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Vinh Long Province is located between the two largest rivers of the Mekong Delta which are Tien river and Hau river. Therefore, there is fresh water all year round, which is an invaluable resource that nature offers. Vinh Long has an intermittent network of rivers, forming a fairly complete natural water distribution system, together with a large annual average rainfall, creating favorable conditions for production and daily life of the people.

Vinh Long province is 135 km south of Ho Chi Minh City, 33 km from Can Tho city to the North. In general, Vinh Long province is like a rhombus located in the center of the Mekong Delta downstream, bordering Ben Tre to the east and Tra Vinh province to the southeast with Can Tho city to the west, Can Tho city to the east. The North West borders Dong Thap province, the Northeast borders to Tien Giang province, the South West borders Hau Giang and Soc Trang provinces.

Due to the topography and history formed, from the three ethnic groups of Kinh, Khmer, Chinese who have lived here for a long time, have merged and created a unique culture for this land. Vinh Long has many different types of folklore such as: saying poetry in Van Tien, talking in tales, speaking in rhymes, singing Hue Tinh, reforming ... Vinh Long is also home to many historical and cultural relics such as: Citadel Ho, Cong Than Mieu Vinh Long, Tan Giai communal house, Tan Hoa communal house, Van Thanh Mieu Vinh Long temple, the memorial zone for the late Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pham Hung.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Vinhlong province.




Places to visit in Vinhlong Province

Vung Liem

Vung Liem is an agricultural district in the east, far from the city center of Vinh Long province. From Vung Liem District you can easily go to Cang Long district, Tra On district, Co Chien river.


Vung Liem Pagoda is often referred to as Khmer Vung Liem Pagoda, the name Sanghamangala Temple in Pali language is "Increased happiness".

 The pagoda is located in Trung Thanh commune, Vung Liem district, Vinh Long province. The pagoda belongs to the Nam Tong sect (Khmer).

The pagoda was built long ago. Some documents indicate that the pagoda was built in 1339 on an area of ​​3 hectares. The current main hall was built in 1964, and the three gates tower was built in 1974.

Having the opportunity to come to Vinh Long, you should not miss a sightseeing tour of Vung Liem Pagoda, so that you can find a peaceful place, dispel all tiredness, worries of life and discover the beauty of culture, traditions here.


Tra On Floating Market

Coming to Mekong Delta, you definitely cannot miss Floating Market - a unique culture of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Floating markets where farmers bring their own produces by boats here to sell and also the customers come here by boats as  their transportation. Usually the market will be held early in the morning at the intersection of canals and rivers. Floating Market is not only a place for fresh fruits, agricultural products and many other items, it also attracts tourists to visit and explore the special lifestyle of the river.

This market can be considered as the second largest floating market after Cai Rang. Tra On floating market is located on Hau river, Tra On district, Vinh province, bordering 3 provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. This market has a unique point that it is opening from early morning 2am to 8am is the market. Mainly this market is a wholesale market where fruits are transported everywhere across the country and there are also household items: cloth, appliances ... And you can see the river vendors selling noodles, breads as breakfast on the river. And your watching the bustling atmosphere of the morning market is also a new way of life.


Van Thanh Mieu( Temple of Literature)

The honoring master is a long-standing tradition of our nation, so there are many architectural constuctions built with the meaning of maintaining that good morality. The people of Vinh Long also gave the same meaning when building this Van Thanh Mieu.

Van Thanh Mieu is located in a wide area along the bank of Long Ho River in ward 4, Vinh Long city. The relic is still being renovated by the local government in order to maintain the good meaning and to renovate this place into a familiar tourist destination in Vinh Long province.


Eco-tourism and Ancient Houses

The ancient house ecological area deserves to be Vinh Long's tourist destination with the most nostalgic feeling for visitors. It is called the ecological zone because outside the old houses were ever long-standing with time, they are surrounded by ornamental plants, orchards which create a sense of harmony and greenness.

Even people who are not sure about the architecture, they must admire when they are looking at the sculptures of birds, flowers, ... The old house is built entirely of precious wood, with a history longer than the age of any tourist in the group.


