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Thai Binh is a coastal province in the Red River Delta, northern Vietnam. The provincial center is far from Hanoi capital about 110 km to the southeast and about 70 km away from Hai Phong city to the southwest. Thai Binh shares borders with five provinces and cities: Hai Duong in the north, Hung Yen in the northwest, Hai Phong in the northeast, Ha Nam in the west, Nam Dinh in the west and southwest and the East Sea (Gulf of Tonkin) in the east.


Thai Binh has no forests, four sides are surrounded by sea (one side is the sea, three sides are the Red river, Luoc river and Hoa river). The province has 53km of coastline and has Diem Dien seaport.


Coming to Thai Binh, tourists come to one of the nice sea cities of the Northern Vietnam where rare birds stop, seeing natural beauty in mangrove forest, swimming in Dong Chau Beach, and joining interesting the historical cultural works and folklore activities. In Thai Binh province, the most famous are still Keo pagoda, Dong Bang temple, Tien Ca temple, Long Hung palace with intricately carved bells, rare relics and talent turmeric. In addition, Thai Binh has nearly 30 different festivals such as Keo, Tien Ca, Dong Bang, Du spring festivals, vocational contests ... There are also many traditional handicraft villages such as silver carving, embroidery, weaving, woven mats ...


The attracted sights of Bac Giang


1. Dong Chau beach
Dong Chau Beach is one of the nicest beaches of Thai Binh province attracted tourists, special is tourists in the northern Vietnam. This place has a very unique charm because there are clams fields with countless watchtowers that are plugged under the sand of the sea, spread all over the eyes, adorned with lush green casuarina trees on the shore. 


2. Con Vanh eco-tourism area
Con Vanh eco-tourism area is about 50km from Thai Binh city. Coming to Con Vanh beach, visitours will be basking in the sun of the sea breeze, walking in the pine forest and listening to the murmur of the wind, enjoying the fresh seafood at restaurants reaching out to the sea.


3. Con Den eco-tourism area
Con Den eco-tourism area is a new and attractive tourist destination for visitors who love to explore because it has pristine vegetation. Visitors can drop their soul in front of the sea, explore the unique mangrove ecosystem when walking on the 500m long Bamboo Bridge of Con Den tourist area.


4. Keo Pagoda
Keo Pagoda is nearly 400 years old, this is one of the ancient temples in Vietnam preserved almost intact. With a large scale including many superficial constructions, Keo Thai Binh pagoda is considered as a masterpiece of wooden art, a testament to the talent of artisans in the Le Dynasty. Especially, Keo pagoda not only worshiped Buddha but also worshiped Holy with pre-Buddhist arrangement - post-saint, before and after very harmoniously.


5. Dong Bang Temple
Dong Bang Temple in An Le commune, Quynh Phu, is the place to worship Bat Hai Dong Dinh King, who has made great contributions to the maintenance of the country and recruited people to build Giang Son Xa commune in the early days.

Every year, Dong Bang Temple opens on August 20 (lunar calendar) to attract numerous visitors. Here, visitors will witness firsthand the religious activities as well as participate in many folk games. Especially, the two traditional folk sports activities that have been handed down from the past for a long time are wrestling and boat racing, recreating the scene of training and general training in the history of fighting against foreign invaders of the Tran Dynasty.


6. Bach Thuan garden village
Having more than 100 years of age, the garden village of Bach Thuan is located near the Red River with heavy alluvium and fertile soil. This is a typical old village in the Northern Delta region, also rumored to be the only garden village in Thai Binh province, which still retains many old Vietnamese sticky rice lines with long-term bonsai planting, mixed with orchards.


7. Dong Xam Silver Engraving Village  
The Dong Xam silver carving village has existed for over 500 years and is famous for its sophisticated art products. Dong Xam silver carvings stand out from the silver of other places in strange patterns of cubes, sophisticated but balanced, splendid decoration projects that clearly show the main theme ... showing the talents of Dong Xam artisans have handed down generations.


8. Phuong La - Thai Phuong weaving village
In addition to Dong Xam handicraft village, Thai Binh is also famous by Thai Phuong weaving village. Thai Phuong village is in Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province. If you choose this place as a destination in the Thai Binh tourism journey, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique products made from silk, weaving, satin ...


9. Hoi mats weaving village
Hoi village is famous for a longstanding mat weaving not only in Thai Binh, but also known in both the Northern Delta and the Red River basin. In Hoi village, no family has completely escaped from agricultural production, so the people here weave mats for only 8 months a year, and the remaining 4 months do farming.



The most famous Bac Giang specialties


1. Thai Thuy jellyfish salad (Nộm sứa Thái Thụy)
Thai Thuy is a coastal district of Thai Binh province, famous for 2 specialties: miscellaneous "Nhệch" fish salad and jellyfish salad. Jellyfish in Thai Thuy sea are transparent like glass, soft like a leaf and have a number of exploits up to tons every year.
Visiting Thai Thuy on summer days, you will enjoy the jellyfish salad with the refreshing taste, the crunchy taste of jellyfish, the rich taste of the fish sauce, the greasy peanut, the sweet fragrance of coconut and a little salty mussel smell of dried squid. 


2. Gio cakes of Ben Hiep village (Bánh Giò Bến Hiệp)
Banh Gio is a familiar morning dish of Thai Binh people. The cake is wrapped in a banana leaf, tied with bamboo strips and the cake is soft, delicious meat filling, can be eaten with a bit of very spicy hot chili sauce.


3. Quynh Coi fish noodle soup (Bánh canh Quỳnh Côi)
The origin of this dish is from Quynh Coi town, a small countryside about 20 km from Thai Binh city. Quynh Coi fish noodle soup here made from the traditional glutinous rice cake village in Quynh Coi, with the sweet and rich taste of the piece of firm fish fragrant with the smell of turmeric ginger, some green vegetables, fish sauce, wafting with fragrance Thai Binh rice countryside, whoever tried it would be unforgettable.


4. Turmeric cake (bánh nghệ)
Eye-catching with its golden color and the aromatic, hot, aromatic aroma, turmeric cake is also a special dish of Thai Binh land that you should try.


5. Bung noodles (bún Bung)
Bung noodles with elephant ears tree, pettitoes and mixed meat, ... with rich broth from pork bones is a favorite and popular dish in the North. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Thai Binh, this is also an ideal suggestion for you to experience new cuisine.


6. Cay cake of Nguyen Village (Bánh cáy làng Nguyên)
Thai Binh is famous for its specialties of Cáy cake, Nguyen Xa commune, Dong Hung district. Cáy cake has all the sweetness, softness and tough. The best way to enjoy the fiddly cake is to be sipped by a hot green teapot in the cold weather, the warm tea flavor combined with the hot spicy taste of ginger in the cake will make the person feel warm and refreshing.   Cell phone/WhatsaApp/Viber/Zalo: +84.933.665.709 or +84.919.507.208


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