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Quang Binh is known as the “ cave Kingdom” of Vietnam with more than 300 different large and small caves uncluding Son Doong Cave, En Cave, Thien Duong Cave,Phong Nha Cave, Tien Son Cave,… Besides that, Quang Binh also has incredible pristine beaches such as: Nhat Le Beach, Sea Rock Jump, Vung Chua- Dao Yen. Moreover, the province has more historical sites as well Tom of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Hang Tam Co Relic, General Memorial Hall, Hoang Phuc oldest pagoda in the central part of Vietnam.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as most delicious dishes to try in Quang Binh Province.



These are most interesting places to visit in Quang Binh
1.Phong Nha Cave 10.Bao Ninh Beach
2.En Cave 11.Nhat Le River
3.Tien Son Cave 12.Quang Phu Sand Dune
4.Thien Duong Cave( Paradise Cave) 13.Vung Chua-Dao Yen
5.Son Doong Cave 14.Bang Hot Spring( Nuoc Nong Bang)
6.Chay River-Dark Cave 15.Bau Tro
7.Mooc Stream 16.Quang Binh Quan( Gate)
8.Nhat Le Beach 17.Mother Suot Monument
9.Jumping Rock Beach 18.Than Dinh Mountain


Phong Nha Cave.

In 1992 a group of British scientists joined the Hanoi University on an expedition inside the Phong Nha Cave. With the mission to fully explore the cave and document it and the group had successfully discovered 7,729 meters of cave with a maximum height of 50 meters and a maximum depth of 83 meters.  

An artificial lighting system was installed in 1998. The Phong Nha cave is the longest wet cave or river cave in the world. The extremely large subterranean river system is running through the entire cave, however, there are some large dry chambers in the cave which the water doesn’t reach anymore.  

The only way to enter the cave is by a short 30 minute riding boat on the Son river. Every tour to Phong Nha Cave starts at the boat station at the Phong Nha Ke-Bang Tourism Center. The mouth of the cave is simply beautiful and unlike any other cave entrance in the world.

En Cave

En Cave is the 3rd largest cave in the world and a must see for adventurous travelers. There are huge stalactites which were created millions of years ago with emerald looking water and countless other wonderful artifacts of nature. Those have created a wonderful world inside of the En Cave.

To access the En Cave you have to overcome many challenges on the road more than 10km long. But when you successfully arrival the place, and taking a wonderful journey inside the Cave you will forget very soon all the difficulties on the road.

Tien Son Cave

Together in the Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park, if Phong Nha is the Water Cave, Tien Son is the Dry Cave with a landscape like a “ Fairy Tale Place”. Tien Son is naturally beautiful with thousands of sparkling marble blocks of different shapes, sparkling with resonant stone slabs, that making visitors seem to be lost in the magical wonderland.

A visit to Tien Son Cave is usually combined with a visit to the Phong Nha Cave, which is a perfect combination. First visitors will dive deep in to the Phong Nha Cave which is a wet cave or also known as river cave while Tien Son Cave is a magnificent dry cave wich can’t be missed in a visit to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Thien Duong Cave( Paradise Cave)

Thien Duong Cave was discover in 2005 by the Royal Cave Association of England, and in 2010 they announced that the cave has 31,4km in length, the longest cave in Asia. Due to the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave, they named this cave Thien Duong( Paradise).

According to the British Cave Research Association, Thien Duong Cave is bigger and more beautiful than Phong Nha Cave.

Thien Duong Cave is a dry cave with no underground river flowing like Phong Nha Cave. In this cave, there are many stalactites and stalagmites. Most of the ground in this cave is soft, quite flat so it is convenient for sightseeing and exploration. The temperature inside the cave is always different from outside of about 16degree celcius.

Son Doong Cave

In 1991 when Ho Khanh, a local resident stumbled upon hiding in the cave to avoid rain. Then, until 2009 following Ho Khanh guidance, an expedition of the Royal Caves Association of England came to this area to explore it. They went into the cave, photographed, measured and collected scientific data.

Hang Son Doong itself is relatively young, with the analysis of sediment dating it to be only 3 million years old.
Formed on the edge of a fault zone, Hang Son Doong has been carved out by the mighty Rao Thuong River as it erodes away the limestone, forming the enormous tunnel beneath the Annamite Mountains.

