waterfall issues from high moutain and goes down to La Peet stream which flows to Ayun Ha Lake.


Reaching this impressive place, tourists  will see the magnificient and spectacular beauty of steep cliffs, snow white water lines, listen to roaring waterfall, the sound of  stream  gurgling and the twittering bird-song echoing through the forest. At the same time, tourists also bathe in the cool stream water  and discover the diverse vegetation and soak up the nature atmosphere


With such an amazing scenery, Phu Cuong waterfall is believed to be an  ideal destination for picnic and sight-seeing in your trip to Gia Lai.


4. Chư Đăng Ya Volcano.
This is an attractive destination for travelers who want a self-sufficient journey, a peaceful, majestic place, where you can immerse yourself in nature, with the splendid wild flower space, admire the great trees keep untouched mountains and forests.


Chu Dang Ya is located in Lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district. A mountain that has been sleeping for millions of years, surrounded by wild flowers kneeling together to bloom in the autumn days and the vast rice fields, creating a peaceful natural scenery.


5. Buu Minh Pagoda
The temple is located next to tea fields, a famous spiritual tourist destination of the Central Highlands. The road through pine trees - Bien Ho tea , Buu Minh pagoda to Ngo Son fields, Chu Dang Ya volcano is considered the most beautiful tourist route in Gia Lai.


6. Ham Rong Mountain
Ham Rong Mountain is located in Chu HDroong commune, Pleiku city. This is a mountain with beautiful scenery and this will be the most interesting discovery journey of visitors. When standing on the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful Pleiku city.


When you visit Ham Rong Mountain once, it will make visitors unforgettable impression, the dreamy scenery of the mountain always receives special attention of visitors.


7. Pleiku prison 
Located right in the center of Pleiku city, Pleiku Prison is one of the tourist attractions Gia Lai province for many tourists because of its special architectures that maintain the historical value of the Central Highlands built by the French in 1925 for the purpose of detaining prisoners, mostly ethnic minorities.
The prison is is the historical relic witnesses many horrible drawbacks from the Vietnamese war against the French colonalists. It is one of a network of colonial French penal institutions, Pleiku Prison has been restored and reopened to the public as a museum and memorial to the revolutionaries who died there.


8. Minh Thanh Pagoda
As the most unique pagoda in the Central Highlands, Minh Thanh is not only the pride of the mountainous people but also an attractive place to visit Pleiku. In particular, unlike other temples characterized by Theravada Buddhism, Minh Thanh Pagoda is heavily influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture.


9. Bien Ho tea
Located on the north shore of Bien Ho Lake, it is called Bien Ho tea because it is a combination of irrigation lake and immense tea fields. The tea hill is only 13 km from Pleiku city, located in Chu Pah district. This is also the first tea plantation of the French in Gia Lai, formed from the 20s of last century.


Specialites in Gia Lai


1. Grilled Chicken With Lam Rice
This is a dish full of wild nature of the mountains. The dish is made in a simple way, the main ingredient is wild chicken. This chicken is grilled by Gia Lai people ingeniously, skillfully, the chicken is just cooked, adding a few spices that make it fragrant and hot. This wild chicken dish is the pride of the people of Gia Lai, often to entertain visitors, the deliciousness of this dish is not discussed, have a chance to try it.

Com Lam is a familiar dish in the mountainous regions, but each location has different flavors and ways of cooking. This is an indispensable specialty of Gia Lai. Lam rice is easy to prepare without being too sophisticated, but it requires meticulous and caring for the food, so that not everyone can cook delicious rice.


2. Grilling.
This grilled dish looks simple but makes visitors want to eat forever. When grilled, ground meat and mushroom will be rolled into rice paper and then skewered into sticks, grilled on the kitchen pink. When enjoying, the crispy bread melted in the mouth, filled with hot, rich flavors. If you add a little tamarind or soy sauce, anyone can not resist the appeal of this dish.


3. Forest leaf hotpot
As one of the areas with vast green primeval forests, it is not difficult to talk about forest vegetables here. It is not only the taste of each leaf but it is also the typical flavor that nature has bestowed on this homeland. Forest leaves must be picked and carefully selected, must be fresh and delicious leaves without any toxins or toxic reactions. Not everyone can have the experience of taking forest leaves, which is an art of the ancients. Fat and hot pot of hot pot meat of stew, forest vegetables combined with sour rolls, barbecue ... it is delicious all.


4. Pleiku Coffee
Gia Lai has a large area of ​​badan plateau so it is very suitable for developing industrial crops such as coffee, pepper ... This is a big source of coffee for the whole country. Coffee here is very clean and fresh. Traveling to Gia Lai, you will smell the aroma of fragrant coffee flowers flying away with the wind. As a habit that has entered the minds of every Gia Lai people, every morning will enjoy a cup of black coffee before embarking on the work of the new day. The smell of aromatic coffee, the expensive taste of black coffee, numbness at the tip of the tongue, but when you copy your mouth, you will feel the sweetness in the throat. Here you can choose the delicious thom coffee bags to take as gifts.


5. Forest honey
One of Gia Lai specialties that attracts the most tourists is the forest honey. Nature has given Gia Lai badan land with lush green forests, luxuriant foliage, coffee flowers, forest flowers that attract honey bee colonies here to collect nectar. Therefore, it is possible to exploit a lot of forest honey here. Gia Lai forest honey has a dark yellow color, the longer it stays clear and shining. Honey is very sweet and fragrant, thick, highly sticky.


6. Bamboo sour shoots
Gia Lai mountain forest famous for bamboo shoots, in the rainy season, bamboo shoots here grow a lot and young. Bamboo shoots are picked and washed, sliced ​​and then soaked with spicy chili and garlic, ginger, salt, a little sugar. Wait until the sour bamboo shoots are delicious to taste, then use. When eating bamboo has soaked taste has sour taste of ignorance of bamboo shoots, crunchy, the spicy taste on the tip of the chili, the aroma of ginger. Eating with com is very delicious.


7. Linh Chi mushroom
Gia Lai is blessed with vast primeval forests. It contains so many rare and precious products. Bring a beautiful symbolic indispensable symbol in Gia Lai. A specialty of Gia Lai can not fail to mention in the mountains here that is Lingzhi mushroom, a mushroom containing healthy nutrients.

Naturally picked from primeval forests, Lingzhi retains its freshness, free of toxins. Natural herbs have no side effects, it not only helps restore health but also can enhance the immune system for humans. Therefore, this mushroom is expensive but still very popular.


8. Wine tube Can
A specialty of Gia Lai can not fail to mention in the Central Highlands mountains or Gia Lai that is wine. A famous delicious drink. The wine will be brewed, cooked by glutinous rice on a large, round, succulent grain and very fragrant. Wine has a fragrant smell, it has just smelled drunk, it needs to be put in crockery and porcelain pots. When drinking, do not pour into cups like other types of alcohol, but drink from a rattan tube. A pitcher of wine is produced will have a lot of need in it, many people will drink a pitcher. This is an indispensable wine during the holidays here.


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