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Phu Tho is a province in the northeastern region of Vietnam, a land of Vietnamese ethnic origin. When you explore this land, you can feel the sacredness and happiness that comes from visiting your ancestral land, which is probably something that any Vietnamese wants.


Located in the intersection of the Red, Da and Lo rivers, Phu Tho province is the western gateway of Hanoi, about 80km from Hanoi to the north. It borders Vinh Phuc in the east, Son La in the west, Hoa Binh in the south, Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang in the north.


1. Temples of Hung Kings

Hung Temple is the general name of Hung Temple Historic relics - a complex of temples worshiping the Hung Kings and the king's temple on Nghia Linh Mountain, associated with Hung King's death anniversary - Hung Temple Festival is held at that location every year on the 10th of the third lunar month. Currently, according to published scientific documents, most have agreed that the foundation of Hung temple architecture started to be built during the reign of King Dinh Tien Hoang. By the post-Le period (15th century), it was built completely according to the current scale.


Visit the temples of Hung Kings, you’ll travel through the gate and hike up the steep steps which lead to Den Ha (the Lower Temple). Den Ha is said to have been the place where Mother Au Co gave birth to a hundred eggs which later turned into one hundred sons.

2. Lac Long Quan national Temple 
This temple is located on Sim Hill, only about 1km from Nghia Linh mountain, with a favorable location. The main temple covers an area of ​​210 square meters with the traditional nail architecture. The interior of the pagoda is made entirely of iron wood, gilded with gold paint, roofed with comedy nose tiles, Bat Trang tiles, green stone seams. Entering the temple, you will see a bronze statue placed on a pedestal carved with patterns in Dong Son culture. The statue is cast in bronze, weighs up to 1.5 tons and is nearly 2 meters high.

The temple gate is also built in the traditional style with 4 columns, the main gate is 4.2 meters wide. The gate is built of reinforced concrete, covered with green stone with intricate carvings.


3. Heaven Pond (Ao Gioi) – Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien)
Fairy Stream is located in Quan Khe commune, Ha Hoa district. The stream generates from Na mountain-the tallest mountain in Ha Hoa district- so it has a lot of water falls. Some are 20m high and when they fall, they create great views. In total, the stream consists of more than 10 water falls and each has  its own height, beauty and falling level. Based on the characteristics of each fall, local inhabitants give them fine names such as Ao Gioi (Gods’ Point), Gieng But (Immortal’s Well), Vuc Xanh (Blue Gulf), Dong Khong Day (Bottomless Cave), Thac Long Thuyen (Boat-shaped Fall), Thac May (Cloud Fall), Dong Tien (Fairies’ Cave), Thac Gio (Wind Fall), Thac Ba Tang (Three-storey Fall), Be Ngoc (Jade Tank), Thac Chum (Pot-shaped Fall) etc. Along the stream, there are many stones of different shapes and they also have names as Elephant stone, Tiger stone, Dragon stone, Fairy’s Wing stone... This is a familiar area for Phu Tho inhabitant to come for a visit.


It is said that whoever has the luck to bathe in Heaven Pond-Fairy stream in 3 years will have a skin as bright as pearl, a face as beautiful as full moon, and an soul as elegant as that of a fairy. Perhaps because of these tales, Fairy stream has been magically attractive. Especially during hot summer days, there are hundreds of people who come there to relax and admire the scenery.


4. Ao Chau Pond 
It is located at 70km north west from Viet Tri, in Ha Hoa town, Ha Hoa district. It has a surface of over 1000 ha of which 400 ha are water surface. On the map, you can see that its shapes looks like a buffalo with two horns spread out towards Thao river and Lo river. Its current comprises dozens of branches running along the hill ranges and collects water of big and small streams from all directions. 


You might have heard about Halong bay, the so-called worldwide-famous natural heritage of Vietnam, but you might not know about Ao Chau, a mini version of Halong in Phu Tho Province. Ao Chau Pond is nowadays considered as a potential attraction of the land of Phu Tho.


The water in Ao Chau is always fresh and clean, allowing many types of underwater species such as Golden Turtle, Trionychid turtle, etc. to live and procreate.  For the last few years, local people have been growing many types of healthy fruits which make the pond even more beautiful and attractive. 


5. Xuan Son preservation area
This is a beauty of nature situated 70km south west from Viet Tri, in Xuan Son commune, Thanh Son district. It has a surface of over 10,000 ha with 314 species of plant belonging to 115 groups and hundreds of species of animal. Besides the diversified flora and fauna, Xuan Son commune also have many other interesting natural beauties such as Lap stream, Thang stream, water falls, caves... Xuan Son is considered the most prominent natural tourism area in Phu Tho. 


6. Thanh Thuy hot spring
It is situated in La Phu commune, Thanh Thuy district. The stream has been discovered just recently, it is 35-100m deep and it covers an estimated area of 1km2. Temperature of its water is around 40-57oC. This source of mineral water is good for health recovery and disease treatment.


