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Thai Nguyen is a mountainous province in the northern Vietnam, bordering Hanoi and famous for delicious tea specialties known throughout the country "Thai Nguyen Tea". Not only that, there are many attractive tourist destinations that you should not miss when traveling to Thai Nguyen. Nature endowed for this land with beautiful and majestic landscapes such as Nui Coc Lake, Mo Ga stream, Phuong Hoang cave ...

In addition, Thai Nguyen is also a great place to organize cultural and historical tours because there is the ATK Dinh Hoa Historical Relic Site, the Museum of Culture of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups, where many Traditional cultural heritage of the extended family of 54 ethnic groups.

The attracted sights of Thai Nguyen


1. Phuong Hoang Cave - Mo Ga stream

Phuong Hoang Cave - Mo Ga stream is a famous tourist area of ​​the province located in Phu Thuong commune (Vo Nhai), next to National Highway 1B. Phuong Hoang cave is located halfway up Phuong Hoang mountain, with a circumference of nearly 400m, the bottom of the cave has a cold & pure water mine. Inside the cave, there are stalactites with strange and beautiful shapes. In particular, Phuong Hoang cave is also a historical site associated with the famous Bac Son uprising. Mo Ga stream cave at the foot of the mountain about 100m from Phuong Hoang cave, with water flowing year round makes an ideal sightseeing place.


2. Nui Coc Lake

Located about 25 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city and about 100 km from Hanoi capital. Nui Coc Lake is an artificial freshwater lake, lying blocked the Cong river, was started in 1993 and completed basically in 1994, including a main dam 480 m long and 6 auxiliary dams. The area of ​​the lake is about 25 km2, there are 89 islands and are likened to "Ha Long Bay" on land. Nui Coc Lake is not only an attractive tourist destination but it is also associated with the legend of the love story of Miss. Cong and guy Coc.


3. Tan Cuong tea hill

Tan Cuong specialty tea area is also known as Tan Cuong tea hill, located about 10km from the center of Thai Nguyen city to the Southwest, mainly concentrated in 3 communes of Tan Cuong, Phuc Xuan and Phuc Triu. Tea area spread over 1,300ha. This place is not only famous for its delicious tea products, but also has beautiful natural scenery, picturesque mountains and mountains and is close to Nui Coc Lake tourist area, convenient for visitors to combine with sightseeing.


Tan Cuong Tea Hill is an undulating hillside area, fertile soil, fresh and cool ecological environment. Nature has bestowed on this land spirit, soul, making specialty tea that anyone has ever enjoyed it, unforgettable. Tan Cuong tea has a soft, natural aroma, slightly acrid taste, yellowish-green water color, when sweet and sweet aftertaste, it is deep in the taste buds of those who enjoy it and fascinates those who love the art of tea.


4. Ghenh Che lake
Ghenh Che lake belongs to Binh Son commune, Song Cong town, with an area of ​​40 ha, surrounded by eucalyptus forests, immense forests. Because of the beautiful scenery, fresh air, not far from the center of Song Cong town (about 16 km), near Tan Cuong tea hill, Ghenh Che Lake recently attracted many tourists, fishing...


5. Linh Son cave
Located in Hot mountain, also known as Hang Doi cave, belongs to Nui Hoc hamlet, Linh Son commune, Dong Hy district, about 4 km northeast of Thai Nguyen city center, including two large stone caves: Thien Cave and Caves.


Linh Son cave has a very wide cave, can accommodate thousands of people, cool climate, fresh nature. During the two wars of resistance against French colonialism and American imperialism, the cave was used as a base for the resistance of several units of the provincial army and inter-regional units.


6. ATK Dinh Hoa tourist area 

The ATK (safety zone) lies in Phu Dinh Mountainous Area in Dinh Hoa District,  ATK Dinh Hoa is mostly visited by Vietnamese tourists on historical tours and rarely visited by foreign travelers.


The ATK Dinh Hoa relics is the cradle of the Vietnamese revolution during the resistance war against the French colonialists. Today, ATK Dinh Hoa has become an attractive destination in Thai Nguyen province, attracting many tourists in the country to visit and commemorate the heroic times of the nation. 


The tourist attractions in ATK Dinh Hoa includes different hills and villages where various departments of the Viet Minh's government were located. Khau Ty, Tin Keo and Khuon Tat Hills were where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from 1947 to 1954.

7. Khuon Tat Waterfall

Khuon Tat Waterfall, also known as Bay floor waterfall, is located in Ngan Keo village, Phu Dinh commune. The waterfall is not far from the relics of Keo Keo, Phong General hill, Khuon Tat hut, ATK Dinh Hoa gallery, President Ho Chi Minh memorial hall at ATK Dinh Hoa.


At the head of the Nam Keo stream, in the middle of an ancient tree-lined mountain, a rushing stream pouring down the stone steps creates a seven-storey silver waterfall. The bottom of the waterfall is about 12m, into a large pool, each side is nearly 10m, up to 2m deep, clear water creating an ideal swimming place. Right in the middle of summer afternoon, just about 50m from the foot of the waterfall, we have a cool feeling. Khuon Tat Waterfall, the watershed area of ​​the Nam Keo Stream is an ideal place for excursions, swimming, camping and picnics.


