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Soc Trang is one of the 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta. It borders Hau Giang to the northwest,  Bac Lieu to the southwest, Tra Vinh to the northeast and the East Sea to the southeast. About 231 km from Ho Chi Minh City, right at the southern mouth of the Hau River. There is a cultural intersection among ethnic flower - Kinh - Khmer and indigenous people, so Soc Trang has unique beliefs and customs.


The name of Soc Trang comes from a Khmer name “Srock Kh’leang” which means “a place to store silver”. This place is also where most of Khmer people live. Therefore, beside Kinh’s culture (the major people in Vietnam), visitors can see the Khmer cultural characteristics everywhere, especially at Khmer pagodas.


Soc Trang is famous as an attractive tourist destination both at home and abroad when it comes to giving visitors new countryside experiences. When coming here, besides visiting famous temples, places with charming natural scenery, unique festivals, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits in the full garden sunny.
Soc Trang province 



The famous 

Pagoda is the highlight in Soc Trang Province. Most were built under the influence of Khmer culture. Thus, it is easy to recognize the unique designs of Khmer people with scrupulous attention to detail. 


1. Doi Pagoda or Bat Pagoda 
On a trip to Soc Trang, visitors should not miss the chance to visit Doi Pagoda "Bat Pagoda" also known as Ma Toc pagoda or Mahatup pagoda, is located at Mai Thanh The street, pineapple 9, ward 3, Soc Trang city which is the most famous pagoda in this province. The pagoda presents Khmer arts, with skillful, symbolic decorations on its pillars and roof and splendid relieves and statues. The pagoda is not only famous for its beautiful architecture, but also for its very large roof that houses tens of thousands of bats. Some have wingspans of more than a meter and resemble large ripe pears as they hang upside down from the upper branches. 


2. Kh’leang pagoda
Other which cannot be missed is Kh’leang pagoda - one of the most ancient pagodas in Soc Trang, nearly 500 years of age,  is located at 71, pineapple 5, ward 6, Tp. Soc Trang. The pagoda features an architectural style similar to the pagodas of Cambodia. Built in 1533, it was originally made of wood with a roof thatched with palmed leaves. The pagoda later reconstructed with brick, and the roof was covered with tiles. The Khleang Pagoda also houses writings from ancient books, which tell about the origins of Soc Trang and the pagoda. 

3. The Clay Pagoda (Buu Son Tu Pagoda)
The Clay Pagoda (Buu Son Tu Pagoda) is located on Ton Duc Thang Street, Hamlet 1, Ward 5 – Soc Trang city, Soc Trang province. The Clay Pagoda is famous for its clay Buddhist statures (about 1991 big and small Buddha statues made entirely of clay) and dragon sculptures. There are also 6 giant candles here, which can keep burning for 60 years. 


4. Sa Lon Pagoda (Chen Kieu pagoda)
Sa Lon Pagoda is located on Highway 1A, Soc Trang city, about 12km from Soc Trang city. One more well-known pagoda is Chen Kieu pagoda where you will be impressed by the sophisticated design by Chinese. The entire architecture of the pagoda is decorated with pieces of bowls and dishes made of ceramic. So the temple is also called the Chen Kieu pagoda.

5. Khmer Museum in Soc Trang
Built in 1938, Khmer Museum in Soc Trang is a place to display many precious artifacts, reflecting the cultural and spiritual life of Khmer ethnic people through many generations. Such as costumes, architecture houses, pagodas, musical instruments... become a valuable place to visit in Soc Trang.


6. Nga Nam floating market
Each floating market in the Mekong Delta has something to differ itself from the rest. Nga Nam floating market in Soc Trang province is special because it is the convergent point of five rivers which flow into five different directions: onto Ca Mau, down from Phung Hien, through to Thanh Tri, in from Vinh Quoi and across from Long My.


The Ngã Năm (five-way intersection) floating market in Sóc Trăng Province’s Ngã Năm Town is one of the oldest and most attractive floating markets in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta.


