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Lang Son is a border mountainous province located in the Northeast Vietnam, about 160 km from Hanoi. The province shares border with Cao Bang Province in the northwest, China in the northeast, Quang Ninh province in the southeast, Bac Giang in the south, Thai Nguyen in the southwest and Bac Kan is the west. 


Located in the northernmost part of the country, is a place of beauty of mountains and clouds, the charming scenery, Lang Son is not only attracted visitors by its beautiful landscapes, but also attracted visitors by its the abundance and diversity in the cultural identity with customs and habits, festivals, folk singings, upland fairs, traditional colorful costumes, and exquisite cuisine of many ethnic groups living together such as Tay, Nung, Kinh Dao, Hoa, Mong, San Chay...  

The attracted sights of Lang Son

Natrure has bestowed many scenic spots, exotic caves for Lang Son as Bac Son valley, Tam Thanh cave, Nhi Thanh cave, Nang To Thi mountain, Mau Son mountain.... In addition, Lang Son also preserved many historical relics in the process of building and defending the country such as Chi Lang Pass, Mac Dynasty Citadel... Besides, it is a beautiful countryside with green mountains, blue water of dreaming Ky Cung River. VietCam Holidays would like to suggest some famous sights when you travel to Lang Son as below:


1. Mau Son mountain

Mau Son Mountain is a convergence of many unique natural landscapes and biodiversity with the altitude of 1541m above the sea level is the land of wind, cloud and fog. Hundreds of consecutively rolling mountains make a wonderful Mau Son as the heaven on the earth. Mau Son climate is cool, pure airy in summer; the winter has fog and sometimes has snow. Since the French colonial period, the French have exploited this land and built villas to rest. This is an interesting destination, an ideal ecotourism place for you to immerse yourself in nature, admire the beauty of the northeastern mountains.



2. Bac Son Valley

Bac Son is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160 km northeast of Hanoi.


Bac Son Valley is a beautiful valley in Vietnam that deserves to be known as a green paradise on Earth. One of the interesting aspects about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters. These mountains, together with the valley’s paddy fields, create a great scenic landscape that you can only see its best after climbing to the peak of a mountain


3. Na Lay mountain
The peak of Na Lay mountain is about 600m above sea level, this is the place that most of Bac Son tourists come to, because it is ideal to see the beautiful panorama of Bac Son valley from above. , especially at dusk and dazzling dawn. With 1,200 rocky steps, anyone who is used to climbing the mountain will take about 30 minutes, the rest can squirm about 1 hour to the top. And then the scenery from the top of Na Lay will be a gift to erase all previous hardships and fatigue. There is also a micro-three station so you can rest while hunting photos ...


4. The relic population of Nhi- Tam Thanh, To Thi Mountain, and Mac Dynasty Citadel

The relic is located in limestone mountains in the northwest of Lang Son city, Tam Thanh Ward, with an area of 50 hectares, where there are wonderful natural caves, ranked national monument in 1962 with the value of landscapes and typical cultural history. The relic consists of Nhi Thanh cave, Tam Thanh cave, Mac Dynasty Citadel, Vong Phu Mountain. Four separate beauties are combined together to form a special charming relic population dubbed as "the most beautiful relic among 8 relics" of Lang Son


Nhi Thanh cave  – Tam Giao pagoda


Tam Thanh cave –  Tam Thanh pagoda

Vong Phu Mountain (To Thi mountain)


Mac Dynasty Citadel


5. Phai Ve flag - Phai Ve mountain

Phai Ve Mountain is located in the East of Vinh Trai Ward, Lang Son City. This mountain is one of archaeological relics of great historical, cultural and scientific value. It is discovered that there are 2 sites: Hang Phai Ve 1 and Hang Phai Ve 2. Phai Ve 1 cave dating back about 10,000 years ago, Phai Ve 2 cave dating back about 4,700 ~ 5000 years. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can expand your view to see Lang Son city, especially at night. Looking at the red flag, the yellow star always fluttered on the top of Phai Ve mountain, developing into a new pride of the people of Lang Son


6. Chi Lang Pass (Ải Chi Lăng)

Chi Lang Pass is the vestige in the south of Lang Son province - an important destination in Vietnam history that attracts many tourists 
Chi Lang Pass was the site of great victories against invading armies in 981, 1076, 1285, and 1427. It is enclosed by Kai Kinh range of rocky mountains in the east and Bao Dai-Thai Hoa range of mountains in the west, high rocky mountains block two gates of Chi Lang Pass to create a dangerous positions of which the Thuong River runs through. It has been listed as a national vestige since 1962.



7. The Devil's Face Mountain
Demon-shaped mountain is located in Quan Thanh village (Chi Lang commune, Chi Lang district, Lang Son). That's why this place was formerly called "Quỷ môn quan" mean the door to the devil's face. This mountain has a special point in the middle of the green space of the grass, revealing a very similar shape to the face of a giant monster. From a distance, this face is full of eyes and nose.


An interesting thing is, even though it is considered a devil face, people here do not consider it a symbol of evil, but on the contrary, people think that "the devil's face will protect the peaceful life for the villagers" .


