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Yen Bai is a mountainous province in the Northernwest of Hanoi with diverse and beautiful natural landscapes: Tham Le cave (Van Chan), Xuan Long cave, Thuy Tien cave (Yen Binh), Thac Ba lake, Suoi Giang eco-tourism, Terrace Rice fields of Muong Lo; revolutionary relics, temples of Nguyen Thai Hoc, Can Don, Nghia Lo ... Yen Bai province has many ethnic minorities and each ethnic has a unique cultural identity, which is a condition to develop tourism industry.

Yen Bai is one of 13 northern mountainous provinces, located between the Northeast and Northwest. It has borders Lao Cai province to the North, Phu Tho province to the South, Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang provinces to the East and Son La province to the West.

Yen Bai is a relatively unspoiled and untapped tourism area, so visitors only know about Yen Bai province through a few well-known tourist destinations such as Mu Cang Chai, Khau Pha pass, Ta Xua peak…

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Yen Bai.


Places to Visit in Yen Bai

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is a highland district of Yen Bai province, located about 280km from Hanoi where is famous for terraced landscapes. Every ripe rice season, there are thousands of visitors from all over the country coming to visit.

Mu Cang Chai has 2,200 ha of terraced fields, of which 500 ha of terraced fields of three communes La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh have been recognized as one of the unique landscapes by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The terraced fields at an altitude of more than 1,000m above the sea level are really astonished anyone.

Around May-June is the season of irrigation, when the summer rains begin to pour down the mountains, the water is led from the mountains into the terraces. This is also the time when people began to plow the fields to prepare for a new crop. Therefore, in the northern mountainous terraces, rice can only be grown in one crop. The terraces in the afternoon sun create a beauty that makes you surprised.

Around September, when the golden terraced rice fields blooming in the autumn sun, is an proper time for you to hit the road. This is the time when Mu Cang Chai becomes more beautiful than any other time of the year. In addition, the weather is often dry and pleasant, and travel is also easier.



Muong Lo Valley

Muong Lo is one of the four famous valleys with beautiful scenery and fresh climate in the Northwest. Looking down from above, you can imagine Muong Lo field like a big pan, surrounded by white clouds all year round.

Muong Lo field is a fertile land. There  is also a specialty of ancient Shan tea. The residential land of the black Thai people is rich in identity, in customs and in hospitable regions.

Every processing tea season, you will enjoy the sweet scent of scented tea, aroma of the mountains and forests here. Tradition of making tea by manual methods of Mong people, the atmosphere in the village always smells of tea. The tea fields are big and curved like a hook, outside it is covered with a layer of white snow.


Thac Ba Lake

As an immense lake with majestic natural landscapes, Thac Ba is like Ha Long Bay on the high mountains of the Northwest. In the lake, there are 1,334 hills and mountains which forming many caves and charming landscapes. In the cave system on Thac Ba lake, Thuy Tien cave must be the first. It is located about 100m deep in the mountain, with stalactites when illuminated, creating thousands of shapes, including the nine fairies each one seems to be associated with a fascinating thrilling love legend. To visit and enjoy the masterpieces of nature with the colorful stalactite system.

It not only is a majestic landscape, Thac Ba lake is also an important historical site. In 1285, a battle of Thu Vat under the command of Tran Nhat Duat fought against the Yuan - Mongol army. In the upper lake there are also some places that are the basis of activities of the central agencies during the anti-French resistance war.


Mo Waterfall

Mo Waterfall is a must place to explore in Yenbai. Mo Waterfall is as beautiful as a colorful picture with the pink and white of apricot flowers, bright red plum blossoms, plum flowers along with the green color of Northwestern mountains, the pure white of the cascades. All create a beautiful picture and evoke a cool feeling for visitors.

Standing on the first floor of the four-story waterfall, you will admire a strip of silk, the second floor stretches like a white lake of bubbles. And yet, on the third floor you will be able to see a picture of a funnel erupting, and finally it is a curtain in a magnificent palace.


Bon-Hoc-Co Coi Hot-spring Villages

Co Coi Village

The village is 40km from Van Chan district. The hot spring of Co Coi village originates from Cai stream, which flows along the Nam Cai valley, to Co Coi village territory. The stream curves around the mysterious green field, flickering Thai ethnic stilt houses in the morning dew. There are many hot water swimming pools outdoor 4m in diameter and 2m deep.

Hoc Village

Ban Hoc is a peaceful village of Thai people, about 5 km from the center of Van Chan district.

There is a second stream originating from Hoa Waterfall in Tram Tau, which flows down, through the high mountain pass, so it is cool all year round. When the Second stream flows through the Hoc village, Son Thinh commune generated hot water. The average stream temperature is from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius with a fairly good mineral level.

You  can choose the hot mineral ponds built by the villagers, but for those who love the wild nature, they can go to the fields and soak in the bed of the stream to enjoy breezing.

Tu Le Commune

Tu Le commune is located in a fairly wide valley with 172 hectares of water rice fields. Tu Le has two hot mineral water baths. One is next to a cool stream and one is on the bank of ripe yellow rice field. A very hot bath and a warm bath, the hot bath more or less depends on each person's interest.


Ban Deu Village

In Yen Bai, up to 90% of the people living are Thai, and the Deu is also a Thai village in Yen Bai.   However, in Deu village you will feel the difference compared to other villages in Yen Bai. The traditional cultural features of the Thai people in the village are almost still intact, such as from ancient times, from how to welcome guests, eating traditions or behavioral culture ...

Ban Cu Vai Village

People often joke with each other, Cu Vai Yen Bai village, which is the mountain town of clouds, is not wrong at all.

