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Bac Lieu is a quite interesting land, located in the southernmost part of the country. The province  It shares its border with Can Tho City and Soc Trang Province to the north, the East Sea to the south, Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces to the west. Bac Lieu is 280km from Ho Chi Minh City, 67km from Ca Mau, 50km from Soc Trang, and 113km from Can Tho.


Bac Lieu has many large rice paddies and fertile land, which make a good condition for fruit tree planting....In addition to rice growing, there is mat making; on the coast, salt is obtained by evaporation; and there is also a fishing industry.


For Vietnamese, Bac Lieu was known not only the home to the very famous musician Cao Van Lau, the composer of a long-living folk song named “Da co hoai lang”, - father of southern traditional folk songs "Cải Lương at present" and was also famous legend land of famous story of Bac Lieu mandarin’ son


The attracted sights of Bac Lieu


1. Bac Lieu mandarin’s son house

Located at 13 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu mandarin's son house is a famous tourist destination. This house is one of 3 old houses representing the Mekong Delta culture in the past. 


“Bac Lieu mandarin’s son” was used to refer sons of rich families in Bac Lieu Province in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Of which, the most famous one is Tran Trinh Huy (1900-1974) - A notorious playboy of this land and the name “Bac Lieu mandarin’s son” was almost for him only 


The villa of Bac Lieu mandarin’s son (also known as Big House) was built in 1919 with most of raw materials imported from Paris, France such as cast steel, stone tiles, bricks, decorative iron frames, etc. After completion, this was considered as the most luxurious and largest house in the South region at that time.


 2. Vinh Hung Ancient Tower - Ancient Architecture Vestige
About 20 km from the center of Bac Lieu City, the Vinh Hung ancient tower is located in Vinh Hung A Commune, Vinh Loi District has been recognized as a national architectural monument. This tower was the only ancient architecture vestige in the Mekong River Delta of cultural and artistic value discovered by a French archaeologist in 1911.


This tower is originated from Angkor period of Khmer people, which is still preserved till nowadays. The tower is also known as Luc Hien or Bhah Dhat tower.

3. Xiem Can pagoda

A typical Khmer ancient temple in Bac Lieu, was built in the 19th century on an area of ​​up to 50,000 m². The pagoda decorated with many motifs, patterns, along with very unique carvings and sculptures.


4. Bac Lieu beach
With 156 km of coastline and important estuaries such as Ganh Hao, Nha Mat, Cai Cung and Vinh Hau, coming to Bac Lieu, you can immerse yourself in sea houses, sipping seafood, and breathing in the chest. cool sea breeze. Bac Lieu beach does not have white sandy beaches like Nha Trang, Vung Tau ... but there are far sandy beaches that bring fresh coastal specialties.


5. Quan Âm Phật Đài Pagoda
Quan Âm Phật Đài Pagoda is known as Phật Bà Nam Hải pagoda in Bac Lieu. This is buddhist pagoda, built in 1975, the pagoda is home to the Mekong Delta’s largest spiri
tual festival that takes place every year from the 22nd to 24th of the third lunar month to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Goddess. The attraction of this pagoda is the 11m tall Buddha statue facing the Sea, as if protecting and blessing the fishermen in this area.


6. The ancient longan garden in Bac Lieu
The mekong delta is the land of orchards and longan is one of the attractive specialties in Bac Lieu. 
From Bac Lieu city, following the road named the late composer Cao Van Lau about 6km to the south, you will see a glimpse of longan garden stretching over 11km from Hiep Thanh to Vinh Trach Dong, known as the hundred-year-old longan garden. Stepping into the garden, you can pick up delicious bunches of longan and enjoy a rustic garden meal. In the midst of the cool breeze, sitting in the garden eating specialties, you will also hear the unique melody of amateurs.


7. Bac Lieu bird garden 
About 6 km from the city of Bac Lieu towards Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu bird sanctuary is the nesting place for many waterfowl, typically the le le, storks, herons, cauldron, stakes, black rod… birds often gather in the rainy season from May to October. Coming to Bac Lieu bird garden, the most interesting thing is standing on the watchtower with the canopy of trees below.


