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Ben Tre is located downstream of the Mekong River, bordering the East Sea. It has a dense network of rivers with a total length of approximately 6,000 km, including 82 km long Co Chien River, 71 km long Ham Luong River, Ba Lai River 59 km long, My Tho river 83 km long. The river system in Ben Tre is very convenient for waterway transport, abundant aquatic resources.  Irrigation water for plants is not difficult, but it also causes significant obstacles to road traffic, as well as the supplying of water in the dry season, when tides of the East Sea bring salinity deep into canals in the monsoon season .

Ben Tre has many fruits such as oranges, tangerines, durian, bananas, rambutan, mangosteen, custard, mango, bon bon, pineapple, milk apple, green grapefruit, etc. planted most in Giong Trom, Mo Cay and Chau Thanh. In addition to specialties are coconut candy, My Long rice paper, Son Doc puffer cake. Cai Mon bonsai and nursing plants village, Cho Lach district, annually supplies the market with millions of varieties of fruit trees and ornamental plants across the country.

Ben Tre has the best conditions to develop eco-tourism, because it still retains the pristine features of the garden, it  preserves the fresh ecological environment in the green of coconut gardens, large fruit orchards.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most dishes to enjoy in Bentre.


Places to Visit in Bentre Province

Cho Lach Flower Village

Lach Flower Market is a place where many pots of ornamental flowers and bonsai trees are gathered, meticulously and carefully cared for. On the occasion of Tet holiday, this place attracts a lot of tourists from across the country, both to admire the beauty of the flower village and to choose for themselves the most beautiful and brightest flower pots which display indoors on the New Year days.

There are many famous artisans in shaping and bending bonsai. Witnessing the bonsai pots have been carefully trimmed and shaped, you will be surprised at the skillful craftsmanship of the farmers here.


Cai Mon Orchard

Cai Mon Orchard is a village of Southern which has roads covered with green trees laden with sweet fruits. The name Cai Mon has an interesting origin, the word Cai means a large canal, and Mơn is a slang word for Mum, meaning honey in the Khmer language. The reason for such a name because this area has been a place for many sweet fruits since ancient times, attracting a large amount of honey bees.

You will have unforgettable experiences when coming to Cai Mon. you have the opportunity to eat fresh fruits in the gardens, the list of exotic fruits grown here will immediately attract your taste like tangerines, rambutan, oranges, durian, grapefruit, jackfruits ... . After leaving Cai Mon orchard, the sweetness of the exotic fruits still remains on the tip of the tongue, you will remember forever after leaving Ben Tre for a long time.


Turtle Island( Con Quy )

Located along Tien river and 23km from Ben Tre city center is Con Quy. This is one of the most famous destinations when you come to Ben Tre because of the charming river space and the sweet folk songs of the Southern region. Coming to Con Quy, you are living in a peaceful space without any signs of urbanization and extremely mild climate.

In addition, you can also enjoy extremely delicious exotic fruits right at the longan gardens, orange orchards, grapefruit gardens, etc. Sitting on boats cruising on the river watching the rich, green and peaceful fruit trees is one of the experiences that everyone wants to try once in Bentre. Con Quy is undoubtedly one of the most powerful imprints left in your mind after leaving Ben Tre.


Phoenix Island( Con Phung )

Voted as a typical tourist area in the Mekong Delta, Con Phung is designed in an open architecture and immersed in nature. Con Phung is like a green oasis floating on Tien River, but you will discover the idyllic life of the people here.

In addition, you can also experience the pleasures of fishing, ditching to catch fish, boating, river bathing, horsecart riding, visiting fruit orchards and admiring the idyllic attraction of the Tu Linh land. Besides, Con Phung also owns the area of ​​Dao Dua( Coconut Religion ) area of ​​about 1,500 m² which is also a place many tourists visit.


Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho bird sanctuary is located in My Hoa and Tan Xuan communes, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to admire 84 different birds. It is also a land of many types of wild trees in the mangrove nature. At the top is water coconuts, mangroves, etc., which are ideal hiding places for birds. On the lower floor there are reeds, horned toads, etc., which are habitats in the breeding season of storks and cauldron.

