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A bounty of beautiful tropical islands await travelers to the Philippines. Boasting some of the best stretches of sand on the planet

The Philippines is one of those destinations that is largely underrated amongst southeast Asia destinations. The country is justifiably famous for its beaches and is home to over 7000 beautiful islands. This diverse country offers a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences such as the white sandy beaches, crytal clear waters, gleaming emerald-coloured volcanoes and lakes, and impressive rice fields and mountains.

The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast  Asia. It has 7,641 islands spanning more than 300,000 square kilometres of territory. The islands are broadly categorised under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Philippines is the third largest English Speaking country in the world. It has a rich history combining Asian, European and American influences. Prior to Spanish colonisation in 1521, the Filipinos had a rich culture and were trading with the Chinese and the Japanese.

It’s tough to think of a more beautiful corner of the world than the Philippines, with white sand beaches, bath-temperature water, and incredibly friendly locals. The beaches are regarded as some of the best in the world, as are the diving opportunities, and the welcoming nature of the Filipino people is unwavering.

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Capital: Manila

Biggest City: Manila

Languages: Filipino & English

Currency Used: Peso Philippines

Area: 300.000 km²


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Paradise awaits. Relax on sandy, uninhabited islands surrounded by turquoise waters, trek through lush rice terrace-lined valleys, and indulge in conversation with friendly locals. There is a reason the saying goes: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

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Best Time To Travel Philippines

The best time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season between November and April

Choosing the best time to visit the Philippines is pretty straightforward, since the country only has two seasons. Dry season is the best time of year to visit the Philippines. January and February weather is characterised by cooler temperatures, so this may be a good option if you struggle to cope with tropical heat. Keep in mind that it can still rain during the dry season, but showers are usually short lived and unlikely to affect your travel plans.

Having said that, travellers do visit the country during the rainy season too. If you decide to do this, you can consider visiting the areas that receive the least rainfall, which are mostly in the far south. While you’re there, watch out for weather warnings during your trip to see if any typhoons are on the way. Also, bear in mind that monsoon rains usually happen in the late afternoon, leaving the rest of the day free for sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

Another option is to travel during the shoulder months, before heavy rains or peak season arrive. May and November are the main shoulder months and are the second-best time to go to the Philippines.

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Top Places In Philippines



Boracay is one of the best white beaches in the Philippines..



The island of Bohol in the Philippines’ central Visayas region runs at a slower pace, and it’s a destination that showcases the country’s natural beauty.



Cebu is one of your best options for excursions that get you up-close to whale sharks, coral reefs, and sea turtles.



The Batad Rice Terraces and the Bangaan Rice Terraces are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites



The historical city of Vigan in the northern Philippines is one of the most charming towns to visit in the Luzon region.



The Philippines capital of Manila, on the island of Luzon, is a bustling city with non-stop activity.



One of the most unique experiences you can have in the Philippines is in the northern tribal region in Sagada.

Coron Island

Coron Island

One of the top diving destinations in the world, Coron Island is a tropical paradise, with electric blue and green water that almost seems unreal.

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