8. Bac Lieu wind fan field 
Wind fan wind field of Bac Lieu is called by tourist for this place. In fact it is wind power plant in Bac Lieu. From the center of Bac Lieu city to come here about 20km, but at a distance of 10 km, visitors can see but the "iron fan" turns evenly on the clear blue sky, bringing a beautiful natural scenery.


9. Memorial House - Cao Van Lau musician

Musician Cao Van Lau (1892-1976) is most famous for composing the classic song Da Co Hoai Lang (Night song for a missing husband), which has been covered by generations of singers since Lau's passing. The song composed in 1919 tells of a wife who awaits her husband's return from the battlefield as she listens to the sounds of war drums.

He is person who built the southern folk songs foundations. Therefore, people in Bac Lieu love and are proud of him. When he died, the Bac Lieu government built a very spacious memorial.

Here, visitors heard about his background, his career, the art development process from Da Co village. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit free photo galleries of costumes, musical instruments, wax models of traditional folk songs ... In 1997, the souvenir area was recognized as a provincial historical monument.


10. Bac Lieu salt field
As a source of large amounts of salt for the Mekong Delta region, the salt field is a feature of Bac Lieu province. The salt fields are divided into square, rows, and straight lines. Under the intense sunlight, the peasants attentively worked. Salt crystallized in white cells, sparkling. Bac Lieu sea is quite clean, high salinity so salt is good and harvest quickly. Taking advantage of this, the people here are always working hard, making floods to produce white salt grains.


The most famous Bac Lieu specialties

There is no denying how rich and diverse the cuisine in our country is. In every province, there are hundreds and dozens of different dishes. Delicious dishes in Bac Lieu are not missing. 


1. Grilled Noodle & spring rolls in Bac Lieu.
This rustic dish is the first famous specialty that I want to introduce to you. This dish is so famous that almost every street in Bac Lieu sells this dish.

Noodle here really big and thick like noodles, people eat with grilled spring rolls, salty soy sauce. It's cost about 30,000 VND, enjoy 1 bowl.


2. Bac Lieu dry noodles.
Everywhere, each region brings its own flavor. But the noodle soup in Bac Lieu is even more special. Whoever eats once will remember not to forget, enjoy once and want to eat again.

In fact, the processing of dry noodles is not difficult, raw materials are not special. But through the skillful hands of the local people become extremely attractive.


3. Noodle with beef
Braised beef noodle soup is an attractive traditional specialty in Bac Lieu. This dish is the perfect choice for spicy believers. For those who do not eat spicy food, do not worry, just tell the owner 1 hour. That you will have a bowl of rice noodles suitable for your taste. Not only dry beef jerky but also a lot of dishes are sold in Bac Lieu.


4. Hotpot sauce.
Referring to specialties in Bac Lieu. But omitting the sauce hotpot is a very big shortcoming. Listening to the name of hot sauce, many people will think this dish is very salty or cannot imagine the ingredients of the dish.

However, the hotpot is processed very well, enjoying hotpot sauce on healthy winter days, or at the end of autumn when the wind blows, nothing is equal. Sitting with friends around a delicious hotpot with eight stories together and enjoying highland specialties is nothing more.


5. Pancakes
Do not see this simple dish of pancakes everywhere also sold. But accidentally omitted a strong flavor, attractive here. Not only tourists but also locals are extremely fond of this dish. Pancakes use a lot of ingredients to make cakes. Such as cassava root, onion, shrimp, green beans ...


Ba Khia: It is a special crab of Bac Lieu people in particular and people in the West in general. Ba Khia are processed into many different dishes. Such as Ba Khia of salt, Ba Khia mam, Ba Khia salad...

Each dish brings a unique flavor, attracting tourists from Bac Lieu to find out when traveling in this land.

Dam Cha La: Looking through this dish is no different from bugs, how deep it is, perhaps that is why this dish is always picky. People catch the worms from the big stems, then process into many different dishes. Such as grilling, frying butter, ...

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