An Binh Island
Coming to a typical southern province like Vinh Long, it is impossible not to visit the luxuriant islets. An Binh islet is an ever-ending fruit warehouse of Vinh Long province, it is famous for its delicious sweet fruits.

You come to this place, besides you take cruising on the creeks, watching the lush rich hamlets. You have the opportunity to visit many interesting tourist attractions nearby. Bonsai garden of Sau Giao in Binh Thuan hamlet, Hoa Ninh commune, stilt house of Mr. Muoi Day, wooden stilt house on Ninh Hoa canal.  The old house of Mr. Hai Hoang was built in French architecture with large yard and behind it is a rambutan garden and longan, ... countless small interesting things are hidden carefully by the people of Vinh Long on An Binh islet.


Tien Chau Pagoda

A tourist destination in Vinh Long that is well-known by tourists is Tien Chau Pagoda. The pagoda stands out in an elegant pale yellow tone, striking in the surrounding green space.

The pagoda interior is beautifully and elegantly decorated. In the middle of the four pillars is the worshiping altar. Inside the religious position of a giant Buddha image of Amitabha. Not far from Vinh Long city, but this place is less populated, houses are sparse, adding a solemn feeling to the pagoda.


Stone Bhuddist Garden

This  Stone Bhuddist garden was built in an area of ​​over 4,000m2, belonging to Phuoc Hau Pagoda (Tam Binh, Vinh Long), initiated by Venerable Thich Phuoc Can, abbot of Phuoc Hau Pagoda.

The garden has 500 Bhuddist pages carved on 250 stone slabs. Meaningful Buddhist constructions of Vinh Long are attracting more and more tourists across the country to visit.


Long Thanh Communal House

Long Thanh Communal House in Vinh Long has a long time, located in alley 4, Ward 5, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long Province, on the banks of the Long Ho River, about 3km from the city center. You should go to Dinh Long Thanh on big holidays like Ha Dien on the 14th and 15th of the third lunar month and Thuong Dien on the 16th and 17th of the october lunar calendar. Certainly, when you come here on the right occasion, you will be immersed in the stream of people from other places to visit in the very solemn and sacred atmosphere. Through several wars, Long Thanh communal house is well preserved. It is becoming a place of many cultural activities and festivals of local residents. This historical and cultural relic is an attractive and meeting place for tourists when returning to Vinh Long.


Mang Thit Clay Brick Village

The kingdom of Mang Thit brick is located along the Co Chien River, Cai Nhum River, Thay Cai Canal and straight, paved roads in Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province.

The rivers in Mang Thit district are mostly derived from two main tributaries, namely Tien and Hau rivers. Therefore, Mang Thit - Vinh Long land always receives plentiful alluvium every year, fostering valuable primary red soil for this land.

The traditional village of pottery making and brick burning has existed in Mang Thit district for a long time and it is one of the localities with the largest craft kilns and pottery kilns in the Mekong Delta. During the Vinh Long tour, you will see the kingdom of Mang Thit clay brick with nearly 1000 brick manufacturing facilities with about 2000 kilns.


Specialties of Vinhlong

Deep fried Elephant Ear Fish

In Vinh Long, the elephant ear fish has long become a first-class delicacy with fried style. The fish will be left full scale, just clean the intestines and put in a pan of boiling oil on the stove. The cook of this dish must watch the fire and flip the fish carefully to make the sides brittle, avoiding the meat being crushed.

As a result, the crust has a crunchy texture and the fish meat has aromatic toughness, served with rice paper, vermicelli and fresh vegetables with the dipping sweet and sour garlic sauce.


Cicadas Vinhlong

Coming to the ecotourism gardens in Vinh Long this season, you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cicada and relax in the hammock in the middle of the cool garden. This is also the unique "way" of many gardeners in Vinh Long to attract visitors from the city. According to Oriental medicine, cicadas used to treat fever, seizures in children, convulsive limbs, coughs loss of voice, middle ear infection ... Recently, cicadas have been processed into many delicious and popular dishes in Vinh Long.


Tiger Prawns
On the attractive charcoal stove, the tiger prawns will turn from pink to red, it means the prawns are cooked. The delicious prawn meat and the complex aroma attract any travelers. To enjoy grilled prawns, it is much more tasty with lemon pepper salt.






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