8. Ky Cung Temple
The place has unique architecture with beautiful scenery. This is also considered a famous spiritual destination of Lang Son. Located in Vinh Trai Ward, this is a sacred place to worship Giao Long, whose mission is to keep the year-round rain and wind in harmony, inside the temple, there is Ky Cung stone wharf, which is one of the eight beautiful scenes of Lang Son recorded in Ngo Thi Sy's Bat Bat Canh.

9. Dong Dang mother Temple

Dong Dang mother Temple is located on a high mountain, the ancient and majestic Dong Dang temple is a place to worship Buddha and the semi-heavenly Mother. Coming here, you will learn about Vietnamese culture of Vietnamese worship.


10. Cave of Fairy and The Fairy pagodas 

About half a kilometer away from Ky bridge, on the way to Mai Pha, there are elephant-shaped rock formations rising up in the middle of the field. It is a great mountain, where it has Chua Tien cave, which is one of the bowls that Ngo Thi Si recorded. Chua Tien Cave At the same level with the mountain, the entrance has 64 steps, the side door turns to the east, and the porch has a door to the lake to collect water.


Tien pagoda is named Song Tien tu, founded by Phai Luong villagers during the reign of King Le Thanh Tong on Dai Tuong mountain next to Tien well. Later, the pagoda was damaged, and it was moved into the current Dai Tuong mountain.



11. Dong Kinh Market
Considered as the largest shopping center of Lang Son city with diverse and rich items. Visitors come here can visit and shop for gift items for relatives or friends. This is also a famous tourist destination of Lang Son which is chosen by many tourists.


12. Ky Lua Night Market
Ky Lua Night Market is open from 8:00 to 22:00 to sell all kinds of goods to serve tourists, not only as a place for exchanging goods but also a meeting place for you to express with ancient cultural features transmit vividly. The market is full of border domain identity that will leave a deep impression on tourists when coming to Lang Son.

Other places to visit when you travel in Lang Son province such as Bac Le temple, Trang Dinh tourist area, Cao Loc tourist area...


The most famous Lang Son specialties:


1. Roasted duck (Vịt quay)
It is chose from That Khe fat duck "Vịt bầu Thất Khê". After being cleaned, it will be soaked with flavorings: onion, pepper, grape hook, stuffed inside duck then sewn. The outside is soaked in honey and left on for about 10 minutes. Next, roast the duck on charcoal for 15 minutes. After spinning, dip into a pan and turn over and over again to cool the rack. When roast duck, requires no burning too black, ensure the heat, roast the meat longer as fragrant. Duck meat must be soaked in honey color, the piece of meat eaten is rich and soft.


2. Sour Pho (Phở chua)
Sour Pho is a specialty dish of Lang Son, indispensable for weddings in the mountains of Lang Son. According to the indigenous people, sour pho must have enough ingredients from pho noodles, shredded chicken, fried onions, taro, roasted peanuts, dried onions, cucumbers, sweet potatoes ... and must be sour, spicy, salty and sweet.


3. Roasted Pork (Heo quay)
Compared to other regions Lang Son roast pork has its own unique flavor. After finishing the processing, the chef stuffed into the belly of a pig with a honey leaves, a forest leaf or used in the Tay and Nung ethnic groups. Pigs are roasted on a fiery charcoal stove, so that the meat is cooked all the people will sweep the pigs with oil and forest honey. When the pigs are ripe, wipe them off with a cloth dampened with water, then fan them vigorously to let the pigs swell. When eaten crispy, tough meat has a very specific flavor associated with the aroma of the leaves.


4. Bac Son tangerine
Bac Son tangerines are grown here by villagers in the valleys of Bac Son district. For decades, Bac Son tangerines is famous with the yellow color of the sun, the sweetness of the mountain and the fragrance of the forest breeze which have all gathered to give the tangerine a special flavor. Bac Son tangerine has an attractive color, a plump nose, little seeds and a slightly sour taste, which is very typical that other places do not have.


5. Khâu nhục
"Khâu nhục" is a traditional dish of the highlanders of Lang Son. Made from bacon after being carefully marinated with spices such as basil, five spices, honey, wine, ... and steamed in a long time. Enjoying "Khâu nhục" with a cup of spicy wine will feel more heartwarming in the cold weather.


6. Mau Son peaches (Đào Mẫu Sơn)
Mau Son peaches have a different color and flavor than those in other provinces. Each Mau Son peach is about the size of a small bowl, every 3-4 fruits is 1kg, when ripe outside is light green, the inside is red with a sweet, crunchy flavor, a very sweet & unique scent who ever To be eaten will not be forgotten.


7. Bao Lam persimmon (Hồng Bảo Lâm)
Bao Lam seedless persimmon is a famous variety of persimmon grown in Bao Lam commune, Cao Loc district and neighboring communes of Cao Loc and Van Lang districts, Lang Son province. Bao Lam persimmon has a crisp and fragrant flesh. The cross section of the fruit has an asterisk shape of 8 to 12 evenly spaced petals, dark red yellow, the asterisks are formed by tiny particles. The fruit's longitudinal section is free of grain, smooth fruits, no black spots and seedlessness.

Lang Son cuisine is diverse and variety with its very own flavors. In addition to the above items, there are also many other dishes such Cao Sang cake, Chi Lang custard, Huu Lung grilled rolls .....   Cell phone/WhatsaApp/Viber/Zalo+84.933.665.709 or +84.919.507.208


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