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Bac Kan


Bac Kan

With an area of 4868.4 sq. km, it adjoins many other provinces such as Cao Bang (to the north), Tuyen Quang (to the west), Lang Son (to the south-east) and Thai Nguyen (to the south). Most of Bac Kan’s surface are mountains and hills, accompanied by a complicated network of springs, streams and rivers.

Ba Be National Park tours with Origin Vietnam you will have chance to discover Ba Be Lake. It is one of the 16 most beautiful lakes in the World. Being considered as a “Green Jewel” of Bac Kan will certainly be the ideal destination.

Favored by Mother Nature for a cool climate. There is a harmony between mountains and rivers so visitors can explore Ba Be Lake any season of the year. However, the most ideal time to visit the lake is in the summer, spring or the early days of autumn, the lake carries a mysterious beauty, hidden in the mist, making us feel lost in the place of “the first sight”.

Coming to Ba Be National Park, you can take a boat to discover the beauty of this place. There are big boats, small boats and dugout boats for adventure lovers. Sitting on a lonely boat between the immense river, mountains and forests, listening to the legend of the lake through the words of the boatman will surely be an interesting experience.

Trekking, boat trip, homestay is the most exiting in Ba Be National Park tours. Ba Be National Park is also the homeland of Tay Ethic minority where you can learn of their custom culture and daily life.


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