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Hau Giang is a province in Mekong Delta, cool climate, fertile soil that is why Hau Giang has long been considered one of the biggest rice centers in the Mekong Delta.


Hau Giang borders Can Tho city in the north; adjacent to Soc Trang province in the south; bordering Vinh Long and Hau River in the east; borders Kien Giang and Bac Lieu provinces in the west. Hau Giang is about 60 km from Can Tho city and 240 km from Saigon


It can be seen that Hau Giang tourism does not have too many famous destinations but coming to this province, tourists also have the opportunity discover the beauty of the water rivers land as historical sites, fruit gardens ... 


The attracted sights of Hau Giang

1. Nga Bay floating market - Phung Hiep
Floating markets are a type of market often appearing in water river areas which are considered as the main transport routes. Where both seller and buyer use boats as means of transportation


In Vietnam, floating markets are a unique cultural feature of the Mekong Delta. There are wholesale markets, some markets are both wholesale and retail, some just in the morning, and the other all day. There are markets that sell only fruit, and some markets that sell seafood, poultry, home appliances, agricultural products, rice, rice, food, etc. Each market has its own lovely feature when 


Phung Hiep floating market - also known as Nga Bay floating market because it meets the confluence of 7 small rivers (Xeo Mon, Xeo Dong. Bun Tau, Lai Hieu, Cai Con, Mang Ca and Kenh Xang). Located next to Highway 1, between Can Tho and Soc Trang, about 30km from each province, Phung Hiep floating market is more special than other floating markets because of its convenient transportation, a rich history and a large scale of operations. 


Phung Hiep floating market was formed in 1915. This is a famous market of Hau Giang province, where the activities of trading, exchanging goods of residents of the Mekong River Delta. This place is not only a place to trade goods but also a place to attract tourists.


2. Tay Do eco-tourism area
This eco-tourism area is considered the largest garden tourist area in Hau Giang, here you will admire the unique natural beauty, countless fruit trees all year round, participate in the games. Play attractive, interesting. It is the poetic, rustic countryside will bring you a great comfort, relaxation, is an ideal space for relaxation.


3. Ba Bai Base
The relics area of ​​Ba Bai base was built on a large area, this is the base of the 1975 General Campaign of Rebellion and Spring Rebellion throughout the South, the relic will contribute to help you feel and shape tolerate the atmosphere of struggle in the years of heroic resistance.


4. Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve
This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Hau Giang, located in Phuong Binh commune, Phung Hiep district, is a rare biodiversity conservation area in Melaleuca forests.

The vegetation in the nature reserve is wild, with rare and precious animals living. Home to many birds such as gray kite, fire kite, stork, extract, le le ... In flooding season, thousands of water birds will come here to live, creating a unique natural picture of nature. , very vivid.


5. Tam Vu eco-tourism site
Located in Tan Phu Thanh commune, Chau Thanh A district, Hau Giang province, Tam Vu eco-tourism area has unique traditional cultural features of the locality, there are many rare and precious animal species. Tropical fruit garden is very rich, this place is also associated with the revolutionary Tam Vu relic area. When you come here, visitors will experience many interesting games and entertainment services such as yachting, fishing, walking, visiting monkey island ...


6. Long My cultural and historical site
Long My was formerly a revolutionary base area of ​​Hau Giang province and southwest region in the two wars of resistance against French and American. Today, Long My is a rich land, immense rice fields with storks flying, diverse fruit trees. Coming to Long My, you should visit Uncle Ho temple, Chien Thang relic area, along with stork garden with tens of thousands of crowded.


7. Vo Truong Toan University 
Vo Truong Toan University was named Hogwarts Academy of Vietnam because of its extremely unique architecture.


8. Vi Thuy cajuput forest
Vi Thuy cajuput forest is an eco-tourism area with freshwater aquatic species, rare and precious animals, fruit gardens, green trees, garden villas with leaf trees ... 


The most famous Hau Giang specialties

1. The bronze featherback fish ​​7-courses Hau Giang
Hau Giang is province has an abundant materials for the bronze featherback fish. Bronze featherback fish here have better meat than nearby localities. Therefore, there are many products made from this type of specialty and keep the delicious, unusual sweetness.

The bronze featherback fish ​​7-courses Hau Giang fish is a specialty brand of Hau Giang. Besides trading raw fish, locals in Hau Giang have created marinade recipes to turn bronze featherback fish ​into special dishes famous with bronze featherback fish ​​7-courses (ried fish with lemongrass and chilli, fish hotpot with sour tamarind, to hong rolls, five-color rolls, flat rolls, fish stew pot, sour hotpot).

2. Delicious Hotpot With Linh Fish And Cork Flower in Hau Giang
In the floating season, fish from upstream of the Mekong River down, up to the fields to spawn, starting the fish season. Linh fish at this time just small with chopsticks, called young linh fish, fatty sweet meat. The fresh, round whip fish are cleaned of gills, removed intestines, washed with water and drained. Depending on the region, the broth of this hotpot is cooked in many different ways. There are people simmering pork bones and fish bones for sweetness, but there is also a place for cooking with fresh coconut water to make the hotpot broth both sweet and pleasant. The freshly picked cotton is fresh, filled in a basket, along with a number of other vegetables, into a boiling pot of hot pot, and then enjoyed the memorable but rustic food of the Mekong Delta

3. Coconut Goby fish and Linh fish stew with pepper
During the flooding season, the goby fish and linh fish are sold in markets to be processed into many dishes, but the most delicious is the fish stewed with pepper. Fish cleaned, marinated with spices, stocked in a clay pot or clay pot, on a simmering fire. This dish is eaten with white rice, simple but bold as the Mekong Delta locals hospitality.


4. Water lily with salted fish  (Bông súng mắm kho)
Water lily is a type of vegetable in the field, growing in low-lying areas with stagnant water. When flooding season comes, Water lilies emerge in the water. Water lily spit about to leave the stem clean, stripped of the outer shell, plucked each stem about two gloves long, to drain.


Delicious fish sauce is usually flexible linh fish sauce, choke fish sauce ... Fish sauce must be boiled in, filtered out bones, minced lemongrass, and then shrimp, mussels or snakehead fish are put in the right time when the sauce has just boiled again. Delicious fish sauce is a combination of the spicy of chili, the lemongrass, the sweet of the shrimp, the crunchy of the water lily, creating a simple dish that adheres to the rhythm of the Mekong Delta

5. Đọt chọi vegetable

Đọt chọi plant is a specialty of Hau Giang province, even known as the 'king of vegetables'. Đọt chọi vegetable is the tip of plant - a creeper belonging to the fern family, which is pale and viscous like jute vegetable.


Đọt chọi vegetable grow wild in the humid tropical forests and along rivers and can be processed into many delicious dishes such as boiled mango buds poached, stir fried rice buds, buds for sour soup ...


Đọt chọi vegetable is also a healthy vegetable because it is a good source of iron. In addition, it also helps treat a number of skin diseases and maintains youth.


Đọt chọi vegetable is also popular because it is a clean, naturally grown vegetable that does not use fertilizers and pesticides, so it is safe to eat.


Probably because of that, in the past, sprouts were only used as a hunger relief vegetable, but now it has become a fashionable dish.

The best buds are in the rainy season. At this time, the bud is young and doesn't taste as bitter as when it was hot.


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