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Ha Giang province is in the Northern End of Vietnam, captivating people with its majestic limestone mountains, the legendary Dong Van plateau on the sides of Lo River, windy roads, picturesque terraces, the taciturn Vuong Dynasty, and Old Quarter Dong Van, and Khau Vai love market for unfinished relationships. When mentioning these astonishing scenes, many people will be eager to plan a trip to Ha Giang.

In the early spring, you come to Ha Giang and have the opportunity to explore the traditional festivals here. This is the best time for those who love to explore the cultures - festivals in Ha Giang. There are festivals such as buffalo fighting festival, Lồng Tong festival and horse fighting festival… these festivals attract a large number of tourists across the country.

Around March, Ha Giang is the most beautiful time with peach gardens and plums with flowers in full bloom in spring. Plum forest, peach blossoming with thousands of white and pink flowers look like a painting, it will be the best time for young couples who like for the the most beautiful wedding photos.

VietCam Holidays is happy to recommend the most interesting places to visit as well as the most delicious dishes to enjoy in Hagiang.


Places to Visit in Hagiang

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang province is a rugged mountain pass about 20 km long to Ma Pi Leng peak, a mountain peak of about 1,200 m in Dong Van Plateau, on the road named Hanh Phuc Road connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac towns.

The peak of Ma Pi Leng mountain pass. Nho Que river basin is the deepest alley in Southeast Asia. It takes half a day from the pass to the water. The majestic rocky mountain in Ma Pi Leng in the geological park is an inspiration for filmmakers and scientific researchers. White Mong women walk on the Hanh Phuc road through Ma Pi Leng. The road was built with blood and sweat of tens of thousands of workers during the war of resistance. The Mong village is on a rock plateau, the northernmost of the country.

Ma Pi Leng, literally translated as the bridge of nose of the horse. It means this is a mountain pass so dangerous that the horses pass by, they are also exhausted. In the late 50s of last century, the Government made a road named Hanh Phuc connecting Ha Giang with two highland districts of Meo Vac and Dong Van, two craggy districts in the north of the country.


Hoang Su Phi

As a mountainous district in the west of Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi is considered as one of the tourism advantages of this province because it is located on the Lao Cai-Ha Giang-Cao Bang tourist arc. Hoang Su Phi has beautiful natural landscapes, vast primeval forests, picturesque terraced fields or many national  relics and heritages.

The topography of Hoang Su Phi located on the upper stream of Chay River is mainly mountainous with steep slopes and divided by many streams. This is a long-term settlement of people of 12 ethnic groups in which the Nung, Dao, Tay, Mong, La Chi are the majority. Because of its location on the road connecting the Eastern and Northwest regions, the magnificent natural landscape and the unique cultural features are preserved by the people here, so Hoang Su Phi tourism has a lot of potential for development, especially community-based ecotourism.


Ban Phung Terrace Rice Fields

Ban Phung is a commune located near the border with China. From the center of Vinh Quang town, you have to follow a small mountain pass about 30 km long to cross the mountain to reach the commune center.


Ho Thau Terrace Rice Fields

Ho Thau is a commune of Hoang Su Phi, about 16km from Nam Dich commune. Terraced fields in Ho Thau of the Red Dao ethnic people. The people here have a regulation, with a small patch of land they keep a bunch of trees to stop the landslides. They still cultivate with simple labor tools such as pickaxes, harrows, shovels and knives.

Tay Con Linh Mountain

Tay Con Linh is a mountain peak in the upper mass of Chay river in western Ha Giang province, Tay Con Linh mountain range spreads over two districts Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen, 46 km from Ha Giang town. With a height of 2419 m, this is the highest peak in Northeast Vietnam and one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. On the top of the mountain there is a geodetic landmark. At the foot of the mountain, sub-tropical primary forest is preserved. Tay Con Linh is considered to be the sacred mountain range of La Chi people.


Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market( cho phien)

Located at the foot of the majestic Tay Con Linh peak, Hoang Su Phi market is held every Sunday. Goods exchanged are daily life items such as fruits and vegetables, cloth, embroidery thread, ... Not so bustling as the market in town, the trading here is quite simple and quickly,then they have time for the spiritual exchange. Some eggs, some honey bottles, some su su ... in exchange for the main noodles, batteries, umbrellas, few sewing threads ... but the upland market is full of people soul, because the market is just the one excuse for boys and girls to meet, to see, to show off the most beautiful dresses.


La Chi Ancient Tombs

Currently, on the slopes of Ban Phung commune, Ban May, Hoang Su Phi district and Ban Diu commune of Xin Man district, there are still hundreds of ancient tombs scattered along an arc in an area of ​​thousands km2. The size of each tomb is about 1.5 meters high, from 15 to 25 square meters, especially there is ne tomb with dimension of more than 70 meters, over 6 meters high. Over hundreds of years, these tombs are not have been abraded by the rain and sun. Legend says that these are fake tombs of Hoang Van Thung (ie Hoang Van Dong) who was village leader during the Nguyen Dynasty.


