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Phu Yen is bestowed with a quite diverse and natural landscape system with mountains, plateaus, deltas, rivers, lakes, lagoons, bays, islands ... Some typical landscapes are Ganh Da Dia, O Loan Lagoon, Da Bia Mountain, Xuan Dai Bay, Mon Beach, Dien Cape, national historical relics such as Ro Ro, Nhan Mountain and Da Rang River, etc.

Phu Yen province is in the South Central Coast, connecting Binh Dinh and Khanh Hoa. This place has a gentle, charming beauty with embracing two passes: Cu Mong Pass borders Binh Dinh and Ca Pass borders Khanh Hoa. Highlights of this province when arriving here is the image of an immense rice paddies, smooth green beaches, fresh water lagoons,…

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Phuyen Province.



Places to Visit in Phu Yen

Vung Ro Bay

It is located in Hoa Xuan Nam Commune, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen and a natural boundary on the sea between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, Vung Ro Bay is a pristine bay area stretching over 16 km2 surrounded by majestic mountain ranges: Deo Ca, Da Bia and Hon Ba. Although the area is not too large, the bay possesses a peaceful beauty and a poetic landscape like a water painting with a calm coastline.

With terrain surrounded by mountains, Vung Ro Bay was a strategic location in the resistance war and it witnessed many fierce wars in history. Today, this place has been dressed in a vibrant new shirt with hundreds of busy boats moored closely.


Mai Nha Island( Cu Lao Mai Nha)

Mai Nha Island (also known as Roof Island) is a small island in the middle of the vast sky, in An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Because of its own unique pristine features, the Roof Island is known as the "wild island Robinson" of Phuyen and it becomes a tourist attraction. The ideal time to explore usually starts around 3-4 months and lasts until August.

Roof island is also where you can watch the magical beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Although seemingly familiar scenes every day, but if you have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery in a remoted place like this, it will also be a unique, different experience and it will leave a deep impression in your heart.


Genh Da Dia( Disc rock rapids)

Phu Yen Rock Rapids - famous scenic spots not only on Vietnam's tourist map but also famous with international friends by the unique beauty and majesty of nature. Phu Yen Rock rapids is considered an interesting tourist destination with a great combination of water rock rapids and immense sky.
Ghenh Dia is in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. It is an unique landscape as the rocks here or in circles, or squares, have created a natural setting that is intentionally arranged by nature. From above, the rocky rapids are like a giant, black and rugged beehive. Or can be like the plates, jagged, stacked in brick kilns. This place is blessed by nature for poetic beauty, harmonious with water, beautiful as a water-color painting. Da Dia Rock is a beautiful and interesting place that attracts may tourists.



Ganh Den Rock

The original name of this place was Black Stone Reef, but since the lighthouse was built, fishermen used to call it Ganh Den. Streching along the coast about 1km, Ganh Den is made of light pink rocks stacked up randomly, from a distance it looks like a beautiful picture painted by nature. Because it is one of the places not yet widely known, it still retains the wild character of nature.


Xep Beach

It is located in the north of Tuy Hoa city, about 500m long, Bai Xep is a beautiful, wild and peaceful place. After the success of the movie "I saw yellow flowers on the green grass", this place became more popular than before. And it isnot to let tourists be disappointed, looking down from the Ganh, the peaceful and charming Xep beach, the green of the grass on the prairies stretching along the blue of water, the strong cacti grow. It is an ideal destination for you to take photos in Phu Yen.


Chua Island

Chua is an island of special structure with large and small rocks lying on top of each other with steep cliffs and many green bushes. Because of this structure, the island does not have many large trees, most of them are thorny plants or shrubs. Some casuarina, coconut, and almond trees on the island are brought from the mainland to plant. This place still retains its pristine beauty, which attracts many tourists to admire and explore.

Around Hon Chua are coral reefs with an area of ​​up to 100ha, including many types of corals with colorful, diverse and rich species and sizes. Just with a life jacket and diving goggles, you will have the opportunity to admire an "coral kingdom" under the cool blue ocean.


O Loan Lagoon

The most famous legend is a story about a fairy named Loan. Legend said that there was a beautiful fairy, she loved to travel to enjoy the beautiful landscapes on earth. She flew with O Thuoc Bird and she flew down to the earth. When she arrived in Tuy An, the bird got tired of its wings and landed here, sadly both of them lost their lives here and turned into this lagoon. From then on, people took her name from O Thuoc and O Loan for this lagoon.


Xuan Dai Bay

It is located on National Highway 1A stretching about 50km along the East coast from Song Cau town to Tuy An district in the North of Phu Yen province, Xuan Dai Bay appears as beautiful as a beautiful painting. The bay is made up of a mountain range that runs out to the ocean about 15km, looking like a unicorn's head.

