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Kien Giang is located at the far southwest of Vietnam, where the cultural intersection of many regions of the country. Therefore  the province's cultural identity is very rich, diverse, expressed through the literary field, art, cuisine, festivals, traditional villages ... The culinary culture here is also very rich, diverse with hundreds of dishes of all kinds with specialties such as barracuda, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Porridge porridge, Ha Tien blood clams, Kien Giang fish noodle ...

Every year, there are many festivals in the province, but the most special is the Nguyen Trung Truc national hero festival held in the August of the lunar calendar to attract thousands of visitors across the country. Traditional  handicraft villages are very special, such as weaving of  cushions, weaving mat of Ta Nien, shaping clay pot of Hon Dat, making handicrafts from tortoise,...

Kien Giang tourism has many potential landscapes which have not been developed properly.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Kien Giang.



Places to Visit in Kiengiang Province

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is considered the Pearl Island in Vietnam's tourism industry. The northern part of Phu Quoc Island is known as a land of abundant forests with primeval forests as well as rich flora and fauna. In the north of the island, you will be immersed in the pristine natural space. Nice places here include:


Black Pepper Orcharch in Tuong Zone

Phu Quoc is famous for its pungent pepper and has a stronger fragrance than other places. Going on the road from Duong Dong to Ganh Dau 2, you will see many beautiful black pepper gardens on the side of the road. After visiting, you can buy pepper as a gift. The most growing area of ​​pepper is in Khu Tuong, about 15km north of Duong Dong.


Mui Ganh Dau

It is located in Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc district, about 15km north of Duong Dong. This is a promontory jutting into the northwestern sea of ​​the island. This place attracts visitors thanks to its unspoiled beauty. Standing here, you can see the border of Cambodia. In addition, Mui Ganh Dau has a bow-shaped beach of 500m length.


Dinh Cau Cape

Answering the question of what is beautiful in Phu Quoc, there must be the name Dinh Cau Cape. It is located in Duong Dong town, just 5 minutes walk from Duong Dong market. Dinh Cau Cape is a landscape that you cannot miss when visiting Phu Quoc. It has many natural rocky rapids like mountains, with many fancy shapes. In addition, there are 3 surf waves, surrounded by rocks. Looking at the top of the mountain, you will see ancient temples with ancient mossy tile roofs. And this is a beautiful sunset spot.


Thom Island

Hon Thom is a cluster of islands located to the north of Phu Quoc. From Phu Quoc pier, you go by boat about 30munites to arrive Hon Thom. Here you can dive to watch the coral, see the aquaculture areas of fishermen. Especially, there is a pearl farm about 10 minutes away by boat from Hon Thom. In addition, the famous squid fishing village in Phu Quoc.


Phu Quoc National Park

This site is located in 3 communes of Bai Thom, Cua Duong and Ham Ninh.

Visiting Phu Quoc National Park, you will be immersed in the green nature, lively. In addition, you can explore the top of Chua Mountain - the roof of Phu Quoc with an altitude of up to 600m. Here, the whole beautiful island will catch the your eyes. It is a green strip stretching endlessly, surrounded by a vast sea surrounded, as beautiful as a picture.


Dai Beach

This beach has been honored by BBC channels as one of the 10 most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. It has a 1.5km coastline, along the beach with sea sand is a row of tall, straight blue poplar. Unspoiled ivory sand beach, with a large old growth forest spreads close to the sea. In addition, the mangrove ecosystem at the small estuaries flows into the sea. To come here, you drive from the center of Duong Dong town about 45 'towards the Chen Sea resort, Northwest Island.


Phu Quoc Museum

This museum is a place to keep stories about Phu Quoc island, which is considered the soul of Phu Quoc. There are more than 3,000 antiques, including 300 sets of precious folders on Phu Quoc in Vietnamese, Chinese, English and French. Add to that the display areas of rice handicrafts; products of souvenirs and pearls; sea ​​shell handicraft; conservation of canine dogs, sea eagles and sea eagles; Traditional stilt houses in Phu Quoc rural area.


Sao Beach

Sao Beach is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. It has fine white sandy beaches stretching over 7km. At peak time, this place is always full of tourists. So you should go early to be able to rent a hammock to rest!