Giant sinkholes have collapsed sometime up to 300’000 years ago, creating massive openings to the outside world. The first expedition had been halted by an 80m high calcite barrier, which was jokingly dubbed the ‘ Great Wall of Vietnam’. It wasn’t until their expedition in 2010, when the Great Wall was finally climbed and the end of the passage was found, that Son Doong was determined to be the largest cave in the world.

To get to Hang Son Doong, your journey will have you go through Ban Doong - a small village of the Bru, Van Kieu people with about 40 inhabitants living deep inside the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. The life of the people here is still very difficult due to the terrain and the remote location as well, far away from civilization. Currently, the only way to get to Ban Doong is to walk through the forest. Besides, due to being located in the core zone of the National Park, the cultivation and exploitation of economic crops are not allowed.

Dark Cave( Hang Toi)

The Dark Cave is the smaller version of the Son Doong Cave. The reason for the name is that there is no artificial light installed inside the cave and with its total length of 6 kilometers it’s nothing but darkness! Moreover, the rocks inside the cave are dark, some gray some black.

The entrance of the Dark Cave is at the opposite Chay river bank from the Zip-Line tower. The beautiful deep blue color of the Chay river will catch your eye while riding the Zip-Line and a short 20 meter swim is required to actually enter the cave after the ride. The cave is home to many lakes, with a water temperature of about 18 degrees.  Inside the cave there are many unique things to see and experience. There is a natural mud bath at the end of narrow passages and the natural mud bath is very good for your skin.

Chay River

The reason for the name Chay is because the sound of flowing Chay waterfall sounds like the sound of pounding rice. The river has many beautiful rock formations and contains diversity of biological values with many typical aquatic animals of Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park.

The strange green water makes visitors feel like there is no river greener. Some researchers explain that the erosion of limestones dissolved calcium from millions of years making water forever green. In each river section, the water has many different colors such as turquoise, green, light yellow…

Chay River

Mooc Stream

Hidden below the old forest of Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park is Mooc Stream, it is like a mysterious clear cool crystal water with nice breeze even in the hot summer of Quang Binh province.

This ecotourism route goes through a limestone dense forest along with the murmuring streams of Mooc Spring and Chay river. In addition, the opportunity to learn about the region’s national park and biodiversity, you can admire the unique beauty of birds, dragonflies and famous orchids spieces. Especially, between March and April, Mooc Spring is adorned with bright yellow flowers.

Tu Lan Cave

One of the first Hollywood blockbusters filmed in Vietnam chose Tu Lan as a set for a number of important scenes. Logically, setting up studio in Tu Lan is quite difficult; but that's one of the advantages to creating epic scenes here. Tu Lan was chosen as a film studio for the airplane scene with characters played by Samuel L Jackson and John Goodman; The two characters waited at the river before King Kong appeared.

Tu Lan Cave system was discovered in 2009 including the main cave system of Tu Lan and the system of 8 other caves: the cave of Doi, Chuoi, Hung Ton, Kim, Tu Lan, Ken, To Mo and Secret.

The Tu Lan expedition is considered quite difficult, only for guests with good health, regular outdoor sports activities and trekking experience. Tu Lan’s expedition is second only to Son Doong in term of difficulty.

Nhat Le Beach

Nhat Le Beach is blessed with nature's white sand and blue sea with pristine beauty. Nhat Le Beach is an ideal place for relaxation, a destination not to be missed when coming to Quang Binh.

The best time to visit Nhat Le Beach is in the summer from May to September. The beach is gentle and very safe so you can immerse youself in the blue water or stroll on the white sand shore.

Da Nhay Beach( Rock Jumping Beach)

The name Da Nhay has been used since ancient times by the elderly people in Ly Hoa village. Calling Rock Jumping because of the diversity of large and small rocks protruding on the beach. When the wave hits the shore, the inanimate rocks look like the animals to jump into the ocean. Perhaps of this, the place was called the Rock Jumping Beach.

The Rock Jumping Sea has many coral reefs which creates a rich living environment for many kind of sea creatures such as shrimps, squids, crabs and fishes. Therefore Da Nhay sea place is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood.

Vung Chua-Dao Yen

Vung Chua-Dao Yen is 7km south of Ngang Pass, belonging to Tho son village, Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district. The final resting place of Famous General Vo Nuyen Giap is Tho Mountain, the Dragon Head in Vung Chua- Dao Yen. This is not only a spiritual acttraction but also a beautiful site not to be missed in Quang Binh Province.

Vung Chua has the majestic mountain looking like the body of th dragon, with the nose of the dragon piercing to the edge of the shore.