Cu Vai is named after Thai, meaning a cloud stripe across the sky, representing the topography of the village, located in the middle of the sky. There are high mountains, blue sky, surrounded by immature hills, early in the morning or at midday, there are white clouds floating around the village, hovering around the village, as if full of joy.

Cu Vai village, located separately on the top of a small cloud-covered mountain. From Tram Tau (Yen Bai) to the village is not too far (20km)but there are a few steep backward sections and quite bumpy gravel. If you visit the village, remember that choosing a sunny day is not much of a journey, but if it is on a rainy day, the path will not be easy to breathe.


Suoi Giang Commune

Suoi Giang is a highland commune located about 1,400 m above sea level, in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province and about 12 km from the district center. With that height, Suoi Giang's weather is cool, peaceful, fresh and suitable for visitors to explore, play, experience and enjoy wonderful times in the wilderness.

Whenever mentioning Suoi Giang, anyone who has ever set foot on this land, they will never forget the unique beauty and characteristics of nature here. In particular, the rows of old Shan Tuyet tea hundreds of years old with stems dyed in white are the most impressive images that visitors remember about Suoi Giang.

Coming to Suoi Giang to immerse yourself in the natural landscape of unspoiled heaven and earth, you will think that you are back in time, returning to the childhood.


Tram Tau Hot Spring

Less than 2km from the center of Tram Tau to the Northwest is a hot mineral springs located at the foot of the beautiful terraced fields, located in Area 5, Tram Tau town. The source of this hot spring is completely natural, the average temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius, flows through each rock and is stored in each of the boulders, forming two bathing ponds with two different temperatures depending on the needs of visitors.


Pu Nhu Waterfall

On sunny days, from the waterfall foot, the bubbles evaporate, making Pu Nhu waterfall as surrounded by a white chiffon scarf. It is located between two high vertical cliffs, Pu Nhu waterfall appears as a water-color painting. In the waterfall area, the highest temperature of the year is about 26 degrees Celsius, the fresh and cool climate is ideal for day trips.


Hang Te Cho Waterfall

Hang Te Cho is the legendary waterfall of the Northwest, belonging to Lang Nhi commune, Tram Tau district. The road to Hang Te Cho village from Lang Nhi commune is quite challenging, many sections are only for horses and motorbikes. This is considered a "risk" in the Northwest and is only for tourists who like to explore adventurously.


Ngoi Tu Cultural Village

Ngoi Tu cultural village is inhabited by white Dao people with many unique cultural features. Ngoi Tu is a community-based tourist destination that has been focused on by the government of Yen Bai province. Ngoi Tu is blessed with a unique landscape, combined with the long-standing cultural values ​​of the people here, creating a very distinctive charm.


Tà Xùa Peak

In Ta Xua, there are two places for hunting clouds, namely, the dorsal spine in Hang Dong and the dorsal of the dinosaur in the Xím Vàng.  To get to the top of Ta Xua Mountain, you have to go through Ta Xua cultural village, Ban Cong commune, Tram Tau district. Ta Xua Peak is the lowest peak in the Top 10 highest mountain in Vietnam. The four sides of the Ta Xua peak are surrounded by high mountains, so Ta Xua valley always appears dense clouds, swirling clouds like waves hit the cliff, creating an amazingly beautiful bunches of ​​clouds.


Luc Yen Gem Market

In Luc Yen (Yen Bai), there is a unique market in the country selling gemstones. Gem market was formed in the 90s. Over 20 years of existence, the market has become a hallmark when people come to Yen Bai. This is considered as one of the two largest "capital" gems in Vietnam.

Since ancient times, Luc Yen has been dubbed the "pearl land", located on gemstones. According to people in the professional, in the ancient Thac Ba lake there was Ngoc market. Farmers working in the fields and children going out easily picked up colorful stones but only for playing. Until the 80s of last century, the local government discovered that there were many gemstones, the quality of the world's most precious stones. The most valuable stones in Vietnam are mined from here.


Khau Pha Pass

Khau Pha pass is one of the most windy and steeply roads in Vietnam, belonging to the top of Khau Pha mountain, Mu Cang Chai and Yen Bai districts. From Khau Pha Pass, you will see the terraced fields far away, along with the majestic mountains and forests of Northwestern sky.


 Specialties of Yenbai

Smoked Buffalo Meat

The smoked buffalo meat is a very famous specialty of Yen Bai. Buffalo meat is an extremely important source of nutrients for the body. With a salty taste, the spicy of Buffalo Meat will create an extremely strange dish.

It is extremely sophisticated processing and it takes long time. The preparation of raw materials should also follow the standards of hygiene and safety as well as the quality of each type of meat to reach the best and most delicious meat here. With a very rich flavor, smoked buffalo meat (also known as kitchen buffalo meat, dried buffalo meat) is a traditional dish of the Northwestern people, with a unique, delicious, very delicious taste. It will be a meaningful gift that you give to friends and relatives.


Grilled Chicken

You once have been to the Northwest, you enjoyed a grilled chicken with indica leaves(local leaves), you would never forgot a dish with the flavor of mountains, forests. This is a highland specialty that gives visitors a feeling of  a true local dish.

Processing this dish is also quite meticulous, first the chicken is cleaned and then it is stuffed with indica leaves in the belly of the chicken, impregnated with the typical spices of the mountains to be absorbed by the chicken and then grilled on the charcoal stove.


Five Color Sticky Rice

Five colors converge to the traditional and modern values, meaning the concept of the universe, philosophy of yin and yang and the meaning of human life. Khau Cam Lanh is red sticky rice symbolizing aspiration. Khau Cam Lam is the purple rice sticky rice represents the rich world. Khau Cam Huong is a yellow sticky rice symbolizing full prosperity. Khau Khieu is the green rice that represents the green color of the Northwest mountains. Khau Non is a white sticky rice symbolizing the faithful love.




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