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Thanh Hoa, a masterpiece of spiritual land marked many historical traditions, images of national heroes. Although not a famous tourist destination on the map, Thanh Hoa conquers the hearts of tourists by the sunny and windy nature, by the astonishing paintings of nature as well as rustic landscapes, the true nature of the people here.

In Thanh Hoa, there are many traditional cultural forms, many of which still exist and are being promoted. About folk songs, folk dances, the most popular ones are the Ma river dances, folk songs, Dong Anh dancers, Xuan Pha performance. There are also Ca trù, Xoan singing ... Ethnic minorities also have many types of folk music quite diverse like the Muong songs, the Thai songs...

The treasure of ancient tales is also quite unique such as the tales of the mountains, folk tales of coastal fishermen Hau Loc, Sam Son, Tinh Gia. Especially the stories of Muong ethnic origin.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Thanh Hoa province.



Places to visit in Thanh Hoa

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

When coming here, you will surely be surprised by the really majestic picture, large, wild and equally interesting.

June is the best time to go to Pu Luong, when the golden harvest season is in the gentle windy fields. Pu Luong is truly an ideal place for relaxation when you open your eyes and you see the mountains, green trees, and close your eyes to hear the breath of the forest, the whisper of the wind.

If you have the opportunity to set foot on Pu Luong, you should try to experience Pu Luong Retreat, an extremely fabulous resort in this nature reserve. There is the infinity pool. The pool was built outdoors, as surrounded by nature, majestic mountains. Leaning against the edge of the pool, feeling the mountains and the terraces hugging you, you will feel extremely peaceful.



Ben En National Park

Ben En National Park has long been dubbed the "Ha Long on land of Thanh Hoa". Endowed with nature's beauty, pristine beauty, it attracts manyo tourists every year and it  is the great pride of Thanh people. Only 30 minutes from the city center, this place gradually becomes the ideal choice for domestic and foreign tourists at any time of the year. Closing your eyes and thinking of Ben En National Park, people often think of endless green forests with countless rare animals, magnificent caves, or clear rivers surrounding the forest.


Ho Dynasty Citadel

The citadel of the Ho Dynasty is a prominent and typical historical symbol of Thanh Hoa. This place has been included in CNN's list of 21 greatest heritage in the world. The Ho citadel is located in Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province, built by Ho Quy Ly in 1397. Despite having 600 years of age, the Ho citadel is still strong and enduring with the time.

When you arrive here, in your eyes is a solid gate with three entrances, surrounded by natural landscapes of green trees and grasses with a rustic style of the countryside. The gate was erected by intricately carved green stone slabs, which is a favorite Check-in place when traveling to Thanh Hoa.


Kho Muong Valley

On the way up to Pu Luong, you will be lost into Kho Muong, a pristine valley, less than 150km from the city center.

The entrance to Kho Muong is zigzag, in the middle of the natural sky with one side of winding terraced fields, on the other side is the rolling and craggy mountains. The landscape here has a bold nature, very challenging and full of adventure. Looking down from above, Kho Muong's painting is covered with closely spaced roofs and valleys and vast forests surround the village.


Ham Rong Mountain
Ham Rong Mountain runs from Duong Xa village along the right bank of the Ma River to the foot of Ham Rong Bridge. The reason is called Ham Rong Mountain because the mountain has a winding terrain like a giant dragon with 9 undulating sections, and the end section like a large dragon head with a giant mouth. At the foot of Ham Rong mountain, there is Tien Son cave with beautiful stalactites associated with the folk legends of the nation. A natural experience associated with history is truly fascinating.


Black Thai Village

This area is home to many Thai ethnic groups in Thanh Hoa. There are hundreds of households living together in a village surrounded and protected by bamboo systems that grow close together, making walls of protection very reliable. People here live by farrming rice on the hills and coming here you will definitely enjoy the delicious blue rice dish wrapped in bamboo pipes.

The black Thai people live here on stilt houses, a very familiar house here. Stilt houses can both protect them from external influences while creating an extremely rich culture for the people in Black Thai village.