There are up to 700,000 birds living here. Every year, from April to July, the season of bird colonization and reproduction, many photographers and tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of birds.


Minh Island( Cu Lao Minh)

Minh island is one of the three large islands which comprise Ben Tre province (along with Bao and An Hoa Islands). Coming here, you will visit two famous historical relics, namely old houses of Huong Liem in Dai Dien commune and Ran Temple in Dinh Thuy.

The old house has the appearance of a Western-style architecture, but inside it has the ornamentation of Hue royal architecture built in the late nineteenth century. While the Ran Temple is home to many mysterious stories. In addition to these two historic sites, you can also come to Thach Phu district, a culinary paradise with many delicious dishes of the seafood such as blood clams, crabs, tiger shrimps, clam, shrimp paste ...


Van Phuoc Pagoda

Van Phuoc Pagoda is located in a rather rugged geographical position surrounded by mangroves, but the pagoda with shimmering yellow color always shines like a pearl and still attracts many pilgrims every year. The pagoda architecture is quite harmonious with the superficial Tam Quan gate, the image of the golden dragon pair on both sides with the 8-hectare complex, the majestic and splendid hall, the Buddha statue and the living area.

Besides the beauty of architecture, this place also shines a humanitarian heart when it is the residence of many people with disabilities. If you come to Ben Tre, you should stop by the pagoda to burn incense and to admire the outstanding architecture. And if possible, make a contribution to help the disabled having a better life here.


Roman Church

When visitor comes to Ben Tre, you will mention names like Con Quy, Con Phung, Lach market ... less people mention the Roman church. However, this is also an interesting place for you to spend your time exploring.

In addition to the church building, another attraction is the road to the landscape here is very beautiful, very rustic and idyllic. The Roman church is also associated with many anecdotes about the appearance of Our Lady, so it becomes sacred, mysterious in the region.


Dong Khoi Village( Uprising Village)

The Dong Khoi uprising village is located in Dinh Thuy commune, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre province, about 15km from the center of Ben Tre. This village still retains the victories of the first revolt of  people in the Dong Khoi movement in 1960. In the relic area, you will admire the remains in two wars against the French, and Vietnam War.

Coming to the uprising village in the beginning, one of the first address of the southern revolutionary movement. Visiting Dong Khoi uprising village, you will have the opportunity to better understanding the tenacious revolutionary spirit of Ben Tre people in the years of wars.


Nguyen Dinh Chieu Tomb

Nguyen Dinh Chieu's tomb is located in An Duc commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. The resting place of the patriotic man was built quite monumentally to show the respect that Ben Tre people have for the great poet, patriot and respected physician of our nation.

On July 1 every year will be a traditional festival to commemorate Nguyen Dinh Chieu. The people of Ben Tre are more proud when the tomb has been received a special National Heritage Site.


Specialties of Bentre Province

Coconut Steamed Rice

This dish is quite picky and it takes time to cook. To have this dish, the rice needs to be carefully selected, the rice is rinsed with coconut milk, drained and put in the coconut then steam in a big pot. Also the coconut used to cook this dish must be Siamese coconut.

Coconut rice is often served with fried shrimps, but shrimps are fried with coconut milk to have a tough, crunchy red color.


Coconut Salad

Coconut salad is a nutritious dish, good for health, good for the digestive system and rich in minerals. From coconut young trunk can be processed into many dishes such as fried coconut, shrimp, coconut cooked with shrimp meat, coconut cooked with meat balls, ... but the most worth trying is probably coconut salad.


Rice Snail Banh Xeo( Banh Xeo Oc Gao)

Phu Da rice snail Banh Xeo cake is one of the best Ben Tre specialties that everyone wants to enjoy once.

This cake is a specialty of Phu Da islet in Cho Lach district. It has a large number of rice snails, extremely delicious quality, nutritious. Then people have processed them into the most attractive specialties of the "coconut land". The rice snail pancakes have the fat, the crispiness of the snail, the crunchy texture of the pancake crust. Everything will make you feel strange but still extremely excited, without the fishy taste of snails.







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