It is located about 30km from Duong Dong town, if you like to go to Sao Beach, you should go further from An Thoi. There is a small road but no dust. Also follow the sea to Bai Truong closer but dirt road so very dusty.


Truong Beach

Bai Truong is located in Hamlet, Duong To, Phu Quoc, only 7 minutes driving from the airport. The best beautiful time is from October to April every year. At this time, the sea was very quiet, there were only ripples. A special highlight at Truong beach is watching the super beautiful sunset over the sea. At that time, the sky changed color and reflected on the sea surface, creating a very beautiful effect.


Ham Ninh Fishing Village

This destination is located on the east coast, about 20km northeast of Duong Dong. Different from the places in Phu Quoc's list, there is nothing beautiful, Ham Ninh fishing village is where you can experience the life of the people on the island. Life here almost remains untouched with the temporary bamboo wall paintings. Residents mainly live by pearl diving, catching sea cucumbers and netting crabs. Visiting Ham Ninh in the early morning, you can watch the sunrise or go to enjoy the moonlit night to see the full beauty of this place.


An Thoi Archipelago

An Thoi archipelago has 15 large and small islands lying along the southwest. Here the sea is very clear and deep, some places as deep as 30m. Especially, this is a very suitable place for nature discoveries, fishing, squid fishing, scuba diving, swimming, ... Some of the famous islands here such as Hon Thom, Vang, Mong Tay, Gam Gi, May Rut, ....


Nguyen Trung Truc Temple

Nguyen Trung Truc Temple is located at 8 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Vinh Thanh Ward, Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province. The temple faces the sea and is about 100 m from the sea. This is the largest of the 9 temples of Nguyen Trung Truc in the province. The second must be mentioned is the temple on Ganh Dau cape in Phu Quoc island.

Through the gate is a bronze statue of Nguyen Trung Truc. Previously, this statue was placed in front of Rach Gia Market (old), now repainted red-brown, and moved here. The statue is very majestic, alive with the spirit of loyalty, indomitable, as his saying before sacrificing: "unless the enemy takes all the grass in Vietnam, will all people stop fighting against the enemy". In the area surrounding the communal house, in addition to the statue, his tomb was built in 1986.


Ha Tien Town

Dubbed as "ten best landscapes", it has entered many famous poems of talented poets, Ha Tien with beautiful natural poetic landscapes, historic sites, sacred temples and pagodas has become a favorite destination of many people.

Ha Tien is a town located in the Northwest of Kien Giang Province, the North borders with Cambodia and the coast runs 13.7 km long; Eastern and Southern borders with Kien Luong district; bordering on the Gulf of Thailand to the South with the 22 km long coastline. With such a wonderful location, Ha Tien possesses extremely attractive tourist destinations that you cannot skip.


Rocky Cliff Mountain( Nui Da Dung)

Those who have ever read and read about Ha Tien must have heard about the rocky mountains, a beautiful, majestic and magnificent symbol of Ha Tien. The rocky mountain is located near the Vietnam-Cambodia border, also known as Chau Nham mountain. The rock mountain is about 100m high. From a distance, Da Dung mountain has a square shape like a skillfully trimmed hand, covered by immense green forests creating a huge and beautiful vegetation.

This mountain is also called Jade mountain because from ancient times, this is the residence of ancient Funan residents. At that time the Siamese and Chan Lap troops came here to plunder their possessions, so the people had to hide precious pearls in the cave. At the end of the 17th century, a few people came here to pick up jewels, so they named the mountain pearl.

Rocky mountains with many mysterious caves used to go on the fairy tales about Thach Sanh and Li Thong. This is where Thach Sanh was staying, and the entrance of the cave is where this guy used his bow to shoot an eagle to save the princess.


Tô Châu Mountain

To Chau mountain consists of two mountains, Big To Chau and Small To Chau. Big To Chau looks taller but humble than little To Chau. Little one always peeks through the beautiful Dong Ho lake. Looking down from To Chau, a beautiful, clear, green and beautiful Dong Ho area appeared before his eyes. A little further away Ha Tien Town appeared with the harmonious beauty of nature and the road life with the image of villages and rustic fields dotted in the picture of nature background full of life. All in harmony to create a real picture of Ha Tien goes into people's hearts.