The three sides of the bay are surrounded by mountains. The rock adjacent to the sea surface was eroded by waves, creating strange shapes. Few bays have a diverse mix of topography like Xuan Dai Bay - rapids linking the lagoon, the lagoon connecting the beach and the rolling mountain beach. In the bay itself, there are dozen large and small bays.


Ca Pass

The road to the Ca Pass bends like a silk band between the green of mountains and forests. There are bends that seem impossible to steer wheels. Passing through the towering rocky blocks, there is a feeling of majestic nature. The danger of Ca Pass is like swallowing anyone who wants to pass through. It is not only the majestic scenery, the Ca Pass is also very poetic with a green space full of life, the sky is cloudless, the fresh breeze. The natural beauty is like wanting to hold on to the footsteps of a travelers.


Dai Lanh Light House
Located on Dai Lanh Cape (a branch of Truong Son mountain range), in Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province, Dai Lanh lighthouse was built by the French in the late 19th century with an area of ​​over 300m2. The moment of welcoming the first rays of the sun rising gradually on the horizon in the picturesque natural landscape on Dai Lanh lighthouse will be an interesting experience you will never forget throughout your life.


Mang Lang Church

Mang Lang Church is located about 35km north of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen and is one of the oldest churches in Phu Yen in particular and Vietnam in general. The highlight of the church is the unique Gothic architecture dating back about 1200 BC. Looking at Màng Lăng, you will feel very familiar because its appearance is characterized by the European churches that you have seen a lot on TV or magazine comics. This architectural style is so famous in the world that there are many Gothic-built buildings that have been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.


Nhan Cham Tower

Nhan Tower is a famous tower in Phu Yen with many unsolved mysteries. The tower is located near the top of Nhan mountain on the north bank of Da Rang river.

Talking about the origin of this tower, there are a lot of legends. Some people believe that, in the past, there was a fairy Thien Y A Na descending to teach people in this land everything from plowing, weaving, spinning ... to make a living. After the fairy returned to the realms, the people of Champa missed her and they wanted to commemorate the founder of their people and they built that tower to worship.


Specialties of Phu Yen

Ocean Tuna Eye Dish

Coming to Phu Yen, you cannot miss tuna eye dish, which makes visitors curious and want to taste it. This specialty dish is specially prepared and nutritious. Tuna eyes, after being cleaned, are put into a small bowl to stew. A special feature is the stewed tuna eye with some Chinese herbs such as jujube, goji berries, vegetables, etc. The taste of the fish's eye is thus made more sweet and pleasant.


Chicken Rice
Chicken rice in Phu Yen has a very different point. The rice grains cooked with chicken broth are also added with a small amount of ground turmeric to create an eye-catching yellow color. Soft rice grains served with shredded chicken or whole thighs, chili mint leaves, pickles, etc. In particular, chicken rice dish in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen is served with extremely special soup and dipping sauce. The ingenuity in mixing has created a very unique flavor that makes visitors remember forever.







The Mag
Son Doong Cave was granted a 10-year license to operate tourism.

Son Doong Cave was granted a 10-year license to operate tourism.


On December 5th 2019, the People Committee of Quang Binh province said that it had agreed to license Chua Me Dat One Member Limited Liability Company to serve tourism products; Conquer Son Doong - the largest cave in the world, until the end of 2030. Son Doong cave was licensed for such a long time for the first time. Previously, this cave was licensed to serve tourism in each year.
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Long Bien Bridge is a new selfie hotspot

Long Bien Bridge is a new selfie hotspot


After the railroad coffee street, a favorite photography spot for national and foreign tourists, closed. Despite the dangers, young people and tourists look to the train tracks on Long Bien Bridge to take photos. Specific sections of the bridge are marked off for pedestrians, but some overzealous photo-seekers are reportedly climbing over the barriers and onto the train tracks in pursuit of the...
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Sweden promised to support Vietnam 1 billion USD credit package for aviation development

Sweden promised to support Vietnam 1 billion USD credit package for aviation development


Sweden promised to support Vietnam 1 billion USD credit package for aviation development This afternoon 13th Dec 2019, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The received and worked with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sweden in Vietnam Ms. Ann Mawe to promote the potential of transport cooperation between the two countries.
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Ninh Chu - The destination of international kite surfing

Ninh Chu - The destination of international kite surfing


Ninh Chu (Ninh Thuan) is a magnet for kite surfing enthusiasts at home and abroad. Located about 5 km from the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city, Ninh Chu beach with a length of 10 km, in an arc shape, has long been famous in the international kite surfing community. The advantage of Ninh Chu is the calm sea surface, the average wind speed of 17miles per hour is very suitable for kitesurfing....
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