Tobaco Leaves Village

In order to grow tobacco, people have paid a lot of care because the tree is susceptible to diseases and pests. In April and May when the tobacco was thick, old and yellow, the people were eager to harvest a new crop of tobacco.

In Thanh Hoa tobacco is processed manually, after harvesting, tobacco leaves are rolled into large bundles of up to 2m long. To the people here, the image of tobacco has become too familiar, it is going into the subconscious and the habits of the people here.


Ba Trieu Temple
The temple was built to commemorate the great efforts of Ba Trieu in the historical years of fighting against the Dong Ngo invaders. The temple was built on the top of Tung Mountain, where the heroine general fell, sacrificing for national independence. Ba Trieu Temple is located on the National Highway 1A, convenient for tourists to visit on their way to Thanh Hoa.


May Waterfall

May Waterfall is known as the most beautiful waterfall in Thanh Hoa, this is a tourist destination in Thanh Hoa related to the legend of 9 beautiful fairies, 9 steps of waterfall symbolizing 9 steps of love of fairies in the past.

The most ideal time to go to Thac May is in the summer time when the cascades flow gently. There are sections of waterfall that flow strongly but there are sections that are murky and gentle as the girls here. The two sides of the waterfall also have primeval forests with big trees of 2-3 hugged people. This is an ideal place for those who love to explore the majestic nature.


Hieu Stream

Due to the large amount of limestone, Hieu stream calcifies the roots of the trees beneath the stream. In the sections of Hieu streams, which flow to the terraced fields, the water flows smoothly, but the more upstream the stronger the flow. Tourists come here would love to bath here by the clear and very cool stream water, you come here to enjoy that fresh stream water, how much tired, uncomfortable will also disappear.


Sam Son Beach

Sam Son beach is a symbol of Thanh Hoa tourism. Sam Son beach belongs to Sam Son town, Thanh Hoa province. Sam Son beach stretches 6km from Lach Hoi estuary to the foot of Truong Le mountain. Coming to Sam Son is coming to a charming picture of nature painting with the intersection between mountains and the sea, between the sky and the ground.

When you are traveling here, you will be interested in the beach stretching with cool blue water, white sand stretching with coconut groves and casuarina trees whispering in the wind.


Quang Nham Beach

Quang Nham Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Thanh Hoa. Down the Highway 1A about 30km we can set foot on this beautiful and pristine beach. Come to Quang Nham beach in the early morning to catch the best moments of sunrise at sea with the most typical and rustic activities of the people here. Quang Nham Beach is not so crowded and bustling as Sam Son, but it brings in itself a peaceful, deserted beauty, especially on rough seas. In the early morning sun, the silhouettes of the boats dropping the nets off the sea create a picture of nature and people in harmony with each other.


Specialties of Thanh Hoa

Nem Chua Thanh Hoa
When talking about Thanh Hoa cuisine, nem chua is an indispensable name in the list of “worth a try” dishes. This is also one of the most popular specialties of Thanh Hoa which are widely known throughout the country.

Nem Chua are made from lean buttocks, sliced ​​pork skin, wrapped with leaves and other typical spices. Most importantly, each family in Thanh Hoa will have family secrets in the way of composting and mixing, thereby creating its own unique flavors.

Nem chua is usually dipped with spicy chili sauce. If you enjoy that you can feel the sweetness of the pork mingled with the sourness of lemon, the spicy of chili garlic, the aromatic and chewy texture of the Nem Chua.


Phi Cau Sai( Clams)

Phi is available in many places, but only the Phi Cau Sai - a precious product of the Tra River segment. The  boundary between Hau Loc and Hoang Hoa districts of Thanh district is considered a "delicious dish" for a king. It also has the name Phi Tien King. Phi is a seafood that both lives in salt water and brackish water. Phi Cau Sai looks like a oyster, but the shell is thinner. This is a rare and special dish, because in addition to the Cau Sai area, nowhere in the country, there are such species.

The way to eat Phi cuisine is very simple and delicious. Phi Cau Sai will be processing into dishes fried, cooked soup or porridge. But usually  soup and frying are the best.





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