8. Nam Rut Waterfall

Nam Rut Waterfall - meaning Tay language is Rain Falling Waterfall. The waterfall is located about 35 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city on the way from La Hien (kilometer 18 of National Highway 1B) to the Archaeological Monuments Zone of Than Sa.


In the rainy season, amidst the majestic mountains, atop a limestone mountain with many forest trees, white water rushing down the Nghinh Tuong River creates a large waterfall. But in the dry season, the water is just enough to soak through the moss on the cliffs, falling into the green river creating sparkle across the river surface under the golden sunlight.


Nam Rut is such a rare beautiful waterfall.


9. Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream is located in Tan Lap II hamlet, Van Lang commune, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province; 30km north from the center of Thai Nguyen city. Fairy stream is like a lot of other streams, with clear water crawling up the white sand, small snails clinging to moss green rocks. But Fairy stream is not like regular streams that there are many rocky rapids on the water like the backs of giant elephants, there are flowing sections that look like a fish with giant scales that are crawling.


10. Pagoda Ha
Ha pagoda, whose name is Ba Ha Tu, was built in the early eighteenth century in Long village, Nha Long commune, Phu Binh district. The pagoda is located on a gentle hill, wider than 2.5ha. Around the pagoda, there are many ancient indigenous trees creating a tranquil scenery. This is one of the ancient pagodas, retaining the basic features of the architectural style of the Le Dynasty.


Thai Nguyen province is not only famous for the above destinations, Duom temple - Duom mountain,  Suoi Lanh stream, Cua Tu stream, Than Sa archaeological relics, Museum of Vietnamese ethnic culture are also the tourist attractions .....


The most famous Thai Nguyen specialties


Thai Nguyen is not only a place famous for tourists with many famous landscapes and historical sites, but also a unique culinary culture with many specialties bearing the essence of the mountains.


1. Bo Dau chung cake (Bánh chưng Bờ Đậu)
Bo Dau chung cake is made from upland sticky rice of Dinh Hoa area and clean pork from ethnic minorities. As a famous cake village, Bo Dau chung cakes are sold all year round, following the cross to all parts of the country.


2. Dinh Hoa bamboo-tube rice (Cơm lam Định Hóa)
Dinh Hoa bamdo-tube rice is a popular dish of Thai Nguyen people, it is the fusion of water and fire, between fire and bamboo tube. In the past, bamdo-tube rice used to follow people going to the fields, clearing fields, cutting trees, etc... day by day, it became a famous specialty food of this land. In order to have a good taste of Dinh Hoa bamboo tube rice, you must choose a kind of sticky, fragrant and delicious glutinous rice.


3. Black tram fruit in Ha Chau (Trám đen Hà Châu)
BlackTram trees is a woody tree, can live for more than a hundred years, flowers in February, ripe fruits in July. Ha Chau is a famous commune for planting Tram trees, more than 2/3 of the area of ​​the commune is for planting this trees. From black Tram trees can be processed into many different dishes such as meat warehouse, sticky rice with Tram fruit, Tram fruit salad.


4. Tan Cuong Tea (Trà Tân Cương)
As the most famous tea region in the country, Thai Nguyen in general as well as Tan Cuong in particular are very proud of this. Thanks to the good soil and climate, everywhere in Thai Nguyen, the tea tree is also very developed, the tea leaves are green and fat. When mixing fresh yellow water, the aroma is very special and the acrid taste is unmistakable.


5. Uc Ky sticky rice soy sauce (Tương nếp Úc Kỳ)
Specialty sticky rice is made from sticky rice grain Castor oil, an important ingredient to make the difference of sticky rice here and other localities. Over time, Uc Ky sticky rice soy sauce making has become a traditional profession of the local people, a gift of culinary specialties following cross-country travelers around the country.


6. Binh Long tofu (Đậu phụ Bình Long)
An Long village, Binh Long commune is well known for its delicious traditional tofu making. Beans here are pressed in a large mold so the beans are large, square, neither too hard nor too soft. Binh Long beans are quite greasy, so they can be eaten even when it is still hot, lemon shrimp sauce is very tasty.


7. Dai Tu sour spring rolls (Nem chua Đại Từ)
Unlike other types of sour spring rolls that can be peeled off for eating immediatly, Dai Tu sourspring rolls require another small operation, which is grilled by charcoal or rolled over a pan before eating.


8. Hung Son rice noodles (Mì gạo Hùng Sơn)
Hung Son people make noodles with a special kind of rice, Dinh Hoa pregnant rice. Rice must be picked clean, thoroughly washed, soaked for 8 hours and then ground into flour. Flour filtered several times, incubated overnight, coated into cakes, dried and cut into fibers. Especially soft and fragrant noodles, so even if they cook too much, they will not be crushed.


9. Thua Lam shrimp rolls
Besides traditional dishes such as chung cake, onion melon, the people of Thua Lam village also have the custom of wrapping shrimp rolls to worship at the communal house on Tet occasions. This is a rustic dish, unique and familiar village flavor.


10. Cooc Mo cake (Bánh Cóoc Mò)
This is a traditional cake of the Tay ethnic group in Thai Nguyen province. The cake is wrapped in banana leaves and has a long pyramid shape. The cake has a strong aroma of sticky fragrance and red peanuts. Very easy to eat, not sick and suitable for many people.

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