7. Tan Long Stork eco-tourism area
Tan Long Stork eco-tourism area is in Long Binh commune, falls Nam district, Soc Trang province; Phu Loc town about 17km (along provincial road 42). In the last 30 years, This area is home to thousands of varieties of stork, cauldron and many other bird species... attracts thousands of visitors every year. In addition to the purpose of eco-tours sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy the dishes: porridge, fried rice, steak...


8. My Phuoc islet 
My Phuoc islet (also known as Mud islet) is located in the middle of the gentle Hau river, located in Nhon My commune, Ke Sach district, Soc Trang province, about 10km from Ke Sach town, if traveling by canoe takes about 30 minutes to reach Con. It is famous for its sapodilla granola, mango, durian, citrus and longan. When you come here, you will experience being a farmer, hand-picking and enjoying extremely attractive fruits.


9. Cu Lao Dung Islet
Dung islet is the most wealthy and prosperious land in Soc Trang province. New visitors first coming to Dung Islet if not guided will be in wrong way because there are a lot of transversal pathways like a matrix. People here are very hospitable. To every house, you will enjoy the specialities within their gardens such as a glass of cool coconut, an orange basket, a bunch of longan, etc.

10. Binh An Tourist Area
Besides visiting historical sites, tourists can join in leisure activities in Binh An Tourist Area. This area resembles Dam Sen water Park in Ho Chi Minh City, but in smaller scale. Coming here, tourists have opportunities to join many recreation and entertainment activities. The Binh An Tourist Area has stirred up the atmosphere of a peaceful town imbued with Khmer cultural identity in a province of the Mekong Delta.

Spiritual life has significant impact on people living there. Every year, Khmer people organize Ooc-Om-Boc Festival (15th day of the 10th lunar month). The main purpose of this festival is to pray to the Moon deity for abundant crops and fish from the rivers, as well as good health for the villagers. Apart from the ceremony is Ngo boat race. The Ngo boat is a tree trunk carved in the shape of a diamond with curved ends. This exciting race, organized as a cultural sport festival, attracts hundreds of thousands of participants 


Specialities Soc Trang


When traveling to Soc Trang, you should not miss the famous specialties here. As a crossroads between ethnic groups, so Soc Trang delicacies are also very diverse and rich. Each ethnic group in Soc Trang has different ethnic specialties, but some things you should not miss when coming here include:


1. Noodles fish (Hủ tiếu cá): The characteristic of this dish is the broth that has been stewed with pork bones for a long time. Do not add grease. And the noodles here use only sea bass to get the meat with shrimp, fresh squid and kidney. Soc Trang fish noodles have an elegant sweet taste of broth, fatty and crunchy fleshy taste of pork, fatty fish meat with sweet and spicy mixed with spicy.


2. Bun salad (Bún gỏi dà) is a variation of spring rolls with the main ingredients such as shrimp, noodles, vegetables, prices ... And people here variations by putting all the ingredients into one bowl, mixing with water. and then eat like and (draining) rice. Southern people pronounce "and" as "dà". So it's called vermicelli noodles soup.


3. Pia cake (Bánh pía): A unique combination of Chinese cuisine and Western cuisine. The bread is made from flour, inside durian, salted eggs or other flavors such as taro, green beans, .. Soft, supple, delicious, delicious bread that will last forever.


4. Cong cake (Bánh cóng): This type of cake has many names such as sầy, sài, cống ... Cong cake is delicious if eaten with regional vegetables such as: Basil, lettuce, mustard, ginger ...


5. Láo Sesame (Mè láo): Láo sesame is made from thin taro, then dried in the sun for 3 days. When eating people cut pieces of taro rectangular pieces and then mixed with sugar winning candy into candy, then roll over cooked sesame. The soft, crunchy sesame sesame seeds have the fragrance of sesame and the sweetness of the malt coating.

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