Thach Dong

From the foot of the mountain you have to cross a long slope of about 50m to reach the cave entrance. Thach Dong has two main gates, one opening towards Ha Tien town and the other facing My Duc fields. An ancient building located inside Thach Dong is an ancient wooden temple built in 1790. At present, the temple is remodeled and tiled with granite tiles that are both solemn and beautiful.

In the cave, there are also small alleys leading to the skylight, where you can stand in the cool cave looking up at the clear blue sky, outside, receiving the bright. Bright rays of sunlight shining into the cave makes the stalactites glow in a variety of colors. There is another corner to the sea of ​​Mui Nai. People call these roads to heaven and roads to hell. For safety reasons, the road to the sea has been closed, only the way to the well is full of sunlight.


Mac Cuu Tomb

For those who love history but want to visit the outstanding historical sites here, Mac Cuu Tomb is a worth a try. Halfway up Binh San Mountain, the Mausoleum of the Mac Cuu is a quite monumental building, an architectural complex with the tombs of the Mac families, the family has many merits in history.

In front of the tomb is a lotus pond, according to legend, Mac Cuu ordered his people digging this pond to get fresh water for Ha Tien people. The temple of the Mac Cuu has an ancient beauty, sacred but no less sophisticated by the sophisticated, flexible and beautiful carvings. When coming here to visit, light an incense stick to pay homage, feeling the smell of smoke spread in the wind to see peace and more love the history of the country.


Mui Nai Beach( Deer Nose Beach)

The name Mui Nai originates from an ancient legend when a young deer of the mythical deers came here to drink water. One day, contemplating the beautiful scenery in this blue sea, the young deer could not make it in time. The sea swelled, turning the small deer into a drifting rock towards the coast. So now tourists visiting this place will see a beautiful deer-shaped rock lying close to the beautiful blue sea.

Going to the sea is impossible to miss the sunset view at sea. When the sun hangs in the middle of the water, rosy red on a corner of the sky, reflecting the fishing boats in the distance. Mui Nai is a prominent tourist destination in Ha Tien, so it has a full range of rest services as well as catering needs, enjoying specialties, delicious forest fruits.


Dong Ho Lagoon

Dong Ho Lagoon is located at the foot of To Chau Mountain, with a large area of ​​up to 1,300 hectares, of which the water surface area is up to 900 hectares, the area of ​​mangroves is more than 200 hectares, the remaining 30 hectares of mixed gardens are part of aquaculture area which is located adjacent to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Dong Ho Lagoon has an extremely rich ecosystem. The lagoon has 25 types of mangrove trees. This is a fence of high natural value, plays a role in land expansion, nurturing tidal animals and protecting sea dikes. In Dong Ho Lagoon, there are many kinds of valuable seafood. Coming here, tourism is coming to a world of fresh, interesting and attractive seafood.


Specialties of Kiengiang

Oc Giac Hatien( Sea Snail)

Coming to Ha Tien, you will not only enjoy the famous crab soup, but also be immersed in the delicious dishes made from snail, a familiar seafood in Ha Tien.

The snail is also known as the Emperor snail, its body is surrounded by a large shell, inside there is a lot of meat, the flesh and intestine can be eaten. The flesh of the snail is tough and crunchy, like a chicken gizzard and the gut has a fat belly. Snails have many ways to cook such as grilled snails, stir-fried snails, boiled snails, ... Each processing way brings a different sense of taste but still does not lose the freshness, soft and fragrant. Sitting on the beach with a plate of grilled snail, with some cold beer is nothing more exciting.


Crab Noodle Soup

The delicious  noodle soup with broth made from bone with dried shrimp and mackerel head should have a very sweet taste. The noodle soup is seasoned to match the smell of seafood. Fish paste is made from mackerel meat, creating a deep sea flavor for your soup bowl.

Crab meat is the main ingredient for your noodle soup. It should be taken care of and carefully selected. The crab must be fresh, freshly caught and still alive. Do not choose the crabs too large, the  middle size crabs’s meat will be stronger and more delicious. Crabs are steamed and then remove the meat. Many restaurants want to add the attraction to the bowl of soup, they cover with the red color of the crab’s egg, so leave the whole crab or split the crab instead of removing the meat.







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