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Tuyen Quang is a province located in the northern mountains, 140km from Hanoi capital. Tuyen Quang province shares borders to Ha Giang in the north, Cao Bang in the northeast, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen in the east, Vinh Phuc in the South, Phu Tho in the southwest and Yen Bai in the west

Tuyen Quang tourism is not only famous for its charming scenery but also it is the cradle of the national liberation movement. Although the province still has many hidden potentials, not yet exploited.

The attracted sights of Hanoi

1. Tan Trao Relic Area
Tan Trao is a small valley in Son Duong district, located between high mountains and great forests, more than 40km from Tuyen Quang city to the East and 200km from Hanoi capital. Tan Trao, which was the revolutionary base of Vietnam in the period before the August Revolution, was the provisional capital of the liberation zone, where the Indochinese Communist Party conducted a national conference to decide the total uprising.

Tan Trao relics are Tan Trao communal house, Hong Thai communal house, si tree and Tan Trao banyan tree. The shack of President Ho Chi Minh was from June to August 1945 before returning to Hanoi.


2. Na Hang lake
Na Hang lake (Na Hang district): In the pristine beauty of mountainous region, Na Hang lake is the convergence of Nang and Gam rivers in the gentle flow. Surrounded by 99 undulating mountains, embellishing the white cascades, rustic villages ... The charming paintings of this place are gradually awakened and become a wonderful tourist product


3. Huong Nghiem Pagoda

Huong Nghiem Pagoda (Huong Nham or Hang Pagoda) is located in the heart of rocky mountains, on the way to the historic Binh Ca ferry about 4 km away, in An Khang commune. This is an ancient temple built in the 8th Great Principal (XVI century), during the reign of Thai Tong Mac Dang Doanh (1537). 
Locals also call the pagoda the name Hang Pagoda, because the pagoda is located in a natural stone cave, surrounded by many drooping stalactites, with many strange shapes of stalactites creating a magnificent beauty that attracts visitors pagoda.


4. Khuoi Nhi Waterfall.
It is a spectacular waterfall that attracts the most tourists from Cao Bang. As you approach the tower, you will see the majestic scenery. The cascade from above suddenly poured down, making the white bubble burst like a desert painting, so beautiful that it stirred people's hearts. Many tourists prefer to come to Khuoi Nhi waterfall not only to soak in the cool, blue water but also to enjoy the unique massage service from the school of small fish.

5. Ban Ba ​​Waterfall.
Located in Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province, Ban Ba ​​waterfall has a wild and poetic beauty, considered by the locals as a beautiful girl who has not used makeup.

6. Tien Cave.
Known as Phong Nha cave of Northeast forest. Tien Cave is located in Thong Nhat Hamlet, Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen, 60km from Tuyen Quang City. The cave has 3 paths, located 300m from the foot of the mountain. With a large area can accommodate thousands of people. Inside the cave there are stalactites of all kinds of strange shapes created by nature's creation thousands of years ago.


The most famous Tuyen Quang specialties

1. Na Hang corn wine (Rượu ngô Na Hang)
A type of wine brewed in the traditional recipe of the people of Tuyen Quang, with different herbs. Wine tastes cool, sweet but easy to be drunk. This is a specialty that many travelers like to try when traveling to Tuyen Quang.



2. Song Lo Bỗng fish Salad (Gỏi cá Bỗng sông Lô)
When coming to Tuyen Quang, going along the embankment of Lo River, many shops have this special salad. When enjoying the fish salad suddenly visitors will feel the sweetness of the fish, gradually absorbed with the crispy taste, aroma of bone and in the dish of roasted peanuts, when dipped with broth, eaten with raw vegetables, you will feel The food is wonderful. 



3. Grilled black pork (Thịt lợn đen nướng)
As a typical local dish, the raw material is black pork, which is raised by Na Hang farmers, black pork eat vegetables and grass and live in natural outside, so the pork is crunchy, fragrant, firm. fat ... Tuyen Quang people often bring pork to process into many different dishes such as galangal roast pork, fried ...   Cell phone/WhatsaApp/Viber/Zalo: +84.933.665.709 or +84.919.507.208


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