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It is located right next to the fertile Mekong river, nature has bestowed An Giang many favorable conditions not only for agricultural development but also for promoting eco-tourism. An Giang is like a miniature picture of the Mekong Delta, colorful and extremely peaceful and poetic.

As a upstream province of the Mekong River, there is a very convenient waterway and road system. The province's main transport is part of an important national and international inter-regional transport network, with international border gates of Tinh Bien, Vinh Xuong - Tan Chau and Long Binh - An Phu. It is an advantage for the process of opening, developing and integrating An Giang economy with other provinces in the region and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia

In An Giang, there are many attractive tourist destinations with the most concentrated in Long Xuyen city and Chau Doc city.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to try in Angiang province.

Places to Visit in Angiang

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Tra Su Melaleuca forests in Tinh Bien district with extremely rich ecosystems diverse area of ​​about 850 ha. You will have the opportunity to cruise on a boat to watch a part of the floating season in the Mekong Delta.

The two sides of the water are rows of shady mangrove trees, floating green water cabbages cover the whole surface of the water, boats cruise slowly surfing rhythmically according to the peddling of rowing.

In the early morning, the birds singing and chirping to the sunshine to wake up early in the morning are the time when you feel the peaceful pleasure in your soul.


Bung Binh Thien Lake

Bung Binh Thien is a freshwater lake located 25km from Chau Doc city. By the time the hyacinth flowers bloom in full purple, they show off their fragrance in the blue sky. Mixed with those are the blooming yellow flowers of Sesbania sesban(Dien Dien Flower).

You will feel quite surprised when admiring the beauty from the sesbania sesban flowers, you can enjoy Mekong Delta specialties from those beautiful flowers. Coming to Bung Binh Thien, you still have the opportunity to learn about ancient Cham culture, which is still quite intact.


Chau Doc Floating Village

If anyone has ever visited An Giang, then they certainly will not miss the floating village Chau Doc - the charming scenery. One of the unique cultural characteristics of the Southern River region.

Chau Doc floating village is not only for people to live on fish farming but also an interesting destination that tourists come to learn and experience the daily life of the people here.


Oc Eo Heritage Site

It is one of the largest and most famous ancient relics in An Giang today. It not only is the place for archaeologists to study Oc Eo culture, but it is also an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

Coming here, you will learn about traces and relics about a brilliant development period of ancient An Giang land and the Mekong Delta today.


Ba Chua Xu Temple

Ba Chua Xu Temple is a famous spiritual place in An Giang, with beautiful architecture and high artistic value. It was built in the national style, the 4 roofs are square, roofing gentle green jade tiles. The Lady statue is also carved out of blue stone, bearing the god Venus’s taste.

Although it is a spiritual place, every year, this place attracts many tourists to visit. Especially at the end of April every year with the festival of Ladya Chua Xu. Coming here, you will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of the festival and at the same time pray for good luck for their families and themselves.


That Son-Cam Mountain Angiang

Those who love traveling to An Giang will surely know it as "The Seven Mountains Region". There are 7 beautiful and famous mountains including: Cam Mountain, Co To Mountain, Dai Mountain, Tuong Mountain, Ket Mountain, Nuoc Mountain and Nam Gieng Mountain. In particular, Cam An Mountain is a place that attracts a lot of tourists across the country to visit.

Cam Mountain is also known as "Ong Cam Mountain" or "Thien Cam Son, Thien Cam Son". Located in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, with the height of 705m above sea level, the circumference of 28,600m. In particular, Bo Hong peak on Cam Mountain is the highest mountain in That Son and also the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta.

It has a majestic appearance, the climate is extremely cool, beautiful scenery with lush green trees all year round. You come to Cam Mountain, you will be able to visit the unique architectural works such as Van Linh Pagoda, Dien Bo Hong, Maitreya Buddha Statue, etc.


Sam Mountain
Sam Mountain is one of the mountains of the famous Seven Mountains area in An Giang. It is located in the Mekong Delta, around Sam Mountain there are many rice fields and interlaced canals. Looking down from above, it will be a more wonderful natural scenery.

It is located 284m above sea level, Sam Mountain is one of the famous tourist destinations in An Giang. There are 200 temples, pagodas, temples and shrines scattered from the foot of the mountain to the top. The most famous of which is Ba Chua Xu Pagoda, during the festive season, many tourists across the country have come here to make a pilgrimage, to pray for peace.

In addition to being called Sam Mountain, this mountain is known by many others as Vinh Te Son or Ngoc Lanh Son. The mountain belongs to Vinh Te commune, now Nui Sam ward, Chau Doc city, An Giang province, Vietnam.