7. Long Coc tea hill 
Tourists have the opportunity to go through the midland of Phu Tho ancestral land on this occasion, do not forget to visit the view of Long Coc tea hill floating in the mist.


Long Coc tea hill is located in Tan Son district, Phu Tho, located about 125km from Hanoi, is considered one of the most beautiful tea hills in Vietnam, with hundreds and thousands of small hills. At the time of the late autumn and early winter, the tea hill is covered with fanciful mist.


Located along both sides of the winding road are rolling green tea hills, undulating the endless bowl to the horizon. Coming to Long Coc, visitors are delighted to take pictures of tea hills, explore the tea flavor and immerse themselves in the unique cultural space of Muong ethnic people.


8. Thuong Long Lake as known as Ly lake
Thuong Long Lake, known by the indigenous people as Ly lake, is one of the largest water reserves in Phu Tho province, located in Thuong Long commune, Yen Lap district, Phu Tho province.


Ho Ly is formed from two slits: Khe Ly and Khe Chanh but people take the name of Khe Ly as the name for the lake. Ho Ly has a peaceful scene like a water-color painting with the green of forest trees silhouetted against the clear lake and undiscovery wilderness. In the early winter days, when the temperature is quite low and the morning is foggy, the lake surface is cloudy and stretches to create a sense of mystery and ghost.


Phu Tho has a lot of other famous places scattered in the whole province such as Phuong Mao lake (Thanh Thuy), Trang mountain (Phu Ninh), Temple of Lady Au Co (Ha Hoa), Chua Hang cave (Doan Hung), Lan Thuong Communal House (Viet Tri), Xuan Lung pagoda (Lam Thao), Hien Quan pagoda (Tam Nong), Hung Lo Communal House and Festival of Banh Chung-Banh Day (Phu Ninh), Got quay (Viet Tri), Van Lang park (Viet Tri), old relics of Ho Chi Minh President (Tam Thanh), Hien Luong war zone (Ha Hoa), Minh Hoa hollow war zone (Yen Lap), old relics of Song Lo victory (Doan Hung), old relics of Tu Vu victory (Thanh Thuy)... Those are good places not only for tourism but also for scientific studies.


Phu Tho is also home to many delicious and attractive specialties: tea, sour meat of Muong people in Thanh Son, ear cakes, palm silkworms, rice with palm leaves, cassava fish soup and palm sauce in Phu Ninh. You can enjoy these dishes at any restaurant on the go. In particular, a famous product of Phu Tho land that tourists come here wants to enjoy is Doan Hung pomelo. Pomelo is small but has an extremely sweet, cool and aromatic flavor.


1. Doan Hung Pomelo (Bưởi Đoan Hùng)
Doan Hung Pomelo is characterized by white, soft, juicy and juicy grapefruit cloves. Therefore, Doan Hung grapefruit today is famous throughout the country and is often purchased by tourists visiting Phu Tho as gifts for relatives and friends.


2. Thanh Son sour meat (Thịt chua Thanh Sơn)
Sour meat is a unique dish of the mountainous ethnic groups. In Phu Tho, Thanh Son sour meat is the most famous. Dishes made from fresh pork marinated in cooked and finely roasted rice are often referred to as rice hearing to make natural dishes with a strange, unique aroma.


3. The dishes from chicken spur (Các món ăn từ gà chín cựa)
Ripe chicken is a famous specialty of Phu Tho, a rare and precious chicken, the number of purebred breeds today is very small. Not only rare in terms of genetic resources, polar chicken is especially famous for its firm, firm and tasty meat, anyone who visits Phu Tho will come to Xuan Son to admire and enjoy dishes from This rare chicken.


4. Rice ball with palm leaf (Cơm nắm lá cọ)
Not only famous for handicraft products from palm trees, the Phu Ninh palm land in Phu Tho province also has a strong dish of home-flavored rice, palm leaf rice balls. The rice ball of palm leaf is simple and simple with young palm leaves rolling the white rice tightly and firmly. Finally, just enjoy the rice ball of palm leaf with sesame salt, lemongrass salt or salted pork ribs to increase the flavor of the dish.


5. Silkworm in palm trees (Tằm cọ)
Still a dish from Phu Tho palm hills, silkworm palm has an attractive and nutritious flavor. Silkworm palm is grilled on charcoal burning from the old palm body, catching fire and the golden trip with salt and chili, making a drink, there is nothing else.


6. Cassava (Rau sắn)
Not a delicacy, the cassava is a young cassava bud of a tree that takes root to soak it in water to reduce the plastic and then crumbles it, mixes the salt and silages for about 4 to 5 days. Salted cassava vegetables can be made as mannequin, stir-fried, cooked in fish soup, ... all very giving rice.


7. Palm seeds (Cọ ỏm)
Palm seeds are boiled for about 5 - 10 minutes, then picked out, the yellow flesh and when eaten, the fleshy, faint smell of palm attachment, so that is not everywhere.


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