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Lying next to Ho Chi Minh City, Long An is known as "little Mekong Delta" with its provincial capital is Tân An. Long An is surrounded by Tay Ninh Province and Cambodia on the north, Ho Chi Minh City and the East Sea on the east, Tien Giang Province on the south and Dong Thap in the west.


Long An is situated in an advantageous position in the Southern Key Economic Region of Vietnam. It serves as a bridge between Ho Chi Minh City in the north and 12 provinces in the Mekong Delta 


Long An is a low-lying coastal region, and therefore some areas of it are subject to flooding during the rainy season and was not famous as a tourist destination unlike others.

The province has numerous rivers, two of the main ones are the Vàm Cỏ Đông and Vàm Cỏ Tay, which connect with the Tiền river to form a larger river system. Another important river in the region is the Soài Rạp.


1. Ancient houses with hundred columns
The ancient house with hundred columns is one of the most famous old houses in the South in particular and Vietnam in general. This 900-square-meter house is nestled in the middle of a 4-hectare garden, with the main door facing northwest.


The ancient house with hundred columns is an ancient sculpture with Hue style of a "Rường house" with more than 100 years of age located on the bank of Vam Co Dong river (Long Huu Dong commune, Can Duoc district, Long An). The owner was Mr. Tran Van Hoa, the incense teacher of Long Huu village, Gia Dinh province, later worked as the Cholon County Board of Directors, hence the original name of Mr. Council's house, his eldest house. This work was recognized as a National Historical-Cultural Monument in 1997.


This house was started in 1901, in 1903, it was completed and in 1904, it was finished the decorative carvings made by a group of 15 workers from My Xuyen village - the famous carpentry village of Thua Thien - Hue. Main materials are precious woods such as rosewood, ebony ...


The house has 68 main columns and if 52 small auxiliary columns are included in row 5 and the cement wall is built, this house has 120 large and small columns. Houses made of all kinds of rosewood, redwood and honeywood; yin-yang tile roof, 0.9m high stone foundation, hexagonal Chinese tiled floor, divided into 3 compartments with 2 wings. It is the ingenious, meticulous style of realism in the classical framework combined with the liberal, graceful grace of the floral vines is the specific feature in the carving of the House of Hundred Pillars.


2. Tan Lap seaport
Tan Lap seaport is located right at Soai Rap estuary, opposite Nha Be district and Can Gio district. Tan Lap Harbor is probably not a prominent tourist destination but it is a destination that attracts many tourists to visit with delicious seafood restaurants, cool river view.


3. Tan Lap floating village 
Tan Lap floating village has about 5ha of planned land area into artificial tourist areas such as resorts for tourists, dock managers, parking lots, parks, … serving tourists visiting the famous melaleuca forest of our western region’s southern tourist area.


Nature of this place stands out with ancient melaleuca forests, lotus ponds, gun lakes and hundreds of species of fish birds and endemic amphibians that create a rich and diverse ecosystem.


Immerse yourself in the green nature of Tan Lap Melaleuca forest, receive positive energy from generous mother nature, visitors are energized to return to the rush of street life bustling market.


4. Lang Sen Wetland Conservation Area
Lang Sen Wetland Conservation Area is known as the typical ecological land of wetlands, possessing a rich population of wild fauna and flora, including species listed in the Vietnam Red Book.


Visit Lang Sen, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the world of rich bird animals with 112 species of birds, 149 species of animals, including names of rare animals such as python, snake, evil is … Lang Sen also shows her beauty in front of visitors under the rich riverside vegetation, seasonally inundated grasslands, vigorous wetlands are the common home of multi-animal populations. The type of residence here.


Guests will have the opportunity to sit on a boat to travel around the lotus fields with an area of ​​up to 50 hectares with the pink of lotus blending with the white of the stork wings. Every year Lang Sen wetland area attracts a large number of domestic tourists and foreign visitors to visit and visit by its own unique features.

5. Ton Thanh Pagoda
Ton Thanh Pagoda is located in provincial road 835, about 3 km from the center of Can Giuoc Long An district, looks like most other idyllic pagodas. However, few people know that this is the oldest pagoda in Long An province and right here, the poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu once lived, wrote, worked as a physician and wrote the poem Te Giuoc magnanimous.


6. Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden

Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden is located in the center of Tan An city, Thanh Tam. Visiting Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden. You will be amazed at the richness and originality of a variety of different ornamental plants. Such as pineapples, laurels, buckwheat, si, aqua and many other types.


Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden is not only a place to display many kinds of rare plants. But also a lot of bonsai with bonsai trees that are over 100 years old. This flower garden is not only a place for visitors to enjoy their passion for bonsai. But also a place for visitors to relax and immerse themselves in rural life, which has become a new discovery point for many tourists at home and abroad when traveling to Long An.


7. Ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho
Ecological tourist area of ​​Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village in Huu Thanh commune, Duc Hoa district. It is the only place of Vietnam to gather many old houses all over the country. Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village has an area of ​​about 5.5ha with a majestic appearance that clearly shows the style of martial arts children with various patterns and styles. Here, you are like immersed in the ancient space with the houses decorated in the quiet, peaceful space of many plants and flowers.


Phuoc Loc Tho ancient village area as a collection with more than 22 antique wooden houses across 3 regions of Vietnam and hundreds of recious objects and antiques from daily life items of kings, military officers, landlords, people come to the cultural spiritual objects of the Vietnamese people arranged according to each time the wooden houses are restored and stored here. This ancient village is an ideal place for those who enjoy nostalgic beauty, passion for understanding the value of customs and habits, the daily routine of the old Vietnamese.

8. Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden
The large-scale Thanh Tam ornamental flower garden in the heart of Tan An city is not only a place to display many rare and precious bonsai varieties but also a variety of false bon varieties, including those over 100 years old. Many plants here have been taken to the exhibition and won many medals from the southern flower fairs. Coming here, visitors will see the whole world miniature in small scenes like Hue Citadel, Angkor Temple, Mount Fuji, or Pyramid ... very unique.


9. Traditional handicrafts villages
Long An has many traditional crafts. This is both an object of visit and a place to supply souvenir items for tourists.


Binh An drum trade village
For hundreds of years, every spring, Binh An village bustled into the empty production season. Binh An drum is not only durable, beautiful, and diversified but also echoes and higher than many other types of drums. The wooden surface is flat and smooth without any seams between the pieces. The drum face is stretched by a buffalo skin that, when put on the hands to try and knock, the sound vibrates when the bass is high, creating a unique product of Binh An.


Long Cang mat weaving village
The weaving mat village in Long Cang commune, Can Duoc district is one of the traditional and famous craft villages throughout the region. Experiencing many ups and downs, along with the process of industrialization - modernization, not only the mat weaving profession but most of the traditional handicrafts are at risk of disappearance. The labor force is increasingly scarce, the source of materials is also gradually narrowed, but with the love for the traditional profession of his father, the people in Long Cang commune are still enthusiastic in preserving and developing the projection profession. . In addition to the manual method of weaving mat, the majority of people now weave mats with modern machines to help produce products faster, more durable and beautiful, can produce 10 pieces / day.


Long An specialites

1. Dragon fruit garden and watermelon field in Chau Thanh
Coming to Chau Thanh district, visitors will not be able to ignore Chau Thanh garden cluster in Tan An commune. This place is famous not only for its sweet red dragon fruit, but also for its Thanh Tri watermelon with red sweetness.


2. Nang Thom rice
Can Duoc District is the main point rice producing with Nang Thom rice, especially in Peach market (My Le Commune). It is a specialty of Long An which brings you the perfect the tasty of Vietnam’s mothers. 


3. Dong Thap Muoi where is famous with lotus seeds
Going upstream Vam Co Tay River, you will be experienced Dong Thap Muoi Ecotourism which is totally characteristic for travel in low-lying land of the South. When you stay here, you are certainly impressed by thick and interminable Indigo forest, giant lotus-fields, and variety of a preserved animal system as red cranes, Egrets, snakes, and tortoises. In addition, original local foods as hot soups from cork flowers, lotus root and seafood mixing dish, and grilled water fishes will provide to you the exciting.


4. Go Den Rice wine "Rượu đế Gò Đen"
Talking about Long An specialties, it is impossible not to mention Go Den ricewine. This is a unique flavored wine favored by many people. The outstanding feature of Go Den base wine is 100% made from glutinous rice and traditional heirlooms, ensuring absolute purity for users, non-alcoholic, aromatic, delicious, drunk and not dizzy. The longer you drink alcohol, the better it is and the clearer it is.









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