Tay An Pagoda

Tay An Pagoda, also known as An Co pagoda - is a Buddhist pagoda, belonging to the Bac Tong sect, it is located at the foot of Sam mountain in Nui Sam ward, Chau Doc city, An Giang province. More specifically, the pagoda is also a historical symbol for the architectural exchange between Vietnam and India.

Today's pagoda architecture was embellished under the reign of Venerable Buu Tho in 1958. He built 3 more old floors, the front of the pagoda and repaired the main hall, creating additional oriental architecture features combined with the Indian architecture. From 1993 up to now, the abbot, Thich Hue Kinh, has organized and restored many new constructions to serve the tourists who come to the pilgrimage every year.

Tay An Co Tu is one of the famous Chau Doc tourist destinations that anyone coming to Chau Doc has heard about. Here the natural scenery is extremely beautiful and charming, making visitors admiring and feeling relaxed. Tay An Pagoda is not only valuable for unique ancient architectural art but it is also a place for preserving many beautiful cultural and religious values ​​associated with the reclamation and establishment of hamlets of ancient An Giang people.


Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb

Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, also known as Son Lang, is a rare construction under the Nguyen Dynasty still remaining intact in southern lands. Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb is not only a superficial and beautiful work, but also has a great significance for ancient history, culture and architecture.

Currently, this place still preserves many other valuable treasures such as: distich, orations, stelas... all praising the merits of their predecessors, evoking a the glorious time of his fathers during the years of reclaiming, expanding the realms, leaving behind an invaluable heritage.


Cham Village Chau Giang

Among Cham villages in An Giang, it can be said that Cham Chau Giang is a place that still retains quite a lot of unique cultural features in both material and spiritual life. Highlights include traditional brocade weaving, stilt customs and Muslim beliefs in the shadow of a cathedral. It is from this that Cham Chau Giang village is often sought by writers, poets and musicians to get inspiration for writing many literary and artistic works.

Also here, you will be visiting to learn about traditional brocade weaving that has existed for hundreds of years. Although brocade here is not much different from brocade of Cham people in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. But because of the cultural continuity, religious beliefs are different, each pattern presented on each product has created a unique impression.


Chau Giang Mosque( Mubarak Mosque)

With the large Muslim Cham community, An Giang has many Mosques; The most prominent is the Mubarak Mosque which  is recognized as a national heritage. Mubarak mosque is magnificent - a sanctuary in belief, community cultural activities of Cham Muslims. The cathedral has a unique architecture, a round tower, and the main gate is shaped like an arc. The roof of the cathedral has a large two-story oval tower, the base of the tower is shaped like a crescent moon and a star, symbolizing Islam. This is one of the high-value works, and is an attractive attraction in Cham Chau Giang village.


Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque
Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque, located in Chau Phong commune, Tan Chau town, An Giang province, was built from 1959. Until 2012, the mosque was restored and expanded again. This is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in this land, and became a religious symbol of the Muslim residents living here.

Visiting Masjid Jamiul Azhar, the first thing you will see is a cemetery with simple rows of stelae carved with the names of the deceased in front of the entrance, creating a mysterious but also fascinating scene. It makes visitors want to visit, discover more about the stories hidden behind this beautiful mosque.

Then when stepping into the cathedral premises, people are more surprised when admiring the unique design of the inner works. There you will see the wide high arches, stylized border frames, crescent moon symbols and many other sharp lines. All clearly reflect the ancient architecture of Islam, leaving Masjid Jamiul Azhar as carrying in a mysterious breath passed down thousands of years ago.

Masjid Jamiul Azhar stands out in the sunny sky in An Giang because this mosque is decorated mainly with two colors of white and turquoise. A unique blend but also full of charm, mingling with blue sky and white clouds create a beautiful scenery that everyone wants to see.


Specialties of Angiang

Ni Rice and Cà Púa

In this village of Cham Chau Giang, Ni Rice and Cà Púa are two famous traditional dishes of the ethnic people here. These two dishes are a harmonious, complementary combination, relatively sophisticated, unique and quite strange way of cooking for both Vietnamese and international travelers.

Rice cooks with milk, also adding raisins. While Cà Púa uses unique processing beef, using a variety of ingredients such as wine, ginger, water Coconut milk, curry, onion, peanuts, etc. All of them create a unique feature for the dishes of the Cham ethnic people in Chau Giang. This dish gives people a delicious feeling, so strange mouth, filling but not fed up.


Seven Dishes Beef Nui sam

Seven dishes beef Sam (An Giang) includes dishes such as boiled beef heart, beef boiled with rice cakes, beef head porridge, beef bread, stir-fried beef with local leaves, beef steak and beef dices. The beef here is tender, the sweetness is very natural, so it is delicious to cook in any style. Such as beef stir-fried with giang leaves, the sweet taste of beef blends with the sour and tender taste of the leaves, and the spicy taste of peppercorns, the spicy of chili, the fat of roasted peanuts and coconut milk.






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