Suoi Trau Temple

According to the autograph recorded on it the temple shows that the temple was built in the third year of Minh Mang's (1823). The temple is located on the slopes of a mountain in Suoi Thau hamlet, Ban Luoc commune, surrounded by immense terraced fields. It  is a sacred place for the people here that is a place of worship of the gods of the people such as: Ngoc Hoang, the god of agriculture, the forest god, the earth god, the blue dragon, the midwife godess ...


Meo King Mansion

The mansion of the King Cat was built very nicely on a turtle shaped hill, surrounded by duplicate mountains and this land is considered the cradle of a master of meritorious service to the country .

King Meo Palace is located in Sa Phin Commune (Dong Van, Ha Giang Province) built by a person named Vuong Chinh Duc. According to the family, Mr. Duc was born in 1865 and is known by the H'Mong ethnic people as Vang Dung Lung. The family situation was very poor at that time, he did not live permanently but struggled to find different places to earn a living.

Vuong Chinh Duc joined the H’mong people in an organization called the 'Huou Nai' to fight the Black Flag (China). Over the days of fighting, Mr. Duc was exalted as the leader and was often called the Cat King or King H’mong.


Dong Van Ancient Town
Located in two villages Quyet Tien and Dong Tam, Dong Van ancient town has about 40 old houses of over 100 years old, stacked under rocks.

The picture of the old town is shown in many colors, changing  each time in a day. In the morning, that unique painting is ingeniously blended by two vibrant tones, yellow of sunshine and gray color of old houses. The space is quiet in the morning dew. It is awakened by the light, bustling sounds and colorful colors in costumes of the Mong, Chinese, Ray, Tay, Nung, ... When the sky falls, the inherent tranquility covers the old quarter amidst the rock plateau.

With the inherent characteristics, the beautiful features in the colorful traditional culture, the architecture of the people of Dong Van ancient town has created an impressive and unique highlight on the area of ​​the Geopark - Dong Van Rock Plateau.


Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Dong Van Plateau belongs to Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. The district center is 146km away from Ha Giang town. Winter temperatures sometimes drop to 1ºC, but the hottest summers are only around 24ºC. The sky is mostly rainy and foggy all year round.

The Dong Van rock plateau is located in the northernmost mountainous region of Vietnam, with an area of ​​2356.8 km² and an average elevation of about 1,400m - 1,600 m above sea level. The plateau has many limestone mountains close to the Tropic of Cancer, with a rather steep slope. The valleys, rivers and streams are very much divided.

Dong Van rock plateau has enough convergence elements to become a global geological park: the geological appearance of minerals, abundant natural resources; It also has a unique and impressive cultural identity like that of the H'Mong, Ngu Lo Lo, Pu Peo and Dao ethnic groups.


Lung Cu Flag Pole

Lung Cu is the northernmost of our country with latitude 230 23’B, in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Lung Cu is 200 km from Ha Giang city, about 30 km from Dong Van mountain pass. The road to Lung Cu is precarious between the sky and the sky. The Northwest Pass road fascinates so many traveling lovers.

Lung Cu flagpole is located 2km from the Northernmost. But this place has always been considered a symbol of national sovereignty, the symbol of the northernmost piece of the country.

Lung Cu flagpole is located on the top of Dragon mountain, it is also known as Long Son. In the H’mong language, Lung Cu means Long Cu, which is where the dragon resides. There is another legend that according to the people here is Lung Cu associated with the legend of Quang Trung. After the great victory of the invaders from the north, he placed a huge copper drum in Lung Cu, and every three hours the drum was hit to be heard far away to the other side of the border. Lung Cu was named from that legend. Lung Cu also means "Long Co" which is the drum of the king. Beautiful and meaningful legends of our country, the pride of the flag flying on the land of peace.


Specialties of Hagiang

Smoke Buffalo Meat

Smoke buffalo meat is a typical specialty food often found in black Thai meals in Ha Giang. This dish is usually made from thign of domestic buffaloes and cows in the Northwest mountainous areas. Buffalo thign is marinated and hung on the kitchen to dry gradually. This dish is very delicious and pleasing any visitors. When you enjoy it, you will feel the smell of smoke quite gently, the meat has a sweet taste. For the people of Ha Giang, this smoke buffalo meat is now not only a delicious dish in daily meals but it also has become a specialty item introduced to visitors.


Au Tau Porridge

Au Tau is a porridge made from Au Tau Nut with curative effect, good for your health. This dish is an attractive dish of the Mong people appriciated many tourists. Made from harmonious rice, minced meat, bone broth, herbs, ... The porridge has a slightly bitter taste, but once you enjoyed it , you will be difficult to forget the delicious taste of this typical dish of Ha Giang cuisine.


Thang Co Dish
This is a must try dish in Hagiang. The main ingredients of this dish are the meat and intestines, kidneys, livers of cow or horse. they are stir-fried and stewed for many hours with many spices like cardamom, nut, lemongrass, ...

Just passing Dong Van market, you can smell the aroma of spices of this dish. The bar where Mong men sitting together with a few bottles of corn wine on the table, it is where you can enjoy good Thang Co dish.






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