Surrounded by three islands Hon La, Hon Gio and Hon Nom(Yen Island), so despite facing to the East Sea, the waves here are not rough that is the reason many boats anchoring in Vung Chua during windy days.

Quang Binh Quan( Gate)

Quang Binh Gate was built from clay bricks and stones in 1825 by King Minh Mang. The location played an important role in the defense system of Lord Nguyen in Dang Trong of Phu Xuan City. The Gate together with the whole system of Luy Thay was the pride of the Nguyen Dynasty.

In 1954 Quang Binh Quan was destroyed by the French. It was rebuilt 1964, but again damaged heavily by bombing during Vietnam war. Until late 1994, Quang Binh Quan was rebuilt, now it is the symbol of Quang Binh historical culture.

Honorable General Vo Nguyen Giap Monument

General Vo Nguyen Giap( 19111-2013 ) also known as General Giap was a Vietnamese military and politician commander and one of the 10 greatest generals in the history of the world. He was the first commander of the Vietnam People’s Army, and one of the contributors to the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Originally a history teacher, he became one of the most distinguished military leaders in Vietnamese history. He was the national hero of the Vietnamese people. General Giap was the first person in Vietnam to be awarded the Ho Chi Minh Medal, and the only person got this pride twice in 1950 and 1979.


Mother Suot Monument

Me Suot( 1908-1968) was the national Heroine in the Vietnam War who did a great job to transfer soldiers, wounded soldiers and ammunitions across Nhat Le River in 1964-1967.

In 1965, at the age of 58 she still volunteered to take the job of rowing the boat, carrying people and weapons across the river to maintain the communication between two banks. During 3 years she made a record of 1400 trips crossing the Nhat Le River. She did her great job until she lost her life because of cluster bombing by another side in 1968.

Hot Spring Bang.( Suoi Nuoc Nong Bang)

Most of Vietnam Hot Springs have an average temperature of 50-80 degree Celcius. The only Bang Hot Spring has over 100 degrees Celcius. This is a hot spring with the highest boiling point in Vietnam with 105 degrees Celcius.

The Bang Hot Spring has a very good healing effect because it contains rare elements that have been researched and tested by the scientists. Therefore, Bang Hot Spring is an ideal destination to visit for treatment especially skin, bones and joint pain.

Bang hot mineral water is located in Kim Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh. About 45 km southwest of Dong Hoi city. The road to Bang stream is narrow, winding and sloping scenery.

Coming here, you will be amazed with a large green hills on 70ha with cool fresh environment, fascinating landscapes, wild and rustic nature full of charm. In particular, there are zigzag streams winding with mineral water flows into the stream as endless, exposed, just mysterious.


Specialties in Quang Binh.


Cháo Sát Cá Lóc( Porridge with sneak-head fish)

The main ingredients are rice powder made from brown rice and snakehead fish. To steam fish and fillet it, keeping it separately in a big bow and adding on to the porridge later.

Fish broth has a sweet taste and is used to cook porridge. the rice powder is made into the paste, then sliced them to get long thin slices. This dish is really awesome when enjoying hot, so people boil the fish broth hot, next is to add on rice slices at the end is topping the marinated fillet fish with some spring onions and black pepper.


Khoai Fish Hot Pot( Lau Ca Khoai)

Khoai fish Hot Pot is in the top 100 dishes, typical cusine of Vietnam. The best time to have good fresh fishes is in the winter time from September until the end of January. This is the best time to enjoy hot pot in the cold weather of central Vietnam.

To have good hot pot, fish must be freshest, thickest body, Fishes would be cleaned intestines, head, fins then marinated some salt, black pepper and chopped scallions.


Khoai fish hotpot has the usually ingredients such as tomatoes, tamarind, star fruit, pickled bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc.. When the hot pot boils, dip the fish into it then take out immediately, do not put all the fish at the same time, that make the fish will not be overcooked.


Son River Eel Fish( Ca Chinh Phong Nha)

After traveling to Phong Nha- Ke Bang, visiting famous caves Thien Duong Cave, Dark Cave…do not forget to enjoy fishes from Son riversuch as carps, river bat fish especially famous delicious eels.

Phong Nha fishes live in the Son River where the water is very clean and clear and it is upstream of the river. The eel fish has many ways to process for example steaming, stewing with pickled bamboo shoots, grilling with salt and hot chilli…but I do like most is grilled eel, it is so delicious, rich and slightly spicy taste.



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