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Lai Chau has 20 ethnic groups, each of which has its own characteristics in the traditional cultural life. The highland market is the place where these cultural characteristics are clearly expressed. Deo Van Long mansion is located in Le Loi commune - Sin Ho district, which is the residence of Thai lord during the Indochina War. The mansion has become a historical relic, it educates national pride and it is a place to learn about typical architectural features, showing Thai cultural identity.

Lai Chau has many high plateaus over 1,500m, clouds, mist cover four seasons, fresh and cool climate all year round such as: Sin Ho plateau, Thau lake, Dao San ...

Lai Chau has many high peaks, rivers and streams with many rapids, such as: Phan Xi Pang peak (3,143 m), Pu Sam Cap range (over 1,700 m), Da River, Nam Na River, Nam Mu River ...

Hot springs, mineral water are natural products donated to Lai Chau such as rocky mountains O, Tien cave (Sin Ho); Tien Son cave (Binh Lu - Tam Duong), Tac Tinh waterfall (Tam Duong town), Vang Bo hot spring (Phong Tho); Na Dong and Na Don hot springs (Tam Duong); mineral springs (Than Uyen),…

Pú Đao: A small Hmong village with 887 people in Lai Chau province was voted by customers of an English travel agency as one of the five most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. Pu Dao commune (in Mong language means "the highest point") in Sin Ho district, 13 km from Muong Lay to

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Laichau Province.



Places to visit in Laichau

O Quy Ho Pass

When people mention to the four great peaks of the mountain pass in Vietnam, every person must know O Quy Ho Pass, the famous mountain pass with the exciting stages of climbing and sharp corners. O Quy Ho pass, the legendary route that challenges adventurers to explore,it is the beauty of the pass every time you come here.

O Quy Ho pass with a length of over 40km, located at an altitude of over 2000 meters above the sea level, on the National Highway 4D crossing Hoang Lien Son range. The top of the pass is between two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai.

Standing on the top of the pass, admiring the majestic beauty of the mountainous nature, feeling the fanciful beauty of the scenery on the mountain pass: on the Lao Cai side, the fog covers, Lai Chau side is full of sunshine. It is cloudy in the summer,and it is  snowy winter which is attractive not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists.


Muong Than Village( Canh Dong Muong Than)

Than Uyen district is hidden behind the valley. In the middle of the valley, there are mountains of clouds and clouds. The seasons of rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables bring an irresistible beauty in the field, adorning the land is a pride not only for Than Uyen district but also for Lai Chau province as well as the Northwestern region. Coming to Than Uyen, we seem to blend in with the simple and true life of indigenous people in the bustling morning scene of brocade weaving. Besides, the scenery and the culinary dishes make you donot want to leave. Regardless of the place, whenever we go to small restaurants in town, we will come across Pa Boong fish dish - this is considered an ancient dish of Thai people, it has been famous for a long time across the country.


Sin Ho Plateau

Sin Ho is probably a unpopular name to everyone because of its attraction and distance from the roads is not easy. However, when coming here, you will probably ignore all the difficulties you have just experienced to explore the hidden beauty of Sin Ho plateau.

Sin Ho plateau which is considered as the roof of Lai Chau province, with a climate similar to the town of Sa Pa (Lao Cai) year-round cool and many unique flowers and fruits. In Sin Ho, there are many beautiful scenes such as the sky gate, Tien Ong mountain, O Da mountain which attached to many legends; dense primeval forests and a valley with golden rice fields, gardens of pear, peach, old plum, and mold all year round still produce fruits.

Besides that, when you go deep into the villages of Pu Dao, Ta Ghenh, Hoang Ho, Ta Phin, Phang Xo Lin of the Mong and Dao people nestled on the cliff, you seem to be lost in a fairy space. Many beautiful small wood roofs are hidden in the immense green of the mountains. Women  carry water, food coming home, children are dirty but innocent with clear eyes. There are wild pigs, chickens at the edge of the forest ...


Bach Mong Luong Tu Mountain Peak

Bach Moc Luong Tu peak belongs to Sin Sui Ho commune. With a height of 3,045m above sea level, Bach Moc Luong Tu is one of the 5 highest mountains in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in Lai Chau province. Conquering Bach Moc Luong Tu is always a challenge but also full of attractive for tourists. Not the highest peak, but Bach Moc Luong Tu is known as the peak with the most beautiful scenery, and the most interesting discovery route.


Pu Si Lung Mountain Peak

As the most pristine, mysterious and charming mountain in Vietnam, the legendary Pu Si Lung peak is located on the border of Vietnam and China in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province with an altitude of 3083m. Named as the roof of the border is always a dream destination for explorers who love the mountain peak.


Si Thau Chai Village

It is located 6km from the center of Tam Duong town, Si Thau Chai vilage appears like a dream, a small village of Dao people with more than 60 households living. On cloudy days, you can mingle with the floating clouds. Si Thau Chai appears very dreamy and unforgettable. Come to Si Thau Chai to experience the daily life, produce, enjoy ethnic cuisine, participate in folk games ...


Muong Te Nature Reserve

Muong Te Nature Reserve is located in Ta Tong and Mu Ca communes, where the flora and vegetation system is extremely rich and diverse, especially the forest ecosystem. Survey results and surveys of Muong Te district show that there are 542 species of plants, of which 57 species of rare plants have been recorded in the Vietnam Red Book and 7 in the world Red Book, most of which are rare medicinal species; 22 species endemic to the Northwest region, 7 species belonging to the Decree No. 32 of the Government and 6 species specific to the Northwestern region.


Tan Uyen Tea Farm

Tan Uyen has the largest concentrated tea area in the province with an area of ​​over 1,700ha. Most of the tea area aged 40-50 years planted along both sides of Highway 32 on a beautiful, well-developed terrain. Especially, in the Phieng Phat Landscape Complex, there are watershed forests, tea areas, terraced fields, and hot springs that have been attracting many visitors from Lao Cai, Yen Bai and other districts and cities in the province for sightseeing, discovery and treatment activities.

Ethnic groups in the district still retain their traditional customs and identity, it is reflected in the architecture of houses, production labor tools, household appliances, costumes, culture, arts and music instruments. This is a valuable resource for local tourism development.


Pu Dao Village

The road to Ban Pu Dao Lai Chau is quite smooth, most of them are highways with not many dangerous hills and mountains, so traveling here will not face many obstacles. However, if you want to go to Ban Pu Dao Lai Chau, you have to climb up mountains. This will be an extremely memorable and unforgettable memory for the you, when you come to visit Ban Pu Dao, Lai Chau.

Pu Dao, Lai Chau is considered as the most beautiful village in Southeast Asia. The pristine natural beauty is unbelievably fabulous, that everyone is attracted to a certain landscape.

At Ban Pu Dao Lai Chau, another attraction of many tourists is the design of small houses in the village. All of these small houses are built with wooden roofs, which are covered with thatched grass to highlight the traditional ethnic identity.


Specialties in Laichau

Pa Pinh Top Dish

Pa Pinh Top (grilled folded fish) is a delicately specialized dish of Lai Chau, often used in meals when the family has a distinguished guest. People choose fresh, whole carp to grill. After adding a little salt and dried chili powder to reduce fishy smell, spice ingredients are aromatic herbs such as chopped pepper (a type of forest pepper), ginger, garlic, lemongrass, onions, and herbs forest, chili powder ... minced, mixed together and to marinate the fish, and stuffed into the fish belly.

Thai people will fold the fish horizontally, put them on griddle and grill evenly on the charcoal stove. When the fish is cooked, the spices marinated and stuffed in the fish's belly will give attractive aroma.