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Hung Yen situates in the center of North Delta, in the northern key economic region. Hung Yen terrain consists of low hills interspersed plain, excludes mountain, forest and sea. The uneven altitude land formed the strips, zones, alternating high and low areas like wave.


Hung Yen is located on the right bank of the Red River, It shares border with Bac Ninh Province on the north, Ha Nam Province on the south, Hai Duong. Hung Yen is the home to rice fields, gardens, lotus ponds and famous specialties such as sweet orange, and longan... 

Not owning many famous landscapes, but Hung Yen is one of the spiritual tourist destinations that many tourists love. Here are some nice places to hang out in Hung Yen.


1. Chu Dong Tu Temple - A beautiful place to hang out in Hung Yen
Referring to the beautiful places to hang out in Hung Yen, Chu Dong Tu Pagoda is definitely not to be missed. Currently in Hung Yen, there are two temples of Chu Dong Tu worshiping Chu Chu Dong Tu and two wives.


1.1 Da Hoa Temple is located in Da Hoa Hamlet, Binh Minh.


1.2 Da Trach Temple is located in Yen Vinh, Da Trach and Khoai Chau hamlets. The temple is located in an open space right in the Da Trach lagoon. The entire interior, exterior and architecture of the temple exudes ancient and sacred features.


Every year, Chu Dong Tu pagoda attracts a lot of tourists, especially the occasion of Chu Dong Tu festival taking place on the 10th and 12th of the second lunar month every year.


2. Da Hoa - Da Trach, Ham Tu - Bai Say relics clusters
The tourist sites in this area are located beside the Red River. This is the place associated with the legend of Chu Dong Tu Tien Dung. Visiting this monument cluster, visitors also have the opportunity to experience and explore the ecological landscape of Vietnamese villages and the famous Xuan Quan pottery village.


3. Hien street - A beautiful place to hang out in Hung Yen
The ancients had the phrase "First capital, second Hien street", the reason for this saying is because in the 13th - 17th century Hien street was one of the busiest commercial ports of the time. Today, Hien street is no longer developing as it used to be, but it still retains an ancient and peaceful feature that attracts the attention of numerous tourists.


4. Mau Temple
If you visit Hien Street, you should definitely visit Mau Temple - one of Hien street's most beautiful landscapes. In front of the temple is a semicircular lake, one side is Nguyet Ho street, one side is Dai Ha dike with open space. Especially, coming to Mau temple, you also have the opportunity to visit and admire si trees of 800 years old.


5. Nom village 
Not far from Hanoi, Nom village is a famous old village in Van Lam district. This is known as an attractive tourist destination for those who love ancient beauty of the past. Visiting this village, you not only admire the green space, tranquility and immerse yourself in the soul of Vietnam, but also see the temple with ancient banyan trees, architecture from many generations.


Hung Yen specialites


'First capital, second Hien street' - it is no coincidence that people gave Hung Yen such a name. This place is not only famous for historical and cultural relics but also famous for specialties from folk to elaborate 'advance king'.

Here are 10 delicious specialties in Hung Yen that you should try if you have the opportunity to travel through this land.


1. Tương Bần "Ban soya sauce"
Soy sauce is a popular fermented dipping sauce in Vietnamese cuisine, made from sticky rice with sticky rice, soybean, clean water, salt. The famous localities to make soy sauce are Ban village and Hien street, Cu Da and Nam Dan. It should be distinguished from soy sauce, which the Southern Vietnamese dialect calls "soy sauce".


Since ancient times, Ban soya sauce has been a delicious product used to advance the king. Today, the same thing is still popular and become a specialty sauce that many people are "fascinated". Ban soya sauce - Hung Yen has a difficult flavor to interpret. The taste is hidden under the very strong comparisons, immersed in the characteristic sweetness.


2. Longan in cage Hung Yen "Nhãn lồng Hưng Yên"
"Longan in cage" is the name derived from the use of bamboo cages when ripe to keep birds and bats not eating. Hung Yen longan has large fruits, thick and dark yellow bark. Long and thick flesh, small succulent. It tastes as sweet as rock sugar. The bottom of the fruit has two very tight cage-like rags.


Logan oldest tree with hundreds of years of age is still in Thien Ung Pagoda, called Pho Hien Pagoda, Pho Hien Ha, now in Hong Chau Ward, Hung Yen Town.

3. Eel Thang Noodle 
Referring to Pho Hien specialties, it is necessary to mention eel noodle. A bowl of vermicelli is a precious medicine to foster health and like a vivid art picture with colorful colors of vermicelli, eel, egg, sausage, onion, bush ... the rich sweetness of the broth.


4. Giò bì phố xôi
Referring to the specialties of Hung Yen, people will immediately think of the famous Giò bì phố xôi. The dish have a characteristic crunch and toughness that are great for sipping on a banquet table.


5. Longan lotus sweet soup "Chè sen long nhãn"
Longan lotus sweet soup is the quintessential combination of heaven and earth, the sweet aroma of longan and the flesh of lotus seeds, forming a distinct flavor.


6. Tieu Quan mixed chicken meat  "Chả gà Tiểu Quan"
It would be flawed not to mention a charming dish of home country - "Chả gà Tiểu Quan". Pick up the fragrant fried chicken patties, add a little spicy wine, diners will not forget this rustic dish.


7. Dong Tao Chicken
A precious breed of chicken only in Khoai Chau district, Dong Tao chicken is also known as an elephant leg with big and rough legs like an elephant's legs and a stocky body. This chicken is very difficult to raise, requires care and chicken meat is better when old chicken, the more meat you eat, often tastes good, not mixed with any type of chicken. Dong Tao Chicken can be cooked into many dishes, but the most unique dish is "dragon scales stewed with herbs medicine" made from their oversized legs.


8. Phu Thi spring rolls "Bánh cuốn Phú Thị"
Not as famous as Thanh Tri rolls, not as noisy as Cao Bang egg rolls, Phu Thi spring rolls are more quiet but tasted unforgettable. The crust is not as glossy as elsewhere because it is not applied with a thin layer of grease. The inner layer is special with chopped lean pork and dry onions. A bowl of sauce dipped in a bit of minced meat becomes more charming and more beautiful. Eating once will remember forever the piece of soft and smooth cake with the aromatic smell.


9. Thick cake of Giau Village
For many generations, Thick cake of Giau Village has been leveled with Ban soy sauce. The cake is made from glutinous rice, yellow rice, thoroughly washed, soaked with clean water and cooked. The cake is filled with green beans, clean, cooked, crushed, grated into small balls. If making salty bread, use lean meat, make cakes, mix green beans with sand sugar.


10. Sardines fish
Hung Yen people are very proud of their specialty of sardines. Whether working far away or food guests in neighboring provinces and cities, every February and March of the lunar calendar every year come to Hung Yen to enjoy this attractive special dish.



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